Sex with a New Partner: How to Start Your Adventure with a Bang

You’ve passed your third date or Tinder match and it’s time to have sex with a new partner. So keep these things in mind.

sex with a new partner

To be honest, most of the time I have sex with a guy for the first time. I would accidentally hit him at a ball or a buffalo. that’s all i can do Don’t ask me if they call me again. You are avoiding the issue.

Having sex with a new partner is exciting because you want to explore them. However, it can also be scary. You’re trying to see if the two of you are in a sexual relationship. while figuring out what they like and what they don’t like in bed.

Let’s just say it’s the most fun. I’m not saying these tips will give you the best sex. That depends on you and your partner. But these tips will help you enjoy the experience and calm you down as you prepare.

Things to do when having sex with a new partner

Let’s face it – sex with a new partner isn’t usually the setting in a Hollywood movie. We all want it to be, but hey, this is real life. And it might look a little more messy and complicated. but don’t worry keep these things in mind then you will be fine [Read: The 10 big rules of spending the first night together]

#1 reduced hygiene You will have to rub their bodies against their bodies. So spend more time 5 Minutes to use soap and scrub yourself. You’ll be amazed at how people admire those who take care of themselves. Have you had sex with someone who hasn’t showered in two days? Well, I hope you don’t have to. it’s a wound

#2 You decide what your penis will look like. There’s a struggle between waxing/shaving everything and leaving it natural. What you choose is your choice.

Don’t lean in because you think it’s socially acceptable. You want your penis to look the way you want. I had a Brazilian wax once and I hated it. I look like a naked mole That being said, this self-consciousness shows up in the bedroom. [Read: Trim, shave or natural? The real score on what’s best for the bush]

#3 Wear something that makes you feel sexy. That doesn’t mean wearing sexy clothes. This story is based on what you think is purely sexy.

If you feel sexy wearing blue underwear to wear blue underwear If you like boxers more than underwear to wear boxers If you wear hot clothes You will show more confidence. And you’ll feel more relieved and relaxed in bed.

#4 have protection whether you are male or female You should always be responsible and protect yourself. You shouldn’t rely on your partner to be protected because there will be moments when they won’t have it. Therefore, always carry condoms in your purse or purse.

#5 Choose your standard of beauty You don’t need a full make-up to have sex with a new partner. You don’t have to be completely natural either. How do you decide what you want to see?

You don’t need to wear a nurse outfit to impress your partner or apply your hair gel to get straight back from GQ. Who cares, this person is having sex with you. So they find you attractive anyway. don’t sweat it

#6 keep up with communication You don’t have sex with yourself. you are having sex with someone else and because there are two of you You will have to check in with them and see if they are okay.

Ask them if they like what you do, etc. Now don’t ask all the time or it will be annoying. But if you’re not sure, ask. [Read: How to have better sex – 13 ways to communicate and change the way you make love]

#7 don’t expect anything Don’t expect your first time to be amazing. Don’t expect it to be funky either. for most of us It takes us a few times to understand what our partner likes and doesn’t like, so if there’s a sexual relationship between the two of you, sex is fine. but it takes time

#8 Slow and steady. Don’t jump the gun, I mean, if you guys are out at the club for hours, I understand, but if not, take your time and really focus on foreplay.

examine each other’s bodies taste each other And absorb every moment. All Quickies are good and good. But real hot sex is when it’s hot, messy, and seductive that takes time. [Read: How to foreplay – The key for the best sex of your life]

#9 Laugh at awkward moments If you accidentally fart or miss their mouth when you try to kiss them. just let it go They don’t care and if you have a laugh

It will show that you are not taking it too seriously. And that will relax both of you. You should laugh when having sex.

#10 Breathe. You have to take a deep breath and relax. This is not a competition. but sex You should have fun and enjoy the moment. So don’t think about the future, for example, will he want to see you again… Who is going to care? Live in the present and enjoy their bodies. [Read: How to be better in bed -16 passionate ways to blow anyone’s mind]

#11 Bring lube. if you are a woman Even if you want to have sex You might be so nervous that you can’t get wet. That being said, you’ll want to carry a bottle of lubricant with you in your bag. you don’t know either Maybe he’s gifted and in that case You will be praying to bring some lubricant with you.

#12 Don’t focus on the climax. Sex is purely mental, so you don’t want to focus too much on trying to have an orgasm. That’s not the point of sex. Of course it’s good if you have But it shouldn’t be your main goal. If you set a primary goal You will lose the moment you are sharing with this person.

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Having sex with a new partner… well, it’s a lot of fun, but if you’re nervous. Just follow these tips. You can relax and enjoy the moment.

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