16 Sassy Ways to be Sexy for Your Boyfriend

Doesn’t your guy look at you the way he used to? Here’s a roundup of how to be sexy for your boyfriend and spark your relationship.

how to be sexy for your girlfriend

So you’ve given up on flirting and are now getting into the routine of a serious relationship. Both you and your boyfriend are pretty safe with each other. So sex and love affairs have decreased a bit. He’s no longer looking at you with the longing and starving eyes that he used to when you were just dating. It’s time to remember how to be sexy for your girlfriend!
in the morning when you wake up What you used to do is gone because you can’t take your hands off each other. And to be honest, you’ve stopped trying so hard to become attractive to your man.
how to be sexy for your girlfriend
Of course, both of you are safe in the relationship after all these years. And you have more to do than have sex. However, you still need to know how to be sexy for your boyfriend. This is essential to keeping the fire of love and romance alive—and of course, to make sure your man doesn’t get lost. Being sexy for your guy doesn’t have to be hard work. You customize things here and there in your own personal routine. And these little extra efforts are what your guy will appreciate.
Here are some cheeky tips on how to be sexy for your boyfriend and make him look at you like he wants to eat you in bed all the time.
#1 look and taste the portion instead of using a normal lotion Instead, try products that have a shimmer and fragrance on their body, especially the arms, legs, chest, and shoulders. Try formulas that are better prepared than you know your boyfriend really likes. That way, he’ll have a sweet surprise. And it’s sexy when he leans close to you for a kiss. [Read: How to make your vagina smell good and taste even better]#2 sexy time smell Studies show that the brain processes smells in the same areas as emotions and memory. So when your guy smells of baking cookies This might remind him of his mother. and he will feel warm and fuzzy inside. Choose a scent specifically for sex. And he’ll miss you between the sheets every time he smells it.
#3 gloss those lips There’s nothing sexier than soft, kissable lips. You don’t want your guy to kiss you and touch the sandpaper, do you? So polish those creases and don’t forget to use thin shadows which look natural and innocent. Try a subtle vanilla or cherry scent. which will give him sweetness in every kiss
#4 Mow your lawn—or not. It’s really up to you. However, the main idea here is to try something new there. Try having a landing bar. If you get a natural and mature look Try using a triangle shape. Or why not try it without hair at all? [Read: Listen up, ladies! Here’s how to shave your pubic area]#5 Put something red. Red is the color of love and passion. So wearing red always gives him a sexy signal. Going on a date? Wear red shoes to match the little black dress. Stay at home with him? Wear red underwear and play peekaboo while wearing an oversized shirt. Better yet, paint red on your nails for a sexy flair every day.
#6 show off your cones when it comes to clothes Wear something that emphasizes your belongings. If you have a great shelf Flaunt it with a few unbuttoned tops or low blouses to give your man a sexy peek at your cleavage. If your hips and butt are exploding Wear tights, shorts, or a skirt to bring out the curves. [Read: How to give a guy a boner: 20 moves for instant erections]#7 charming smile Learn the secret art of seducing your man’s smile. While you smile sweetly at the girl, smile sweetly. There’s nothing like a slow-moving, slow-paced, sexy smile, and the blinding eyes that make his heart race.
#8 talk to your eyes You know you can speak visually during Thanksgiving dinner. When your boyfriend starts stuffing his plate Even before your mom starts praying for Thanksgiving. So you can clearly do this without any problems. You can practice this first in the mirror yourself. Or see how models and actors express their sexual desires with their eyes. Throw a sexy wink and a seductive smile. And your guy will know right away what’s on your mind. [Read: 30 flirtatiously fun questions to ask your boyfriend]#9 stay flirting Just because you’re beyond the courtship process and have settled on a serious relationship doesn’t mean you have to stop being playful and flirty. Keep that spark alive by doing little things to keep your guy thinking of “sex” when you’re around.
#10 Don’t be a little afraid of PDAs. when you guys are not there Don’t be shy about showing your love to your guy. Take his hand, stroke his arm, wrap your arms around him. And a quick slap on the cheek or lip to let him know how much you like him. Although he was busy looking at restaurant menus. Surprise him with a little sweetness by leaning against his shoulder. or better caressing his thighs under the table
#11 Go to bed sexy. Throw away your thin sweatpants. Use lush and sexy fabrics like satin, lace and silk when you go to bed. Not only will your men find you sexy in them—you feel Sexy too, even if you like pajamas in bed. You should opt for soft, comfortable fabrics, but don’t forget to put some sexy underwear underneath. Just in case your man comes knocking at your door at night asking for love! [Read: Sexy strip tease 101: How to strip for your man like a pro]#12 Wear makeup. and don’t let it wear you Makeup should make your natural appearance shine. Instead of making your real face sink behind all the contours, pigments and false eyelashes.
Men tend to think of makeup as natural, sun-drenched, sexier than heavy makeup. Plus, no one wants to kiss your cheeks and make their lips look more seductive. [Read: The classy girl’s guide to be more attractive to men]#13 Stay healthy. Staying healthy and getting enough sleep and exercising is always a charm. It makes you feel good about yourself. So you are more likely to feel sexier and more sexist. Being healthy is an important part of being and feeling beautiful. Moreover Being in good shape will make you feel less cranky, which is always good for your man.
#14 Maintain your good hygiene. Cleanliness is always sexy. So be sure to shower and wash your hair regularly. So that you always look and feel fresh for your man. Scrub your skin to look radiant and feel smooth, and also add sexiness to your boyfriend so that your boyfriend wants to touch you and be around you. And do not forget to take care of pearl whiteness and fresh breath! [Read: 18 bad habits that’ll make your partner want to leave you]#15 Smart and resourceful. Wisdom is always sexy That’s if you’re dating the right guy. Some guys like twitching. But just because they didn’t expect their conversation to go beyond the bedroom. Show your guy that you have more to offer than what you want by showing that you have brains too. Engage in relevant conversations and be well-versed in what you know your boyfriend likes to talk about as well.
#16 Confident. Confidence is sexy in itself. In fact, it doesn’t matter what you wear or what you look like. But if you are confident and confident in yourself You will be able to pull everything out. Being confident will help you express yourself in new and more exciting ways—which your boyfriend will always love!
[Read: 12 easy ways to keep intimacy alive in a relationship]relationship progressing But that doesn’t mean sex has to die. doing small things here and there feel good about yourself and take care of your man You can continue to be sexy for him.

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