Sex with Socks On? 12 Reasons Why It Makes Sex So Much Better

When you hear about sex with socks for the first time You could be forgiven for thinking it wasn’t sexy at all, however, it’s more useful than you think!

sex with socks on

We all want to be 100% naked and have a good time with your crush. But if there’s a way to make sex better by just wearing a piece of clothing? We absolutely refuse to take it off. This is just the case with socks. This is our case for having sex with socks!

Socks. It’s just socks. We know what you’re thinking. How can socks make the sex I’m having right now? We were skeptical at first like you. But it turns out that wearing socks might not be as sexy as you might initially think. [Read: Top 50 kinky sex ideas worth trying at least once in your life]

Better sex life leads to better relationships.

There are many reasons people want to improve their sex lives. First of all, a better sex life is awesome. Who doesn’t love sex that just keeps getting better? But that’s not the only way a better sex life can benefit you.

It’s also beneficial to your relationship. In some cases, you can fix a problematic relationship simply by making sex better. Better sex leads to better communication. A deeper connection You’ll take care of each other more when your sex life is struggling.

That doesn’t mean you need sex to have a good relationship. But it definitely doesn’t hurt! This will help increase your emotional connection and bring you both as close as possible. You need to devote some time in the bedroom or outside. In any case! [Read: How to have great sex with your lover]

How can sex with socks be a good thing?

Now we’re done with everything. You don’t want to know how sex with socks makes it so much better. There is a lot of evidence to support the fact that something as simple as wearing socks during sex. It will change your gender. Look, you don’t have to start swinging from the chandelier or trying to freak out when it feels unnatural for you. Just put your socks on!

The next time you plan to undress for your partner and jump into the sack. Remember that you should always leave your socks on. This is why it’s important to always have sex with socks. [Read: Sexy striptease 101: How to strip for your man like a pro]

1. You will feel more relaxed.

What is one thing every woman, especially a woman, needs in order to have an orgasm? That’s right. We all need to relax in order to have an orgasm. Otherwise our body will not allow it to happen. That’s where socks come in.

Studies show that women need certain areas of their brains to relax in order to finish. when you put on socks to bed You are maintaining a level of comfort so that you can fully relax. This means you have a better chance of having an orgasm if you don’t wear them. [Read: Orgasm during sex: 7 surprising reasons she’s not having one]

2. Cold feet can be very distracting. Sex with socks solves that problem!

Being distracted can be the worst thing for someone trying to break up with their partner. And it has been proven that truly cold feet can be just as distracting as it is. with turning on the TV or turning off the phone in the middle of the night

Wearing socks doesn’t mean you let your feet fall to a temperature that distracts you. I suffer from cold feet all the time. I assure you that my cold feet are bothering my girlfriend too.

3. Socks are comfortable and can help reduce anxiety.

Anxiety comes from many things. When it comes to sex It was born out of the idea of ​​being uncomfortable and absolutely naked. Having sex with socks can reduce your anxiety. [Read: Relationship anxiety: 20 Mistakes you need to stop making]

It’s like a blanket of familiarity that puts you at ease when you’re naked with your partner. Less anxiety leads to more orgasms and a better sex life.

4. Feet are less confident

This is especially true for women. There’s just something comforting about not being 100% naked all the time, or maybe you hate feet and don’t have time for a manicure. Your feet look awful right now. and you’re so nervous about it Keeping your socks on can help ease self-esteem issues. [Read: 9 effective ways to stop being so needy and insecure]

5. You are raising the bar for comfort.

As I said above Wearing socks is really comfortable. I think we can all agree that wearing warm socks after a long day makes us feel relaxed and comfortable.

Because of this, women can have orgasms more easily. A woman needs to feel relaxed, comfortable and safe in order to have an orgasm. If we wear socks We will keep that layer of comfort high. and we will have more chances to finish

6. Some people find socks quite sexy!

i don’t know about you But my guy likes it when I walk into a room wearing nothing but knee-high socks. He thinks it’s one of the sexiest things in the world. [Read: How to be sexy, look sexy & feel sexy without ever trying too hard]

as already mentioned Wearing only socks during sex isn’t just mentally pleasing to you. But it can also drive your partner crazy. And if they think you’re particularly seductive They also tend to be excited and ready for great sex.

7. Add a layer of mystery

So maybe your guy has a foot fetish. Maybe they’re crazy about the fact that you’re not naked. but very close Wearing socks alone may not cover what is important. But it can add another layer of mystery that makes the most boring sex life. [Read: 16 mind-blowing ways to spice up your relationship: Tonight]

8. It gives your partner something to rip off the gender neutral.

Although the whole point of wearing socks during sex is that they are worn throughout that period. It makes sex better by giving your partner something to cheat on during sex.

One time I wore socks during sex and when I was in a position that allowed my boyfriend to take my socks off. It’s one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen. There’s something about them ripping their last piece of clothing during sex that pushes the envelope even further. [Read: 15 Dirty ways to have the sexiest rough sex ever!]

9. Sex is better when you feel relaxed.

When you wear socks during sex You’re making me feel so much better. This means that you’ll feel happier and make your partner feel good about themselves because they’ll be happy that you enjoy it so much. It’s a win-win for both of you in a relationship because it provides both benefits. equal pair

10. All of the above leads to a better sex life.

This is the cold truth. when you put on socks to bed You are more likely to have an orgasm. Because you feel more relaxed and comfortable. This means that you will not only be more satisfied with your partner. But your sex life will be better than it was when you didn’t have sex every time. [Read: Your guide to better sex: What you need to do differently]

11. Your libido will skyrocket.

As mentioned above Leaving your socks on during sex will increase your orgasm. And we all know that the more climax we get. The more we want it! This greatly increases your libido. If you know you’re going to have that climax You’ll try to do it more often than when you don’t have much. [Read: 12 safe and natural ways to increase your libido]

12. Better Sex Life Makes Healthier

Another benefit of wearing socks during sex is that it can greatly enhance your sex life because of this. Not only does sex play a role in keeping your immune system healthy. But it also strengthens your heart by working harder as well.

Remember to wear the most comfortable socks. But don’t let a hole go in! Doing so means you’re grabbing all of the above benefits and you don’t have cold feet either!

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Sex with socks can seem weird. But if you’ve read the top reasons above, you’ll know how it affects your sex life.

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