Sexual Market Value: The 5 Biggest Factors that Boost a Man’s SMV

Your sex market value is the value you give to people looking for a mate. Take heart, there are ways to increase your SMV.

sex market value

Is everything worth it? I mean your home is worth it. Your bank account is valuable. So it makes sense that people are worth it. something similar to Your “whole package” sex market value, or SMV, is a calculation of your sexual value with your partner. The higher your value, the better. the more desirable

Your sex market value is not only determined by your attractiveness. Even if that’s the element It is the sum of what you offer in a sexual relationship, things like your earning potential. how well do you communicate and how sensitive you are They’re all factors in your SMV. Good news if you’re lacking in one area. There is always room for improvement.

How to fix your sex market value

There are many factors that increase or decrease the value of your sex market. They’re all about the type of value you give to someone looking for a partner. For men, the scale differs from women. Not only how hot you are There are still many factors that will enhance your SMV.

Factor one: looks

Yes, that’s easy for some and very stubborn for others. If you received a gift that looks like Adonis Your look will take you to the top. However, if you’re not the best looking in the bunch, fear not. That’s not the only thing women look for when looking for a guy. If you want to increase your sex market value. Try your best to look your best.

#1 exercise. Always keep your body as tight as possible. Not everyone is made to be muscle. And not every woman wants. What they don’t want is a guy with bigger tits than them or a beer nib gushing out of his belt. A little exercise and body control will work well. [Read: A man’s guide to look effortlessly good in bed]

#2 grooming Men’s buns may be what makes you “hip,” but that doesn’t mean they look good on you personally. Dressing yourself up means that you dress and dress in a style that suits you, not fashion.

Don’t think that you will increase your SMV by being among the crowd and trendy. On the other hand, it’s about finding your unique style. where you will get the greatest boost [Read: How to be the hot guy – 20 rules to instant hotness]

Factor Two: Games

The game is all about how you play. It means how confident you are in yourself. how talented you are and smart enough to talk

#3 confident. Confidence is what attracts women a lot. Because men are naturally supposed to be hunters and collectors. Women want a man who is confident and knows what he wants and who he is. when you walk into the room own the room When you want something, go for it. Believing in yourself increases your sex market value by miles.

#4 be charming If you want to add your SMV, turn on the charm. If you can and when Being charming may not be easy. But if you practice complimenting, smiling a lot, and telling girls what they want to hear, you can greatly increase your overall SMV.

There is nothing more desirable than a man who knows how to charm someone. [Read: How to be charming and liked by everyone]

#5 Read carefully and be smart It’s not just about being good at reading or being smart on the streets. The person who scores the best in the game is the person who researches it. know a lot and can talk to anyone and almost anything Having the depth and ability to hold your own in any group will definitely increase your SMV.

Factor Three: Status

Your status is an important factor in your SMV. Status includes the type of work you do. the amount of money you have and other things about you Not everyone can become a CEO, but there are a few ways to boost your presence with flashy cash.

#6 make money. If you want to increase the sex market value You have to spend money to make a woman feel like you can take care of her. Having a straightforward job is a great way to increase your market value.

Perks like sky seats, event tickets, and anything else that makes anyone you’re with feel important. It’s definitely something that adds value to you. If you want to find a part-time job, work hard to get to the top. And try to make a woman feel that she is special to be with someone special like you. [Read: How to date a high maintenance woman without going broke]

#7 status. Women like powerful men. Be the person who is important to every situation to increase your status. If you are the boss of something be the head of that That means getting a position that makes you a good member of society.

Things like being a police officer Having a job that requires a suit or even firefighters It will make you an overlooked person and increase your market value in the sex department. [Read: How to be attractive to women: Be a cut above all other guys]

Factor Four: Help her in bed.

How good are you in bed? If you think girls don’t care what you’re in bed with, you’re wrong. Try doing things in bed that drive women crazy.

Experimenting with a girl who likes it makes her think you know what you’re doing and makes her feel good. The more you give in the bedroom The higher your market value, the more valuable you are.

#8 Read what women like to increase your sex market value Try to read about what women like in bed. The more you satisfy her The more you are worth to her. Many men underestimate the value of pleasing women for sex.

If you want to add an SMV, do it by doing something. With her that drives her crazy, beg her and let her need you more. [Read: How to hit the G-spot and make her squirm with pleasure]

Fifth factor: boyfriend material

Communication is not always the strongest outfit of a man. A man who can live both thick and thin is invaluable. The problem is that there is a thin line to walk when it comes to boyfriends and in the “friend zone.”

The girlfriend material factor is everything that will make you like the best boyfriend ever. without being stuck, needy, or seriously obsessed [Read: The modern day gentleman’s guide to wooing a lady]

#9 Provide support and unconditional love. You don’t have to keep listening to her talk about things you don’t care about or being her “girlfriend,” but you need to prove to her that you can get through good and bad times.

A good boyfriend is someone who cares for you. and can fix things Get it when she wants you to. And you always take her side and fight for her. Being a good boyfriend is a very important element of your sex market value.

[Read: 25 signs and qualities that make a guy the perfect boyfriend material]

Your sex market value is the whole package you offer someone in the market for a relationship. to find your best qualities and make them shine. And do what you can to add something that might not be that great.

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