Psycho Girlfriend: 16 Creepy Clues That Confirm Her Insanity

Having a psychotic boyfriend is every guy’s nightmare. But how do you identify the signal? Read on to know more before you get stuck!

psycho girlfriend

Have you ever experienced having a psychotic girlfriend? If you don’t have one Show that you are one of the lucky ones! From their own words, they can literally drive you to your sanity!

It’s important to be aware of the telltale signs of a psychotic girlfriend. especially if you’ve never seen one before. you never know This could be your next relationship and you’ll save yourself the hassle by reading this!

mental disorder?? At least in this feature It’s a generalized expression of being more intimidating than most girlfriends, meaning that a “psychotic girlfriend” is tough, needy, and maybe a little insecure.

In short, she will make your life hell. She’s generally more bonded, tough, and generally just crazy! *And not cute!*

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Why do psychotic fans exist?

A psychopath is not usually a psychopath because she wants to turn your life into hell. But sometimes she can’t help it. it is in her nature Maybe she bonded too quickly, or maybe she wanted to hold you forever.

When it comes to a psychopathic girlfriend Maybe they love you too much to keep you from seeing the crazy side. It’s inevitable to meet a psychotic girlfriend in your dating life.

You might be dating someone who wants to see you all the time, or you might be dating someone who knows every detail of your life basically, even if you haven’t told them. *Creepy stalker alert!* Although this is normal But it’s not easy. to deal with. [Read: How to help a possessive girlfriend go from cingy to amazing]

Psycho girlfriend 16 Crazy girlfriend giveaway

just like in the movie Victims of psychosis often don’t see it coming. But just like in the movies When you think about it, it’s really clear. Here’s everything you need to know to recognize the signs of a crazy girlfriend.

1. She stares and stalks you as you sleep.

You might wake up because she’s staring at you cutely while you sleep. Sure, it’s cute and sweet. But if she does it every time you sleep, be warned man! This is a sure sign that she isn’t obsessed with you, but is a psychopathic girlfriend.

Yes, it’s normal to appreciate our significant other. But when it looks creepy It’s okay no more! Those girls are usually the type to not only watch you sleep, but they may actually be keeping an eye on you wherever you go.

Any form of stalking They may be experts on the matter. They are watching your every move. So you should be careful. Imagine: Social Media. hidden tracking device and tons of ingenious spy gadgets that would put James Bond to shame. [Read: The things girlfriends do that make them seem like a stalker]

2. She reads your message.

with a psychopathic girlfriend Nothing respects your privacy and boundaries. She wants to know everything about your life. including your private messages whether e-mail Social media accounts and messages, she reads everything.

When you try to talk about boundaries She might trick you by crying, getting out, getting all hurt. Or pretend to be silent at you. Dealing with a psychotic girlfriend is really crazy. But it happened! [Read: How to set boundaries in dating – The 15 rules you must follow ASAP]

3. She knows all your passwords.

Of course, the only way she can read all your messages is if she knows all your passwords herself. This is one of the big red flags that you have a psychopath boyfriend. She just doesn’t trust you. But she wants to know everything in your personal life.

Nothing about it is healthy. if i were you I’ll stay away from where you can’t see, hear, or touch you! Why would anyone in mind need a password to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? [Read: How to deal with jealousy in a relationship]

4. She hangs out with you and your friends every time.

Again, the psychotic girlfriend doesn’t understand the importance of respecting boundaries. in other words She can’t do this and wants to be with you every chance she gets. At first she might look like a boy. which is very cool and cool to her

However, you’ll find that her true colors begin to reveal when you tell her that you’re going to have a guy’s night out without her. She will go into suspicious mode. Suspicious girlfriend mode is when she asks you if there are other girls with you. and if you say no She probably won’t believe you.

After that, she’ll burn you, thinking it’s your fault. Rather than hers, she’ll cry, make you feel bad, and eventually, you’ll have to take her with you to make her feel safe.

5. She is very crafty.

The psycho girlfriend knows the secret because she uses it all the time. She can lure you in any situation she wants. This was one of the most frustrating things dealing with her.

Even if you want to break up or leave her. She will handle you as best she can. The worst part? It’s a deal that will work. [Read: 16 tactics of psychological manipulation expert manipulators always use]

6She called to “check you out” in the middle of the night.

Your girlfriend has mastered the art of being a psychopath in the most subtle manners. which you didn’t even notice how obvious it was.

Your girlfriend might pretend she was just calling or looking for a chance to see you because she misses you. But she’s just checking that you’re not talking to other girls. Sounds ridiculous right? That’s because of you! [Read: 20 glaring signs of a control freak]

7. She texts you using different numbers. to lure you

If your boyfriend made a complete mistake. She may be texting you using a different number. pretend to be different and see how you interact with each one. It’s crazy how she will pass the test of your loyalty and love. But she will definitely do this.

This is just a testament to her psychic and unstable nature. And you might believe her! [Read: 10 reasons she has trust issues and 10 ways to fix them]

8She uses the same last name as your parents – and she texts them regularly.

It might be a dream come true for your boyfriend to be close to your parents. However, it’s also a concrete sign of a psychotic girlfriend. Especially when you’ve only been dating for a few weeks! No one in the right mind would do this. So it’s pretty obvious that she didn’t think clearly.

9. You always catch her looking at you from behind when you think you’re alone.

We know you think this situation only happens in movies. But it’s more common than you might think! There is a difference between her loving you from a distance and just staring at you. see what you are doing

How long has she been staring at you while you’re at the computer? How long has she been staring at you from behind while you’re on the phone? If you don’t find this even creepy. Shows that something is wrong with you.

10. She’s a Facebook friend who makes up almost half of your classroom – and she’s never met anyone.

You don’t think it’s a little crazy, or when she’s friends with half of your college friends without actually seeing them. Even though we are in the digital age This behavior is still abnormal!

Why would she send memes to your crush in college? Why does she feel the need to add everyone you have to your friend list? Mental warning! [Read: 15 signs your girlfriend is past crazy and clearly insane]

11. She posted a status impersonating you on your social media accounts without your knowledge.

If you don’t see this, it’s a concrete sign of a psychotic girlfriend. You have to open your eyes to reality. she knows your password This means she can easily impersonate you and post statuses.

Are you okay with changing your profile picture to her own face? Are you really okay with her posting a sweet poem to herself from your own profile and pretending that you wrote it? Are you 100% satisfied with her using your account to like her own posts?

No matter how cute she looks There’s no excuse in the book that makes you think it’s okay! [Read: 15 types of bad girlfriends who will make your life hell]

12. She’s extremely psychedelic.

We all make one mistake from time to time. But a psychopathic girlfriend made it a habit. Maybe you just wave at your friends or smile at a meme while texting. But you turn it into something else

She doesn’t believe you, even if you insist that it’s not what she thinks. Maybe it’s because she likes drama or she’s more psychotic than she thinks.

13. She is very jealous of guilt.

Jealousy and jealousy are both normal emotions in a relationship. But when she was jealous of everyone all the time This behavior is not normal. When her jealousy makes the relationship toxic and unbearable, things will surely end.

Maybe she doesn’t want you talking to any girls, or she’s jealous of the friends you have. Do you think this is normal behavior? It doesn’t matter how beautiful she is. The main thing is that she is psycho! [Read: How to deal with jealousy in a relationship & learn to overcome it]

14. She has a story.

There’s always a story behind a psychotic girlfriend. After all No one grows up psychotic as if it were part of their nature. observe her past her family Her childhood carefully, everything. Most of the way she thought and behaved came from the way she was brought up.

It might not make sense to you. But she may have had a bad past that led to obsessive behavior. It certainly wasn’t an excuse for her actions. But it helps you understand things from her point of view. [Read: What are daddy issues? 19 ways to identify them in your girlfriend]

15. She never makes you feel safe.

A psycho girlfriend does a great job of making you feel anxious and paranoid about everything. She constantly accuses you and causes drama in a relationship where safety is no longer an option. In fact, you can’t remember the last time you felt safe and secure in a relationship with her.

You always expect things to get worse – that’s what she’s really crazy about. whether it is embezzlement accusing you of things you never did Unreasonable jealousy, take it. [Read: How to feel secure in a relationship when you feel insecure inside]

16. She makes it impossible for you to leave.

The last and final straw of dealing with psychopaths is when they make it almost impossible to leave. Basically, you have to force the facts in her face just to stop her from being present in your life. She was so obsessed and manipulative that she thought she could get away with you forever.

This is why she will light you up whenever you’re in a bad mood just to gain an edge in every situation. in order to leave her You have to cut her off completely in your life. And make sure she understands what you’re saying. That’s over and you’re breaking up with her. [Read: How to break up with a narcissistic girlfriend and fly out of her cage]

So how do you deal with a psychopathic boyfriend?

Don’t assume that you can turn your psychotic boyfriend into a better person for you. She is so used to manipulating and bullying others that it becomes a burden for you to try to change your mind.

The only way to deal with her is to accept the facts and end the relationship for yourself. Of course, some guys are okay with dating a psychopath. In that case, good for you!

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When all is said and done There are many clues you can observe if you are in a relationship with a psychotic girlfriend. Remember that they are adept at tricking you into getting what they want. Their insanity is so subtle that you’ll never notice it until you observe things more closely.

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