60 Sexy & Dirty Things to Say to Your Boyfriend + Art of Dirty Talk

Are you looking for some sexy and dirty things to say to your boyfriend to make him mad? You won’t find anything more sexy, dirty or naughty!

Dirty Sexy Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

ok we understand It’s not easy to brag about dirty sexy things. A few words to say to your boyfriend you are thinking It sounds exciting in your head. But the minute you say it out loud, you hold that thought.

You think it sounds silly. or worse You think your boyfriend will cringe if he hears you saying, “Come here, eldest son, give me your ding dong!” *Um, he might be withered around here!*

Has your boyfriend ever told you that he wants you to talk dirty to him? Or do you find him “special” when you say something naughty to him? Either in text or in bed?

Speak out loud, speak nonsense, not stupid.

Speech is not stupid, nor is it stupid, and no, what you have to say will never run out. That’s when you learn the art of dirty talking here. And remember a few dirty words to say to your boyfriend. to keep the conversation going [Read: A list of sexy words that make dirty talking sound so much naughtier]

We have some of the naughtiest and sexiest things you can say to your boyfriend that you can use right here. But before reaching that part You have to dip your toes into the world of dirty talk and understand how it works. Then you can enjoy it and introduce a world of sexual pleasure into your boyfriend’s life!

The whole idea of ​​talking dirty to each other might seem like a lot of work to someone who doesn’t understand how dirty talking works.

but in reality Talking dirty and screaming at each other while having hot sex is the easiest thing in the world!

If you want to talk to dirty men I recommend this guide in 12 Bad Girl Traits Every Boyfriend Wants To See In His Girl]

You can be all and more if you understand what dirty talk is all about.

Why do you think you have trouble talking dirty in bed? The only thing that will stop you from screaming with dirty lines in bed is a law of the subconscious that is deeply ingrained in your mind.

Your subconscious doesn’t want to think dirty or talk dirty. Because they will find that all thoughts are strange, uncomfortable and unacceptable in society.

And if you really want to enjoy lewd talk. Just like any other idea, you need to be open-minded and accept that sexual thoughts and fantasies are natural and normal. and express feelings during sex? Any girl does that!

To be honest, a woman who talks lewd and talks about sexy things. With her boyfriend, it’s the kind of woman every man dreams of dating. There is nothing wrong with owning it! After all She is truly every man’s imagination! And now you don’t want to be that woman? [Read: How to be the sexy girlfriend your boyfriend has always wanted]

Speak your mind if you want to talk dirty.

Talking your mind is the easiest way to talk dirty and sexy with your boyfriend. Bring out the raw, sexy beast in you that is not constrained by social norms and rules. Say the dirtiest thing you can think of when you see a guy undressing in front of you.

And before you know it You will find that speaking dirty is not difficult. In fact, it’s just as natural as the horny you feel!

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Dirty things to say to your man

Okay, we’ve got a list of sexy things to say to your boyfriend. And we’ll talk about that below. But before we get to that point I just want you to start using it with the right mindset. and the right idea That’s the best way to talk dirty without feeling awkward again.

There are many ways to talk dirty to a guy. and various situations Lots to become really naughty minx. depending on the situation Here’s a list of ideas, questions, and things to say that will get his heart racing in seconds.

If you want to seduce a guy or crush you haven’t talked to, use this list.

Would you rather play a dirty game that will excite both of you instead of talking nonsense? There is nothing sexier than a game of. *Try this and you’ll be shocked!*

Does your guy like to talk rudely?

Before you enter the channel of dirty talk in bed. You need to know your boyfriend’s opinion on this matter. Remember that not all men like to talk nonsense. Some guys just cringe as soon as they hear you say something rude or dirty.

If you’re dating a guy who doesn’t like dirty genres, don’t fret. You can also use words to stimulate his mind by fantasizing together in bed or mentioning something that motivates both of you, such as the first time you both spoke. Or the last party where you both did something naughty?

Stimulating your boyfriend’s mind by talking about things he finds sexy tends to increase his sexual arousal. Even if he doesn’t talk dirty. For example, when you both start to brag. Whisper about the first time he took off your clothes and how you felt the first time. Talking dirty right to a guy who doesn’t talk dirty is easy!

On the other hand, if your guy likes to talk dirty. say no more and use a list of sentences that will make him smile and in a good mood with an erection in no time.

60 Dirty Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

The next time you’re in bed with your boyfriend, on the phone, or even texting him. use dirty words these to arouse him.

But remember that lewd talk is not just rude talk in random order. Follow each line you say with what you feel. It makes the whole dirty talking experience more personal and sensual.

If you say something dirty to your boyfriend like “I hope you’ll be my sex slave.” Don’t do that by saying something completely different, like, “I want to hit you in a French maid.” Explain how you feel when you say so. Tell him why you think he’s your sex slave. Or what do you want him to do if he’s your sex slave? Play along instead of jumping from one subject to another.

This will keep dirty talking going. Which makes the whole experience much sexier and more exciting! [Read: What men want in bed – 32 things they absolutely love and lust after]

And now you understand how to say dirty things. Use this sexy and dirty list to speak to your boyfriend. and gave him a sex drive that exceeded his wildest expectations!

1. I’m touching myself now

2. Let’s meet at lunch. I want you to put my finger in the car.

3. I’m not wearing underwear right now.

4. I can’t wait for you to put it in me.

5. I need you here now

6. This morning I woke up wet.

7. You have a dirty mind and it works for me!

8. Tell me where do you want to touch me first? *undresses and stands before him*

9. I want you to tear my clothes off my body. [Read: 15 dirty ways to have the sexiest rough sex ever!]

10. you feel good in me i want to scream

11. I’m not horny all the time just you so sexy

12. I love the feeling that your tongue is there. [Read: How to make him go down on you without a push]

13. Bit my throat and fuck me harder

14. You are such a sex machine!

15. I’ve been thinking long and hard about what I’m going to do with you tonight…

16. Show me where you want me to bite you.

17. You’re a bad boy! [Read: The wildest foreplay tips that all guys love!]

18. Please fuck me *begging him*

19. F**k me now! *commands him*

20. Squeeze my breasts harder and suck on my nipples.

21. I know you like my pussy…. Now f**k I like you love it!

22. I want to fuck you in every room tonight!

23. You make me think of such dirty thoughts!

24. I’ve been waiting for this all day…

25. Undress me… [Read: 18 physical turn ons about your body that arouse your guy instantly]

26. Call me a dog!

27. Just looking at you in boxer shorts makes me wet…

28. oh my God! / Yes!

29. Tie me up and ride me harder [Read: How to ride a man and look sexy doing it!]

30. I want you to fuck me while I’m leaning at the window.

31. Grab my butt and hit me harder

32. It’s so big that it hurts, but I still want it!

33. Can you imagine doing this to me the first time we met?

34. F**k I’m Like I’m Your Bitch / Farm Animals

35. you can have me all But you have to pay me first! [Read: The complete guide to sexual role play for beginners]

36. Go far away from me! *grabs his neck and pulls it closer*

37. Delve deeper! *grabs him by the butt and drives his nails*

38. My boyfriend will be here every minute! *Good role-playing game*

39. Punish me! I’m a very bad girl

40. blowing you make me very emotional

41. Speak into my ear while you slap me. [Read: How to moan and sound and look even more sexy in bed]

42. The sheets are so wet with my cum now.

43. You really know how to get a girl wet…

44. I love that you feel overwhelmed when I caress you.

45. You make me feel slippery between my thighs.

46. I love when you do that! [Read: Top 50 kinky sex ideas for a sexy relationship]

47. pull my hair and fuck me

48. I want you to cum all over my face.

49. You make me feel like a whore!

50. Just seeing you makes me want to poke myself with a finger.

51. My panties are wet now.

52. I’m wet just remembering how good your tongue feels there. [Read: How to give a guy a boner – 20 moves for an instant erection]

53. Get naked and send me your picture!

54. spank me and bite me

55. I want you to kiss me here *Point or send a close-up photo that you want him to kiss you*

56. You look so sexy on me [Read: How to please a man sexually and make him crave your body daily!]

57. you have sex with me I’ll have sex with you even if I’m not dating you.

58. I need you to lift up my skirt and fuck me now. *As soon as you walk into your place*

59. I want you to cum in my mouth!

60. Oh, I feel weak when you come in.

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Here are some of the best sexy things you can say to your boyfriend. But if you want it to continue Just remember what you read here. You don’t have to say a word and let the awkward silence fill the room. keep talking and doing imagine real life situations And talk about all the dirty things you want to do with him.

as easy as thinking and speaking All you need to keep in mind is to move forward, solve your doubts, and share your deepest and dirtiest thoughts!

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Just use these dirty things to talk to your boyfriend and remember some other secrets. To properly say something sexy You will definitely provoke him with your sexy words as much as you will motivate him with your dirty actions!

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