13 Hot & Heavy Sex Tricks to Impress Your Girlfriend and Excite Her

Want to surprise your girlfriend the next time you’re feeling hot and overwhelmed? i know what you want Learn new sex techniques. to impress your girlfriend

Sex techniques to impress your girlfriend

We all have our daily sex routines. Is there something wrong with that? No. Maybe your normal sex routine isn’t so bad. In fact, you and your partner can nail each position perfectly and get it all done in less than fifteen minutes. Again, there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you’re looking for a way to spice things up Try these sex tricks to impress your girlfriend.

I have a regular sex routine with my partner and we enjoy every moment of it. But there are times when we want to switch things up and bring a little spice into the bedroom, which is fine when it comes to sex. What you decide together is good.

As long as it’s decided together and you’re both satisfied. Maybe she’s implying that she wants to add some color, or maybe you want to surprise her with a new look. [Read: How to spice up the missionary sex position]

Sex techniques to impress your girlfriend

If you want to change things It’s time to learn sex secrets. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve slept with her once or been in a relationship for a long time. It’s important that you are open minded and willing to put in the effort for the relationship.

With that said, you might want to get some interesting information I have for you. I fully understand The sooner you know You will soon be able to use these techniques the next time you have sex. Are you ready? I can’t hear you. Let’s get started! [Read: How to get a girl horny and wet while simply sitting next to her!]

oh she will be shocked

#1 Don’t jump into sex I know you’re confused about this. but please listen to me Do you know what will impress her? not jumping into sex yes you can hear me Don’t touch her instead. Come close to her, very close, and let her feel the heat of the body between the two of you. shortly after Pull her face towards you and kiss her slowly. [Read: How to master your foreplay and really turn her on tonight]

#2 called foreplay People always skip this. But it’s important that you stick to it. Foreplay is a pre-sex activity that warms up your girlfriend for the main course. In other words, this is what got her wet.

If you tend to rush foreplay Surprise her by spending time in foreplay. Get used to her body and take time to caress her, kiss her, and perform oral sex. [Read: 17 foreplay moves that’ll make anyone really horny]

#3 Give a mouth. don’t do it if you really not in thought You have to be seriously interested in oral sex if you want both of you to enjoy the experience. if not then It’s going to be an awkward moment where your head is between her legs and she wonders what’s going on. But if you like to eat pussy Surprise her by doing [Read: How to eat pussy – 18 moves in between her legs that’ll blow her mind]

#4 Dirty talk. Are you texting your boyfriend all day long? You should. Dirty talk is part of the foreplay. Except you don’t have to be in front of your girlfriend to arouse her. send her dirty message Rejuvenate her while she’ll see you after work. You can also talk dirty to her by whispering in her ear what you want to do with her later. [Read: 35 dirty things to say to a girl and leave her wet with desire]

#5 give her a massage No one likes to give massages. But everyone likes to get massages. So if you want to impress your girlfriend. Put yourself to the side for a moment and surprise her with that! when she gets a massage from you She will also surprise you with a massage one day. Buy her a hot massage oil and give her a romantic body massage.

#6 Don’t tear her clothes off. when you are with someone for a long time Sex will become a routine, so instead of taking off your usual clothes, slow down, teasing her by taking off your clothes slowly. and stimulate feelings while you do Give her a kiss on her neck and back. Make it seductive, make it spicy, this creates tension.

#7 touch her in different places You always touch her neck and butt. But have you tried anywhere else on her body? Feel the inner thighs, arms, every inch of her body. She won’t be used to it. But it would feel wonderful to her.

#8 New move? You have mastered the five moves combo. But it’s time to reposition. She probably wouldn’t have expected. came from behind and inserted his hand into her panties. Place her on the kitchen table and approach her as you stand up. There are many positions to try. You just have to find the right placement. [Read: Kinky sex positions for a wild night every day of the week]

#9 Sex toys anyone? If you want to impress your girlfriend Let’s go home with a new sex toy. Sex toys have become a necessity for both couples and solo masturbation. You can do your routine. But perhaps this time, try mixing toys together. Also, sometimes toys are better at activating the erogenous zones.

#10 Ask her what made her change. When we first started dating We ask these questions and find ways to please our partners. But after a while, things became routine. Does your partner still like those sex positions? Is there anything new you’re interested in? I don’t know if you don’t ask If you want to master the right sex techniques to impress your girlfriend. Always ask the right naughty questions. [Read: 30 naughty questions for couples to keep the sexy spark alive]

#11 Try anal sex. If you haven’t tried anal sex. Why not try it? Of course, talk to your girlfriend about it and see how she feels. If she’s not on the boat, don’t do it. But if you’re curious, why not give it a try? Just make sure you both prepare before anal sex. [Read: How to prepare for anal sex – The beginners’ guidebook]

#12 Take a shower together. Usually, hot showers and steamy baths take place at the beginning of a relationship. But if you want to add color Why not go back to the days of dressing up and having sex in the shower? [Read: How to make shower sex sizzle]

#13 Impress her because you need it. If she’s tempting you to try something new. And you don’t want to, don’t. You really should. need To please and impress her. If not, ask yourself if you really want to be in the relationship. These tips won’t work if you feel like yourself. must do them

[Read: How to seduce a woman and make her melt]

Now you have some sex tips to impress your girlfriend. The next step is implementation!

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