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Are you ready to lose your virginity? Don’t make your first sex experience worse! This is how to have the best experience possible.

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Losing your virginity has been a huge topic in sex bloggers for the past decade. and longer in the real world according to personal culture and beliefs People have different opinions about what is right. Or when is the best time to lose your virginity?

In the end, it doesn’t matter what age, gender, or sexual orientation you are. There are only some dos and don’ts when you lose your V-card.

Always remember that Even if you’re planning your special night at T, if it doesn’t feel right when you’re there, don’t! Your penis will still be there when the time is right!

How to have a good time when losing your virginity

In the meantime, here are some tips and tricks to give you the best first-time experience.

#1 do it with the one you love All clichés? Maybe. Does it have merit? Absolutely. That first sex is far from being on the big screen or in a sexy novel. You probably won’t find a world-shattering climax *ma’am, I’m looking at you!* But you can build a bond of trust and intimacy if you make it happen to the people you love.

Look back and say you did it with someone who cares about you and your needs. Better than being forced to admit that you lost your virginity to a single hangover! [Read: Thoughts on losing your virginity to a one night stand]

#2 Do not use pornography as a teaching tool. As someone who has just started a career in sex You may be tempted to use pornography as a teaching tool. If this is your education idea You may have to go the other way. Porn tends to make you a selfish or misguided lover.

for men: Porn teaches a lot of false lessons. From portraying that women love being slapped *but not* because they reach out to your genitals and cry out in the process. To claiming that women are amazing orgasm machines and all you have to do is push in and out. Where is the clit action or foreplay?

for women: While there is porn for girls The adult film world is still largely dominated by men. This means you won’t find women enjoying themselves as much in movies. In fact, you’ll find it hard to find porn where guys flirt with women for more than a minute or two. Porn is a matter of perspective. It’s not a recommendation for true satisfaction.

Instead of going to an adult website Try getting real sex advice on YouTube from channels like Sexplanations or Sex+ with Laci Green.

#3 Let’s talk first. Do you really want to plan your night with candles, music and atmosphere? Where do you go to run errands? Who provides protection? This might seem like removing magic from the situation. But you’ll find that the more you open up with your partner about your expectations and what has changed you. The more wonderful your sex life will be! [Read: 14 tips to get your partner to open up about sex]

#4 don’t stress yourself It’s normal to be nervous when wearing it for the first time. Even if you are engaging in mutual masturbation or undergoing oral sex. There’s nothing like a full Monty to show what it’s all about. especially for men Emphasizing your first visit may hinder the process. If you are overworked about sex You may not be able to work hard. Sex anxiety is normal on your first visit. But try to remember that sex should be fun!

#5 make the mood count Raise the norm: sex can be bad. But the atmosphere doesn’t have to be! In your first physical sense Don’t expect fireworks and magic. especially if you are a woman Guys tend to get too excited the first time around. And they may end up breaking their nuts faster than women do. Moreover, girls who have never inserted anything into the vagina before may not have experienced much.

due to lack of happiness at the climax So you want to make sure your environment is at the highest level. Here are some tips for making your atmosphere worthwhile:

A. Make sure you are alone. Living with your parents can make life a little more difficult. but if possible Spend the first time in an empty house or in a hotel. This will make both of you a lot more comfortable. And it allows you to spend as much time as you want during your session. Extra bonus? Being alone can make both of you as loud as you want!

b. create atmosphere. Whether you want to play music, light a candle or have a massage before the event. Make sure the environment around you is fully immersed in the moment. [Read: 13 ways to make your bedroom more romantic]

c. enjoy Are you both super excited about the upcoming night together? superb! But do not rush to the finish line. When I look back for the first time I didn’t think he would come or not, or what technique he used. But I remember how sweet my dear son was. How special did he make this night? And how well did he treat me during the whole test?

Take time to have fun with each other, kiss each other, and make good times together. Relax – you’re going to get goosebumps, so why rush? [Read: 10 first time sex tips to make it perfect]

#6 Foreplay is essential. If you’re ready to make a big deal out of it with your partner. It’s possible that you guys are already doing some commanding sex work: kissing, heavy petting, teasing, touching each other’s genitals. oral sex and now you are ready For the big ones, but remember: just because you’re going to have sex. That doesn’t mean that delicious foreplay should be ignored!

Tease and play with each other first. This is especially important for women. Because she must be stimulated by the clitoris to reach orgasm and be lubricated enough to have sex.

#7 don’t fake it Ladies, no matter how much you want to please your man and make him think he took you there… It is imperative that you do not fake your man. The first faking is just to set a precedent for you to continue faking. instead of showing him show him the real thing and let him learn what you need to keep you coming

I can promise you that he will be more satisfied with himself knowing that he has a real orgasm with you. Instead of wondering if your performance is “too much” or not?? whether you are male or female Be helpful and don’t pretend. You deserve true climax! [Read: Dry humping and the virgin’s guide to orgasms]

#8 lubricate it up Lubrication is an absolute necessity for those who are just getting started. Women who are overly nervous may have a hard time getting natural lubrication. Adding a little KY will help alleviate the discomfort during penile penetration. Plus it gives a satisfying smooth and fluid feel!

#9 use protection Determine the upcoming multi-year intercourse pattern using protection. If you are a woman who requires birth control Show that you are embarking on a journey of safe sex! when used correctly Birth control pills will help prevent pregnancy. But it will not prevent STDs or STDs.

if you are a man You may want to invest in a lubricated condom. when used effectively Condoms will prevent pregnancy. And it’s the “only” method of birth control that will significantly prevent STDs.

Dual protection is the best. This means that women must use birth control *such as the “contraceptive pill” or the contraceptive patch* while men use condoms. Both should be responsible for birth control and STD prevention.

[Read: First time sex and the virgin’s guide to nailing it]

There are many ways to make sure your first time is special and satisfying. So spend some time figuring out what will satisfy you and your partner both physically and mentally on your first visit!

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