10 Best Sex Positions for Beginners to Instantly Feel Like a Pro

If you want to get the most out of your new sex adventure. You have to learn the best sex positions for beginners. Prepare to have your mind blowing!

The best sex positions for beginners

Sex is confusing for beginners. I hope someone will guide me when I lose my virginity. Could someone tell me the best sex positions for beginners and how it felt the first time would be helpful.

For me it was a traumatic experience. I was taking care of family members and my boyfriend came in. i am a virgin And he’s not more experienced than me. All I can remember is pain and thinking why sex is such a big deal. It doesn’t feel good that was then

Of course, after that experience Do you have any other sexual experiences? You grow and learn your likes and dislikes.

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Why is it important to find the best position?

Gender can vary greatly in quality depending on the location you choose.

Some poses may cause you discomfort or pain. but other positions May it be a happy world for you. it’s about experimenting But having a few of the best sex poses for beginners will help you find what works for you faster.

The right sex position for you will make you feel good. It helps you stay in touch with your partner, is comfortable and won’t make you nervous.

Even if you find a position you like It’s also a good idea to mix things up and try new things. If you stick to the same routine all the time, sex can become boring. [Read: 14 sex moves that feel good: So easy and yet so mind-blowing]

when you first started having sex It’s easy for you to stick with the same things. Because they feel easy and safe for you.

However, having good sex is all about experimentation and trying new things. from time to time Don’t be afraid to test out new positions with your partner and talk about their feelings. Communication is key if you want to have sex from the start!

The Best Sex Positions for Beginners You Need to Know

If you’re losing your virginity and feeling nervous, I get it. Trust me, your first time won’t be an incredible experience. You may fall asleep from boredom.

But don’t just fold your card and quit. It will be better believe me

That might sound bad because some people have great first-time experiences. But most of them are quite uncomfortable. We all have to start somewhere! You can make the experience more fun by researching the different locations first.

What really helps is the idea of ​​some sex poses for beginners that work better than others. Don’t try to recreate the Kama Sutra. Keep it simple. In this case, the simpler the better. [Read: First time sex and the virgin’s guide to nailing it]

If you are new to sex or are trying to find the best position that is safe, easy, and makes you look good in bed. Here are some of the best poses for beginners that can make you feel sexy. Experience the real pinnacle And it feels good to do it!

1. Missionary

Who doesn’t love missionaries? Whether you are a beginner or a sexually experienced The missionary was everyone’s favorite.

It’s private, easy, so it’s perfect for beginners. The part that many people love about missionary positions is that you can look at each other. This method is really effective in alleviating performance anxiety. because in any way You will bond through eye contact.

For this pose, the woman lies on her back with her knees bent, spread out, as her partner on top approaches her, leaving her legs back. slightly raised She can wrap around a man’s waist. Or you can put your feet on the bed. The men then pushed in and out at different speeds and pressures.

However, very few women reach orgasm through penetration. So don’t worry too much about that. You should stimulate the clitoris if you want to hit the big O. [Read: How to spice up the most basic missionary sex position]

2.Doggy style

You might think that dog pose is an advanced sex pose, but it isn’t. It’s very easy to do for both men and women.

What matters is concentration. The problem is often acting too excited and applying too much pressure when pushing, so if you want to try doggy style and you’re the one performing. Think of the other person and don’t exert yourself too much.

for doggy style The woman kneels and hands. What would you actually look like if you were crawling on the floor? Now, you could either be in a position or put your chest up and head to the bed. Leave your ass in the air Either way is good.

Usually women are happier when they only play ass in the air. to find the right point Lift or lower your butt accordingly. [Read: All the ways to make doggy style your favorite sex position]

3. edge of the bed

There is something really sexy. It’s about being pulled to the edge of the bed and fucked. Now, it can be a bit difficult if you’re not tall enough for the bed.

However, the easy solution With a pillow under the hips a woman or a man can kneel. Which one do you think is the best?

in doing this The woman lay on the edge of the bed with her legs dangling. Then the man grabbed her leg, placed it between the legs and came towards her. then all in his hands He casts it out until the sun shines. For a man, you can help yourself by grabbing her thighs or ankles. [Read: Sex in a new relationship: How to make the first time less awkward]

4. The girl above

Honestly, it took me a year to figure out what to do. My friends will tell me that “It’s like riding a horse”, which is useful information if I’ve ridden before, so my self-consciousness is at its best. And I avoid this position. You will never want to quit riding your guy. So how does this position work? Tell me.

man lying on his back The woman crawled on top of him, straddled him, yeah, like you were riding a horse. whatever that means Hold his penis with your hand and slowly lower yourself onto it. Do it slowly.

I know you’re horny but it might hurt a bit. You will then scroll up and down or back and forth. I recommend mixing it up a bit with the technique. I wouldn’t recommend starting in this position. Because you must be wet for this position. [Read: 18 must-know girl on top tips to make this position way sexier]

5. spoon

Everyone likes spoons, but this time it’s a little different. So we all know the traditional spoon position when you’re lying on your side and your partner lying on your side behind you, right?

This time you will not be in your PJs, you will be naked. It’s one of the best sex poses for beginners because it’s easy enough. But there is a serious potential for orgasm.

if you are a woman Raise your upper leg slightly to give your partner enough room to get inside you. Your partner controls pressure and thrust by grabbing your chest, waist, hair, or neck. for women There is a high chance of activating the G-spot while in the spoon position. [Read: 15 ways to make spooning sex better than any other position]

6. face to face

If you want intimacy, this is one charming beginner sex pose. It’s especially good if you’re worried about sex, and at some point we were. Nobody told me about this position. and I hope they have You will be able to relax and feel comfortable with your partner while facing them.

to get this position You will need to have both of them lie on their side facing each other. if you are a woman Move slightly higher than your partner with your hips above him. Then wrap his upper leg around his leg. This will give him space to enter into you. [Read: Dry humping and the virgin’s guide to orgasms]

7. Face down

Okay, I admit, this isn’t the most intimate thing when you think about it right away. but when you try You can see that it feels really good.

for women To lie face down on the bed. A man is coming from behind and coming towards you. The romantic part is when you tilt your head to the side and they lean in to kiss you or brush your hair off your face. Look, it’s the little things that matter in life and in sex.

8. Reverse Cowgirl

This one is slightly more advanced. But it still fits the best sex positions for beginners. It’s like the girl on top in every respect. unless you are facing the other direction. Your partner will have a rather sublime view of your ass and you can pull any face you want without them seeing you! [Read: How to do the reverse cowgirl: What it is & how to ride in sexy style]

You can also lean back lean forward and can move in a circle if desired It depends on what you feel good about.

9. Modified missionary

Remember we mentioned missionaries earlier? And how is it one of the best sex poses for beginners? You can make small adjustments too.

Place a pillow under your butt to maximize the potential of the G-spot, or you could elevate your legs onto your partner’s shoulders for a deeper push. It looks like it should be an advanced position, but it isn’t! that’s the beauty of it [Read: Reverse missionary: How to drive your lover nuts with passion]

10. Dragon

This one is slightly similar to the face down position. But there is a little more intimacy because a man will press his body on a woman *gently, of course* and she will feel every inch of him.

Women should lie face down in bed with pillows under their pelvis. Men should lie on her and come in from behind her. The repulsion should be slow and steady, and of course, don’t lean too far from your partner.

These best sex positions for beginners are a lot easier than it sounds. And it will give you more chances to enjoy your first time. Talk to your partner and see what they would like to try too. You can sum it up together nicely. Or just move from one location to another and experiment!

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Sex doesn’t have to be as complicated as we make it seem. After all, it’s actually pretty simple. You just need to know the best sex positions for beginners. and you are ready

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