Batter Up! 11 Different Sexual Bases and What Each of Them Mean

Baseball is boring. So if you are hoping to read about those Your base is in the wrong place. It’s about the gender base that we’re interested in.

gender base

There’s an interesting story behind the baseball terminology used to describe the gender base. You’ve heard of it before. Everyone has been coined in America to use a baseball metaphor to describe a level of close relationship. I mean these are not newly discovered either.

Billy Joel, Meatloaf—maybe they’re too old for you. But this is a classic artist from the seventies to the eighties. And you see where I’m going with it? The baseball parable has been around for a long time. And it doesn’t end there. Sex education teachers also use these parables when discussing sex with students. They have become part of their sex life.

Gender base and other baseball terms

I even used a base to describe how much I went with men. Usually after sex You always say that instead. But before that, you used gender base. I mean, first of all, your parents won’t catch you right away if you say “third base” to your friends in front of them. So it’s a great way to say the code in front of people without explaining what’s actually going on.

We all know what happens on second or third base, right? If you are reading this Maybe you need to keep your definition of gender base fresh. You need to know this

#1 First base. Everyone likes going to the first base. a base for hope The base that keeps you moving forward Wait for the second touch. First base is a kiss. Kiss a lot. Your hands aren’t touching the key erogenous zones. You two are in for a moment to warm your mouth. [Read: How to kiss passionately and romantically]

#2 Second base. Getting through and touching second base is beautiful. It’s sweet, a little dirty, but it’s clean fun, with skin-to-skin touch and kiss. hold or kiss the chest and intense caressing around erogenous zones such as the genitals, ass, breasts, and neck, although this is done over clothing. but in the second base you are not naked [Read: 20 tips for make out mastery]

#3 Third base. Now the third base is when you’re on the edge of sex. Traditionally, this means that under the waist is touched without having sex. However, there is a slight improvement. Third base now means oral sex – blow jobs, oral, fingering – that’s all third base.

#4 run home In baseball, hitting a home run means you hit all bases, complete circles, and earn points for your team. This is the same for sex. You hit all bases and you have full sex. What every baseball player intends to do [Read: 16 pop culture sex terms you need to know by now]

#5 Strike Out Now, you might hear some guys say this after an unsuccessful night at the club. They will say, “No, I’m lost.” What does that mean? The bottom line is that they don’t sleep. Being “beat out” means they fail to have any sex, doesn’t necessarily mean having sex fully. But it also means they don’t talk to girls or foreplay.

#6 throwing This term is only used for gay men. And that means if you’re throwing You are the man who performs anal sex. Similar to all “pins and cushions” references, being a “pin” means that you are the giver, while the “pad” is the receiver.

#7 hold This is another term specific to gay men when it comes to the roles they perform while having anal sex. The catcher is the one who receives the ball, right? basically Intercourse means he’s a guy who gets anal sex. [Read: What you need to know about each sexual orientation]

#8 Hit switch. This is another term used for bisexual people. I have to admit I’ve never used it before. So I don’t think it’s too loud. But it’s still a metaphor for baseball. Now you know what it means. If you hear it, you’ll be connected right away. Switch hitter means the player hits from the left or right. Is that reasonable?

#9 play for another team Now, if someone is gay or lesbian You will be able to say that they are “Play/hit the ball for the other team”, it just means they are homosexual. The only sad thing about these baseball terms is that they haven’t been updated. What about the rest of the LGBTQ community? Back in the 60s when these words were first created. Being gay or lesbian is ‘rare’ and seen as unusual.

#10 Play for both teams If someone “plays for both teams”, you’re saying this person is bisexual. If you think fast, it makes sense. They are going from their own team to the opposing team. Although these terms were created in the 60s, they are still widely used today. I mean I say these phrases all the time. You can also say “Hit the ball for both teams.” [Read: All the ways to tell the difference between a pansexual and a bisexual]

#11 Running the base. You wouldn’t normally use this unless you were talking about someone younger than you experimenting with sex and intimacy. “Based running” means that someone is experimenting with sex, so they may be sleeping with someone else. try to do something else You can also say “play the field” or “test the base”.

[Read: 4 relationship bases of making out and important sex metaphors to know]

Now you know all the gender bases, right? You are always up to date So the next time you hear someone talk about second or third base. You will then have a clear idea of ​​what actually happened.

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