Sexy Spanking: 10 Naughty Tips to Do It the Right Way

with more people doing experiments than ever in the bedroom Spanking has become one of the world’s favorite problems. But how can you be sure that the slap is successful?


When the relationship progresses to the beginning into the honeymoon period and beyond the familiarity range A couple’s sex life can be significantly worse if allowed. Fortunately, in the age of digital overload. There is a wealth of information on how to deal with this gender-changing shift. You don’t have to do what you used to and commit to a boring vanilla sex life.
A brief overview on the Internet under topics such as “How to deal with deteriorating sexual relations”?? It pulls up a bunch of advice columns dedicated to your sex life. And one of the things that often happens is the pursuit of BDSM – bondage, domination, sadism and masochism.
However, although it is good that things These have been less humiliating than they used to be. But the thought of trusses, clamps, electrodes, masks, gimp, and cages might be too much for most people to get pregnant. And that’s why spanking is a good choice.
Why slap?
Spanking gives all the little things that BDSM has to offer. In fact, you’re already dominating someone when you spank them. Like indulging yourself in a mildly psychotic pursuit. You can tie it in place if you want to add a little more bondage in the process. However, it’s far from the hardcore BDSM genre. It’s more like being in a torture chamber than a romantic relationship. and is much easier to adjust both emotionally and mentally speaking
Spanking is much easier to introduce to the surviving sex life. as well as easier and less uncomfortable talking. It’s the perfect first step in removing dirt. or the exploitation of one’s own interests on a regular basis most important Even if done correctly can enjoy to the fullest
And doing it right is where we come in. So to make sure your slapping attempt ends well. Just read the following tips on spanking for beginners. and make those hands and butts work [Read: 15 dirty ways to have the roughest sex ever!]#1 first introduction One of the biggest mistakes people make in slap bets is giving them some indication of what is going to happen. No one wants to be slapped in the back with a passionate kiss in the back without warning.
to play safe It’s best to introduce slapping into the conversation before the opportunity arises so you can test the waters a bit. and if the answer is not warm You’d better not. For now at least [Read: How to build trust in a relationship and make it last]#2 Cleanliness is next to divinity. If you’re going to be an indifferent partner in a couple. *Spanking person* Make sure you are clean in advance. Remember, you’ll want to shake your butt in front of your partner. And even the slightest hint of a less deeply cleaned back can spoil the atmosphere.
#3 Safety first. Although you and your partner may agree to try slapping each other in unison. But it might be the case when it started. You may decide that they don’t like it. IMPORTANT, as with other forms of domination, where a safe word is pre-agreed, which indicates that either of you wants all activities to be stopped, otherwise they Either of you may end up with more traumatic and trust issues than reaching an orgasm. [Read: 50 shades of dangerous sex: The right way to get risqué]#4 Role play. It’s not wrong to hit someone just for fun. But many couples like to try it in situations where one party is blaming the other, such as teachers and students. or police men/women and offenders although not necessary But this little twist might be fun to try. [Read: The sexual role play guide for beginners]#5 on or off Another decision in slapping is whether to dress or not. or even both. For example, being undressed is more seductive. While dressed spanking gives a little more power without being too painful. It all depends on what effect you want.
#6 tough. when someone hits the butt They want a rather heavy and painful experience. However, not everyone is the same. and making it right Whether it’s a delicate cuff or a full face slap. It’s something you need to communicate.
#7 Weapons of mass destruction! Hands aren’t the only choice when it comes to spanking. And there are many more paddles you can use to improve your activities. The same warning applies to the number trick. 6 And you need to make sure both parties are fully registered with what may prove to be a somewhat more intense experience than it initially felt. [Read: 20 new things to try in bed at least once with your partner]#8 get your location You can slap anyone in any position. Although the standing was not very pleasing. This will tighten your buttocks and make them less sensitive. In general, leaning over the receiver is the best position. This is because the buttocks are relaxed and allow the recipient to continue sexual stimulation during and after work.
#9 frequency and pace unless the recipient is a full-fledged masochist. A slap can only be a flirtation punctuation mark. in general should not stay too long and should not be continued The most popular spanking is the weird spanking. or twice during other sexual activities [Read: The top 50 kinky ideas for a sexy relationship]#10 Gender discrimination. There will be many people reading this who automatically see a man in the dominant role. But the opposite is often the case. Many men enjoy being stripped of their usual social position when in the bedroom.
However, men and women are not the same. in the beginning Even though pain is part of happiness But women have a higher pain threshold than men. They tend to have more fat in the butt area to soften the bumps, so slapping women and men equally often hurt their backs more. So remember If you’re trying to switch roles a bit [Read: 14 tips to get your partner to open up about sex]There’s no reason that spanking can’t be part of the flirtation between two unacceptable adults. Just follow the instructions above to make sure you’re going well and not screaming.

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