34 Sexual Questions to Ask a Girl Over Text & Make Her Horny & Wet

You don’t have to be in the same room to get a girl wet. Try these sex questions to ask women over text. And she probably wants you in her!

Sexual Questions to Ask Women Over Text

Getting a sexy message when you’re in bed is a great way to end the night with a bang. Even if it’s done with your own hands, however, you just have to ask the right questions. Then you will get the correct answer. But what are they? What questions should you ask if you want to open up to her? We have the perfect list of sex questions to ask a woman via text to cast your spell and have her finger on!

It’s time to power up with spicy sex questions to ask girls. You don’t have to touch her all the time to get her wet, you know!

How to Use the Right Sexy and Dirty Questions to Keep Her Warm

There are often moments when talking to a woman or texting her aggravates and enters the path of sex. This is the time for you to take your relationship or courtship to the next level.

As a man, you may not know how to start a lewd talk or how to start a sexy conversation with a woman. Don’t be restless and uncomfortable. And most importantly, don’t rush. In fact, sometimes all you need is the right sex questions to ask a girl. You want to make her feel the tingling sensation of lust, but don’t go straight into it. Ask her something casual. but hidden by the strong sex

Not sure where to start? Or is this the first time you’ve asked a woman a sex question? Try this step-by-step guide in 20 Dirty Questions To Ask A Girl And Get Her Incredibly Wet In 15 Minutes.

You can use these sex questions to ask the women we’ve listed below as well. But always measure the girl’s reaction when you text her about being naughty. That’s what stops the relationship from going on.

If she is not awake or is awakened from a distance Or is she just busy doing distracting things? It won’t happen, so you need to know what sex questions to ask a girl if you want the right reaction.

If you know how to say it right You can also use magic.

On the other hand, if you are sitting next to a woman Use this guide in What Makes a Woman Sexually or Anything Else – 25 Irresistible Traits of the Best Men]

Best Sex Questions To Ask A Girl Over Text And Make Her Wet And Horny

Getting her in the mood and getting her in the mood isn’t difficult. Try these sex questions to ask women over text. Then start sending sexy texts. [Read: How to warm up to a naughty, sexy texting conversation]

1. Have you ever slept naked?

This is a good question to ask for a more sexual tone. Maybe she lay bare or in her pajamas. But asking her if she ever slept naked You’re giving her a chance to open up to your sexy talk.

2. What do you wear to sleep?

If you say you don’t sleep naked She could be wearing a sexy little shirt, or even a grumpy old shirt. That’s fine, as this is a good question to warm up with a sexy statement. [Read: How to text flirt with a friend – The guide to warming her up]

3. What are you wearing right now?

Who knows, maybe she’s not wearing anything. That’s not a bad discovery. Even if she’s wearing anything You can always ask her to share pictures! She’ll know where the question is headed in no time!

4. Have you kissed a girl before?

This is more of a man’s imagination than a woman’s! But if you like where the conversation is going Instead, she might use this sexual question to arouse you.

If she kisses a girl and likes it It’s a great way to bring back memories that will motivate her. Or make her open up about her sexual desires. [Read: How to tease a girl sexually and leave her with your thoughts all day]

5. What part of a man’s body do you like the most?

Is she in your arms? beard? What is it? Every woman has a favorite part of a man’s body. For some, big arms or prominent jawline. The point is, every woman has a point that excites her or at least catches her eye!

6. What part of your body is the sexiest?

Again, every woman has her own favorite part. Some people reward themselves with hair, bouncy ass, or perfect breasts. Find out what she likes about herself. to give you a sexy body part to compliment her

7. Do you prefer shaving or body hair?

It’s not important But if she likes a guy but you look like you’re in your 80s, you might turn it down a bit. [Read: Manscaping and what girls actually want to see on a guy’s body]

8. What is your greatest imagination?

Many women may say they have no sexual fantasies. But of course we all have hidden fantasies, even if we don’t even realize them ourselves!

However, don’t ask this question right away. You have to warm up to this question. If she’s not sharing her fantasies with you, perhaps you can suggest a few things and ask if there’s anything that excites her! [Try this: The top 50 kinky sexual fantasies that are worth trying at least once in your lifetime]

9What is your last sexual fantasies or dirty thoughts that pop into your head?

While watching a movie or reading a book? Or is it just that you fantasize about something on your own? If you say you don’t remember the last time you felt horny You might say “Maybe I can help you!” is a cheeky way to ask a woman a few sex questions. and teased her to admit that she was aroused

10. Why don’t you ask me a question?

To be honest, not all women are obscene. This is especially true if you’re doing it the wrong way. Instead, ask her to ask you questions.

This gives you a chance to know how aggressive or naughty she wants to answer her questions. And it depends on the kind of sexy questions she asks you. You can take it one step further with her! [Read: How to talk dirty to a girl and not turn her off]

11. How often do you touch yourself?

What gender is she? Is she consistent with her gender? Maybe she touches herself a lot… But you’ll have to wait for her to tell you. If she texts back that she has never touched her. It may or may not be true. It doesn’t matter But what matters is that she’s answering your sexuality questions and getting dirty!

12. Where do you like to touch yourself the most?

Where does she masturbate when she’s home alone? That’s a shower, right? Did she take a hot bubble bath? Or light candles around her room and turn on some music? Find out if her dream place is to masturbate and rebuild it.

13. Where is your favorite touch?

Men think the vagina is our favorite place to touch, however, that’s not the case. Some women like having someone touch their neck and ears. While some women prefer to feel it on their chest or lower back. Find out where the point is [Read: How to turn a girl on with your touch and make her melt into you]

14. Have you ever had a one-night stand?

What about you? This doesn’t mean much if you don’t have one. But hearing that story is always interesting. Maybe she never has and she tells you that. But don’t let it be a dead end. You can share your experiences or thoughts about the One Night Stand to keep the conversation going.

But beware of this sex question. And use it only when you plan to have an affair with her. The minute you ask her this question She’ll assume one night is all you need with her, so unless you’re looking for specifics. Think carefully before asking her this.

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