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Having sex with a coworker can sometimes seem inevitable. Before you jump into bed Consider what happens if everything goes south and you can’t avoid it.

sex with coworkers

We spend most of our time working. That allows us to see the same people every day. Sometimes, if you can get along with the people you work with. it’s awesome Sometimes it can be painful in the ass. Office politics can be your best friend or your worst nightmare. Just make sure that before you have sex with a coworker. You didn’t do anything great and make it scary.

There’s a reason most organizations discourage the gender of their coworkers. Sex and work are incompatible. It’s hard to stay focused on the job at hand. If all your focus is on finding time for a quick gig somewhere in the empty office. Some companies do more than discourage them. They make people lay off if they find a romance going on in the workplace.

The 14 pros and cons of having sex with a coworker

don’t get me wrong It’s helpful to have sex with a coworker. It’s important to hang out with someone you have romantic feelings for every day. get to know them and full attention But let’s face it There are times when it can be a good thing and sometimes it can be the worst.

These are good versus bad things. *And the extremely ugly thing* about having sex with a coworker.

meet every day

pro What could be better than seeing someone with whom you have romantic feelings every day? When you start having sex with someone or start a relationship. There’s nothing you want to do but be with them every second of the day. Texting or talking as much as possible is the best part of starting a relationship. when you work together That means endless time spent together… Yay!

perch When the first few weeks or months are over Couples aren’t always together. In fact, spending too much time together can be at the heart of a relationship, good or bad.

Seeing them every day, whether it’s raining or sunny, wanting or not. It might sound great at first. But at first they made you nervous. or are you arguing It’s not cool to be pushed together. whether you like it or not [Read: Couple time: 11 signs you spend way too much time together]

well known

pro The basis of any good relationship is getting to know someone and what makes them make choices. when you work together You will see how people One manages stress, stay calm *or never stop*, and how they are during good times and bad days. That can help you if you’ve ever had sex with a coworker to the next level, such as a lasting relationship.

perch There is a side of ourselves that we keep for work and a side that we keep for personal relationships. If you have sex with a coworker You will see them both the best and the worst.

There are some things we don’t know best about the people we sleep with. For example, it’s not very attractive to watch them prank others for a purposeful promotion. Sometimes what we get to know someone in a work environment changes how we personally feel about them.

You are more eager to go to work.

pro When you have sex with a coworker Going to work to see a bright face Their *and other possessions* were like a dream come true. Think about a few times you’ve been out on dates. You have to do that every morning. If your relationship is going well You’ve been looking forward to seeing the person you slept with for hours and looking forward to the fun days ahead.

perch You don’t care much about your job other than seeing the person you’re having sex with. Getting too preoccupied with attraction and thinking about the next time you have sex. It may distract you from work.

The promotion you’ve been aiming for may no longer seem important. And you may become sluggish because it’s hard for you to focus. Sometimes having sex with a coworker can have a negative impact on your productivity and career. [Read: 9 tips for a hassle-free relationship with a coworker]

You can work late at night together and work as a team.

Pro – Teamwork is better than just celebrating good sex. When you sync with someone Working as a team to get things done makes sex a lot more fun after the fact. after you “Knock on the door at work.” You can knock on one of the doors in the bedroom.

Con – You work together late at night and do nothing, which is your main occupation. You can’t be left in the same room alone without being together.

When sex with a coworker distracts you from work and work Having sex with a coworker isn’t good for either of you. It could lead to resentment for your entire part, or worse, a position reduction or job loss. [Read: How to handle a coworker crush like an adult]

A sneak peek may add to the excitement.

Pro – There is something wonderful about sneaking for sex. It’s like going back to your parents’ house with your ex and eating cookies. Sex with coworkers and being naughty can be exciting for some people.

If prohibited by the office’s policy It will make it more exciting. There is nothing better than the lure of forbidden love.

perch You may need to snoop or risk getting fired. or worse, divorce. If you secretly have sex, it’s not just for politics at work. But because either or both of you are in a different relationship. or even married Shows that you really put a lot into this. Exciting sex is great. But getting caught doesn’t mean you lose everything. [Read: 18 clear signs of an emotional affair your probably didn’t notice]

You have to tell other coworkers that you “do it.”

Pro – Colleagues talk in private. Just be true If you slap a hot apprentice That’s what you’ll get to boast about. If you have sex with a colleague that everyone dreams of. It will make you the alpha in your workplace.

Con – If you sleep with a co-worker and someone in the office tells you that they like or have a crush on them. If they knew, it could cause wildfires. Not only can they be vengeful and change you. But they could also make life a hell that lives day after day. Is it worth living in the office nightmare forever to bang the hottest coworkers? [Read: 16 naughty deeds to build your sexual wish list]

It may lead to finding your soul mate.

Pro – The coworker’s sexual relationship didn’t end badly or in a pessimistic way. There are times when you meet the person of your dreams at work. Some jobs are temporary. and if you are related to someone Finding love may be more important than worrying about the repercussions of a job that you don’t really care about. [Read: Dating a coworker: 10 biggest dos and don’ts you can’t ignore]

Because the average person has to go through many workplaces and many occupations throughout their lives. But you only get one soulmate. You never want to look back and think you didn’t try it because it’s against the rules.

Con – if it doesn’t work It’s a nightmare. Enough said. If it doesn’t work or ends well, You will be working alongside them for the next twenty years. or move on That’s both pretty crappy options for having a little sex with a coworker.

[Read: 14 pros and cons of banging a coworker in the office]

There are times when sex with a coworker makes sense and sometimes it doesn’t. And it all depends on how serious you are about your career. How is your relationship status? What is the corporate impact? and what do you want from it

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