10 Fun Sex Games to Play with Your Boyfriend in Bed

Sometimes you need sugar and spice to keep your love alive. Use these 10 fun sex games to play with your boyfriend and enjoy the sexiest moments! by Nicola Scholes

Ever find yourself spending an afternoon with your boyfriend and wondering what to do?

You two may love each other very much. But in the lazy afternoon It can be quite boring even with best friends.

If you don’t have plans to leave the house and still want to have fun at home. this is what you need

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Sexy games to play with your girlfriend.

Although love and romance are good for relationships. But it wasn’t enough to keep the excitement alive.

To have fun together You must have a funny time. and sexy

Prank your boyfriend, have fun with him and you’ll see how easy it is to turn a boring afternoon into a day of fun, games and sex that you both will love.

Pick one of these 10 games and give it a try.

Your boyfriend might be nervous at first. But it only takes a few minutes for him to get into a mischievous mood.

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#1 Cross dressed in each other’s clothes. when you have time on hand Stand in front of each other’s wardrobes and start wearing each other’s clothes. Don’t forget your underwear. in each dress up game You will have more fun. Especially if both of you decide to dress up for each other.

#2 webcam chat Sit in front of your computer with your boyfriend and log onto webcam chat sites like omegle or chat roulette. You don’t have to have sex in front of a webcam if you don’t feel like it.

Just indulge in a little foreplay while watching couples or singles on cam. It’s a sexy time killer that’s exciting and lots of sex fun. but only a warning Avoid showing your face on the webcam to protect your identity if you are naked.

#3 doctor and nurse Role playing is definitely a fun and sexy game. You can dress up as a character and try to coerce/convince them to have sex. One of you can be a doctor. while the other is a patient or a nurse. Just choose your own character and have fun creating them. [Read: The sexual role playing guide for first timers]

#4 sexy 20 questions Cuddle or lie in bed and cover yourself up so you can be under the covers in the dark. Kiss or start dating but while doing that Take turns asking sexy questions about each other’s love, passion, or favorite moments.

When you’re horny and in the dark The truth will flow And you’ll both feel less uncomfortable confessing a dirty secret. This game is not only fun. But it also brings both you and your sexual desires closer.

#5 Remove poker and dice These are all time classics. While playing strip poker may be more fun with other pairs But it can still be a lot of fun if you add a couple of courage and truth to the game if it’s just you both.

Or just grab a few sexy dice and roll away. No dice? Take a little sex journal by tearing off a small piece of paper. Then write the dirty things to do. Then take turns writing what is written on the paper.

#6 Play drunk. Drunken can be a really sexy game. to play with your boyfriend Especially if both of you enjoy drunk sex. Pretend you are drunk and wasteful. And tell your partner to imagine if he was somewhere else and walked up to you. *He doesn’t recognize you in this imagination*

Ask him to do something to you and pretend you’re both strangers. You can always close your eyes, or you can gently resist him like a drunken girl!

#7 Massage or rub your body. Give your girlfriend a happy massage. It’s a simple and sexy game that can make his fantasies come true. Or put a little lotion or massage oil on him and move your hands all over him. [Read: What happens in a happy ending massage?]

On the other hand, take off your clothes and give your boyfriend body paint or edible watercolor and ask him to use your body as a canvas. it will always be fun And the shower sex that follows will be fun too! [Read: Tips to make sex in the shower so much more enjoyable!]

#8 Read from erotic books and play as characters. Choose your favorite erotic novel or short story collection and read to each other. Take turns playing the lead character. And every time you have to read erotic messages that involve touching or caressing different parts of your body, read the action and do the same thing with your partner’s body.

#9 sex toys Dress up your girlfriend as a sex toy and don’t forget to put on makeup! He might protest at first. But if you both have time on hand This will surely be fun. Dress him up like a sex toy and don’t forget to have sex with him. After all, he’s a sex toy! [Read: How to dress sexy for your boyfriend]

#10 Spell words on the body. This is a fun game to play with your girlfriend that can be hilarious and sexy too. let him lie naked on his stomach Spell a word on his back and ask him to remember it. when he remembers better Write faster to make it harder for him.

Every time he got the correct answer. You have to kiss him wherever he wants you to go. for each wrong answer You will have to slap his butt or hit him with a wand. Change roles from time to time And you’ll see how funny and sexy this game is.

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Just use these 10 sexy games to play with your girlfriend. You will definitely have a sexy, fun and memorable day with your boyfriend.

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