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If you want to surprise your boyfriend Why not try learning new dance moves? To surprise your girlfriend? This was one of those gifts that he would be happy to receive!

Animated sex to surprise your boyfriend

Admit it, no matter how much you love your lover. Sometimes sex becomes a little routine, you have a position that you both know will do the trick, why would you change it? But sticking to the old routine It can cause sex to freeze. number one Wants to happen, which is why you want a sexual movement to surprise your boyfriend.

It means being a little creative and doing some work. Yes, I know. You think the chemistry speaks for itself and lasts forever. To some extent, you’re not wrong. But at the same time trying to save lives. No one tells you when you’re in a relationship!

The Best Sex Positions That Will Surprise Your Girlfriend

I know you love your partner and want to surprise them with something special. And this is a big surprise, actually the only kind he wouldn’t say. “You know I don’t like surprises.”

Of course, surprise him with a new favorite meal or record is always appreciated. But this one will leave you both. a lot satisfied. [Read: 15 sex moves he will love and then beg you for more]

So, I’m going to tell you about some sex moves you can use next time you’re with your boyfriend. Either he had a bad day at work or it was his birthday. These moves will have a charming effect. Everyone likes sexy surprises.

#1 gradual You may have sex faster, but now is the time to slow it down. just slow down Your sex will automatically become more intense and sensual. Quickies are fun. But it should be replaced from time to time.

#2 Sex toys anyone? If you don’t have sex with toys Try surprising him with a toy. If you’ve never used it before, even better! it’s an adventure Start with a vibrator or cock ring and have fun playing with it. [Read: 13 must-have sex toys all couples should use]

#3 put snacks to bed If you’re looking for a sex move to surprise your girlfriend and don’t mind cluttering your bed. Put sweets to bed. Put whipped cream on the chest and vagina. Or let him lick chocolate syrup off your navel. It’s hot, it’s tough, it’s sexy. This isn’t something you do every day. But when you do it, it’s amazing.

#4 role play Perhaps his biggest fantasies were to have sex with a nurse or a teacher. Who says you have to be a licensed nurse to wear a uniform? Go to a clothing store and pick up a few sexy outfits. when he got home Welcome him in the teacher’s clothes and tell him he’s a bad boy.

#5 Bring a mirror into the bedroom. Most people don’t have large mirrors in their bedrooms. But why not try to change it? You can have sex in front of a mirror. a lot Arouse and it will give your man a better angle to look at you. The mirror made his eyes look in places that would normally not be seen.

#6 Let him watch you help yourself. Many of us worry about the idea of ​​having our partner watch us masturbate, but it’s hot! You can make it more intense without him touching you or himself. He just has to sit there and take it while you moan happily. [Read: How to make yourself wet and get all lubed up]

#7 If you give up, change it. If you tend to give up in bed to change the dynamics of energy Instead of giving him control over sex tell him what to do You don’t have to be a full parent. “Sit down. Come. Touch me here. Lie down.” A few of those lines will hit the spot.

#8 change place Sex is amazing. But when you’re looking for a sexual gesture to surprise your boyfriend Sometimes all you have to do is change locations. Have sex in the woods, in the car, on the balcony or in the club bathroom. Changing locations will add a bit of danger and spice.

#9 Give some love to his children. They are often the ones that are overlooked. But they also need love. If you always skip his ball Surprise him by paying attention, slowly playing with the ball in your hand. or licking/sucking it during blowing When done right, it feels great. [Read: 13 titillating moves to make you the blow job queen]

#10 Butt play. Some guys don’t like anal play. But it’s often because of the stigma involved. However, anal play can make men feel amazing. Because that’s the guy’s G-spot, of course, with his consent first. After that, run your tongue or fingers around his anus and loosen the area. Then slide your finger, tongue, or toy into his anus.

#11 Sit on his face. That’s right. Sit on his face, usually during oral sex. Men truly flirt with women. Instead, climb on top of him and sit on top of him. It’s easier for him too because your pussy will float on his face.

#12 Wear a condom if you are like me You pass the condom to your partner. and they will do the rest. Not a bad move But it’s not hot and passionate, so apply it with your mouth instead. You may want to practice bananas or sex toys first to get used to it. But once you do, he will love it.

#13 Tell him what you like. How often do you tell him what you want him to do with you? Not often. Usually, we wait for men to know what we like. But sometimes men just want to tell them to do it. And now is your chance to do it.

#14 Go take a shower. If you don’t have a large shower room skip this item Otherwise you may be injured. But if you have a walk-in shower – use it! In the morning, start taking a shower and as he wakes up. invite him to go with you Morning shower sex never hurt anyone. And start the day with a bang!

#15 Play with light bondage. No, you don’t need handcuffs to the bed posts. But tying a light scarf can also help. This allows you to play with the dynamics of the power in bed and give him control. [Read: 17 sex moves to stifle the yawn and go crazy in bed]

#16 you make a move Many women wait for their partner to move, but why? If you’re always waiting for him to move Surprise him by being the first. You don’t need to cover your body with chocolate or wear new underwear. Just be the initiator

[Read: How to spice up the 7 most common sex positions]

Not everyone likes surprises. But use these sex poses to surprise your boyfriend the next time you want to spice up the bedroom.

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