Sexual Positions to Impress Your Man: 10 Moves to Rock His World

Whether your sex life is lackluster or you want to change the pace. Get your man in the sack with these 10 awesome sex poses to impress your man.

Sex Positions To Impress Your Man

When it comes to sex It’s all about diversity. Convenience, experimentation and fun It’s very easy in any relationship to fall into style. If both of you have a busy life outside the bedroom. It’s easy to start to see your sex life slip away. You’re not just doing less. But when you do a simple routine This also happened. not that bad But it seems a little predictable! These 10 Sex Positions To Impress Your Man Bring Back Spice

If this sounds like you It may be that you are beginning to worry that your sex life will turn out to be nonsense. And you worry that your man thinks too. Or maybe you’re starting a new relationship and want to break his socks off with your sexual prowess.

10 sex positions to impress your man

Whatever your reason for wanting to add some color to your bedroom. Learning how to combine different sex positions Plenty in your sex play is a good place to start. not only add variety But it also makes you feel confident and adventurous. You can open a whole new world of happiness for both you and your man!

Consider some interesting and tested sex poses that will seriously impress your man! [Read: 30 day sex challenge – 30 sex positions for 30 days]

#1 stand and deliver. This is a great sex position that can be very beneficial for both of you. You lie on the edge of the bed with your legs apart. while your man stands at the edge Have him hold your leg at your ankle and gently bend it toward your chest.

when he comes to you This creates a deep penetration. And he’s in complete control and has a good perspective of himself pushing in and out of you. Which will definitely make him feel very excited. [Read: Exotic sex: 16 hot, hot, hot sex positions you need to try out]

#2 Wheelbarrow. Not for the faint-of-heart! This sex pose requires serious skill. But it’s definitely going to impress your man if you can. You kneel on the ground and let him grab your leg and slowly Pull it up so you put the weight on your hand. He leans your legs on his chest or shoulders if it suits you. Then he approaches you from behind. This takes strength and stamina, but if you do, it will give you a lot of motivation for both of you.

#3 cowgirl reverse Everyone likes a little cowgirl/cowboy action in their lives. And if you’re feeling lewd Why not try reverse control of the cowgirl position?

This position is quite simple. Just let him lie down and ride him as if you were a horse. But facing his feet, slowly lowered himself onto him. and ride it like never before! [Read: How to do the reverse cowgirl: 12 must-know tips and tricks]

#4 high mile club This is the perfect location if you want to hang out at a party. It works in tight spaces and has a very naughty feel.

To do this right Just grab your guy and go to the nearest bathroom. Then stand facing the mirror and have the guy approach you from behind. The fact that you both see yourself in reflection is a serious opening act and is sure to win significant brownie points on your man. [Read: 15 sexy ways to have the best quickie every single time]

#5 sofa surfer This sex position is not as lazy as you think! Suitable for couples who want to be more adventurous. But they’re not ready to expand their sex list to the public!

Here you just bend the arms of the sofa and let your guy in from behind. If you cross your ankle This will keep you tighter around him, and what’s even better if your sofa is soft and nice. The sofa should be comfortable too!

#6 push up This is a slight twist in the classic missionary position. You lie in bed and your man approaches you. Then when he entered Have him lift his torso by placing his weight in his hands while pushing deeper.

This will help lift his weight away from you. Make him see your breasts well. You will be able to make eye contact with it. And it made him feel manly and strong. Especially if you swoon over his awesome six pack! [Read: 8 ways to make missionary sex magical]

#7 easy pillow tips Sometimes all you need to spice up your sex life is to look at things from a different angle. Use a pillow to support your back to tilt your pelvis up. Different angles make a difference. Provides deep penetration that will please your man. [Read: Easy sex positions that won’t break your neck – or worse!]

#8 spoon. Lie on your side and let him come close to you and come to you while holding onto your arm. Once you’re in position, slowly move together in a circular motion and create a stunning climax.

This makes you feel so intimate and sexy that no doubt makes him feel warm and exhausted inside! Try coordinating your breathing to increase intimacy with this. [Read: Spooning sex – 15 ways to make it hotter than any other position]

#9 Position X If you want to try a sex position that creates arousal and makes you feel hot, horny, and more intimate, X is the one to try. in doing this Have your man sit on the bed facing you. And you do the same with both legs facing forward. You lift your right leg above his left leg. And he should raise his left leg above your right leg.

Then move together until your man is inside you. Then both of you lean back with your legs forming an X-shape, working out slowly, comfortably, building alertness. and increase happiness when you do so. [Read: 10 intimate sex positions to feel the romance in the bedroom]

#10 Anywhere outdoors. Okay, let’s just group these things together a bit. And technically it’s not a sex ‘position’, but if you really want to get creative with your sex life. go out to the outdoors See what exotic and wonderful places you can find.

Having sex in nature feels adventurous and fun. Just trying to sneak in places where you may or may not be caught adds spice and a sense of danger to your sex life, which is refreshing. Up close and natural again!

[Read: The 20 best and hottest places for outdoor sex]

There you have ten great new sex positions to impress your man. They are adventurous, exciting, and extremely fun to try with your guy. Some people may need a little practice to be perfect. But if you do You will definitely impress your guy big time!

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