Serial Cheat Code: 9 Reasons Why Cheaters Can’t Help Themselves

Persistent cheating is someone who has cheated behind them. It’s not just a one-time deal. They seem to enjoy the drama that is a continuous cheating.

serial cheat

We all agree that no one wants to be unfaithful in a relationship. It’s dramatic, painful, destroys trust, and of course, it ends the relationship. And if by chance you find that the person you’ve seen has been unfaithful in a past relationship. That will be an instant red signal for you to stay away. Because continuous cheating is the last person we want to end up with, right?

However, that’s not the worst. There is also one type of cheating that takes infidelity to a whole new level: serial cheats. Because what’s worse than simple cheating is cheating on someone. Not just once or twice. But it’s a number of cheating that they can’t escape, but the question is, why? Why do serial cheaters do what they do? What is their reason and motivation?

What is serial cheating?

If a psychiatrist defines a serial killer by the number of victims Will serial killers affect serial killers as well? Not really. However, you’ll be surprised to find that there are several little aspects that bring the two together. which is not really good news

Serial cheats are said to be unfaithful. they enter a relationship But ignore the basic rules of honesty, which are essential to keeping yourself in a relationship. Persistent cheaters cheat many times in relationships. And as we have said before There was a previous relationship that ended due to constant infidelity. After all, “when cheating, always cheating.” [Read: Fool me once, shame on you – How to not be fooled again]

Why do serial scammers cheat?

If anyone thinks about it, cheating is actually bad for a cheater in many ways, but they still do. So what drove them to take that risk anyway? Here’s why:

#1 because it canThe common reason why persistent cheaters do what they do is that they can and they don’t care. Some cheaters are too good-looking, too rich, and too confident to worry about their partner’s current feelings. and with an advantageous situation They are confident that the relationship will take place regardless of how they have ruined their past and present relationships.

with this thought They are still unfaithful even though their current relationship ends badly. Why? because they will jump down easily [Read: 10 sneaky giveaways of a potential cheater]

#2 promiscuous Another common cause and another for most serial cheaters is sex. There will be the type of people who can’t sleep alone for the rest of their lives. Of course, their current partner may have some value to them. but with uncontrollable desire They found sex outside of their relationship with different partners.

#3 They are not in a long term relationship.At times, persistent scammers cheat because they have a short commitment period to fit into a long-term relationship. When they find the next opportunity to jump ship. They will do so without warning. They’re also too lazy and self-absorbed to break up with their current partner, which doesn’t make them a pit**. [Read: The affair fog – How to know if your lover is under another’s spell]

#4 They find stable relationships boring.. When two people start a relationship, there are steps. The first step is the step. The next step is the “setup phase” where you clearly understand each other’s personalities. The second step is where you feel comfortable doing the things you tend to avoid in front of your special someone.

Continuous cheating often insults the quiet second step and sticks to the getting to know step. So when the relationship slows down to calm They also felt uncomfortable and bored. causing them to experience the first level of excitement from one another. [Read: 9 relationship stages all couples go through]

#5 They lack the maturity to deal with relationship issues.. No relationship is perfect. when faced with problems For the most part, there are two adult options: You sit down and deal with them. or leave the relationship if it is beyond saving lives. For persistent cheaters Another option is to avoid dealing with problems with their partner and find happiness in the relationship outside of their current relationship.

#6 sexual selfishness. Some cheaters cheat not because of the unwanted relationship in the current relationship. but in terms of the shortcomings of sexual self-compassion That may sound simple, but in other words, they want to see themselves as someone else’s sexual desire.

These people place a high emphasis on sexual desire among the population. But they see that being in a relationship closes that opportunity for them. That’s why they respond. “Wanting desires” by finding sexual excitement outside of their relationship. when they successfully contacted a third party. A false self-perception of their sexual desires is as satisfying as a vampire who drinks blood after a long time. [Read: Relationship with a narcissist – What it means to love one]

#7 Old world “machismo” We’re not sure why this kind of thinking persists. But there are still some men who grew up thinking this way. One of the hallmarks of the old manly characters is their ability to sleep with as many women as possible. This aspect is preferred for this kind of thinking. But did you know that this type of guy ends up being a drunk and lonely guy?

#8 serial cheater Unfaithful because there is a very forgiving partner.Sometimes it’s not about a cheater but a partner who has allowed it to happen multiple times.

We are amazed at this type of person who sits quietly and allows himself to be cheated over and over again just to “forgive” the offender. but for whatever reason We can all agree that this is an unhealthy relationship. [Read: How to forgive a cheater: 8 questions to face the betrayal]

#9 because they seize the opportunity. Continuous cheating is like capitalism. If you win all the prizes for a small fee You do what is necessary to get you into a win-win situation. For example, a guy with a cute and sociable but sexually incompetent girlfriend tries to fill that flaw through cheating. If he could go on to find a widower who is tired of being rich and so on. you get the idea

[Read: The biggest signs of a serial cheater – 14 signs you’re dating someone who loves cheating]

Persistent cheating has different motives for cheating. but in the end All due to a lack of respect for their partner. and the self-destructive cycle of finding solutions to relationships outside of relationships.

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