Sexy Strip Tease 101: How to Strip for Your Man Like a Pro

Looking to spice up your sex routine? Here’s how to take off your man’s shirt like a pro. Take the sexiest foot forward. and made him look again

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Have you ever wanted to show your man a sexy striptease? But you’re not sure what to do? Relax—it’s not as complicated as you might think.

You’re a sexy, smart, witty couple—why undress? If you have a long term relationship You already know that while the promise of a well-guided orgasm and the comfort that comes with not having to shave your vagina every time you have sex is great. But it can be done slightly too normal

Your guy has probably seen you naked hundreds of times by now, can it be “out of the box”?? Sex seems out of this world. Whether you have been in a relationship with 5 month or 5 many years ago Peeling is a simple method. To add something special to the bedroom… If you are brave enough!

Liquid Courage

In a way, slapping is like a little dirty talk: uncomfortable at first. But it’s too fun when you do it. If you don’t consider yourself a natural dancer. or feel embarrassed to drink a glass of wine *Or real talk: One shot of vodka* won’t hurt your cause. just make sure it 1 Shot and not 10! Getting drunk while undressing is sure to impress. But it wasn’t someone he was supposed to cherish. His “best sex”? memory bank [Read: 50 sexy, naughty things you can say when you talk dirty to your guy]

How to take off your shirt for men 101: Confidence is key.

As with most things in the bedroom, confidence is crucial in learning how to undress. Let’s face it: unless you’re a theater major in college. Acting in the bedroom seems more like an embarrassing memory you’d rather quickly forget than a sexual accomplishment. Fuel yourself by practicing in the mirror a few days before the big event. Pick your song, know your cue, and get real. You know you’re sexy, work! [Read: The absolute list of lovemaking songs for a sexy striptease]

And if something else fails? counterfeit! *your confidence Not your pinnacle!*

#1 prepare your songWhen it comes to learning how to undress and prepare. Your music will be the key ingredient. Stay away from music that looks “funny” ?? or there is no rhythm for them Stick with classic stripping playlists and Dubstep style.

Can we recommend the dubstep remix club of “Crave You”?? By the flight facility? Make sure to practice singing *or a song* in the mirror so you know the routine. This is good for him to watch and good for your confidence!

#2 set the moodPreparing to undress your man is more than just stripping his clothes. It takes emotion—atmosphere! Choose the location of your undress and set the mood. We’re talking about music, candles and a set. You intend to undress with him appropriately on the chair or sofa. Or will you let him lie on the bed? Rub himself as he looks at you from across the room. Will there be role play? Think of a game plan before the big day! [Read: The girl’s guide to strip clubs and female strippers]

#3 Add sexiness to your look.. Peel off your jammies? Definitely not intoxicating. When it comes to showing off to your man You want to remove all the stops. different from wearing tight underwear When it comes to peeling The more clothes you put on, the better. To begin with, think of stripping as climax to climax: there will be a twist before you get to the finish line.

your looks matter So when we say “layer” ?? Don’t even think about wearing your cozy grandma sweater. When you think about how to take off your man’s shirt. You want your look to be sexist. Think about it: your sexiest lingerie. with long socks and knee stockings Sexy high heels, hair tied up *and dropped to stand out during a striptease*, all hidden under a miniskirt and buttoned hem. The slower you unbutton the button. The more your man will have sex

You can also choose a vintage shirt with a pin-up style. Color yourself with a victorious look. red lips and vintage dresses and corsets. [Read: How to dress for sex and look sexy in bed when your man comes over]

How to strip: get down to it

This is the moment he’s been waiting for: your big strip! Start with music and on-site partners and start your big bar show.

#1 Strut into position. Let your guy know you’re confident in your movements by walking like a classic girl. * Raise your head, shoulders back. and hips from side to side*

#2 Come to the chair you set as your stripping base. Rotate your hips to the music play with your hair And smile sexy when you put your heels on the chair. This gives him a great view of what’s hidden under your skirt. and show off your thighs

#3 take it off while maintaining your sexy, dance-like rhythm. Keep your hips rocking until you’re completely turned away from him and take off your first coat. that’s your shirt Throw your shirt over your shoulders so it falls into your guy’s lap.

#4 take off your skirt Keeping your dance moves, bend *go far!* until your butt is perfectly curled, then slowly slide your skirt down to your thighs. Make sure to caress your butt as you raise your hand. Men love watching a woman caress her sexy body. So play with your breasts and rub your thighs where appropriate. [Read: 18 physical turn ons about a girl’s body that arouse a guy instantly]

#5 move your hips to the side Feel the music, play your hair and keep biting your lips. You want your man to know that you really feel sexy. Try to lean your back against a wall or chair and slowly slide down to the rhythm of the music.

#6 take off your shoes Lift your feet up in the chair and place your shoes on the floor. Gently peel off your soft stockings and garter belts. We emphasize: Slowly make eye contact during this process. how much more eye contact The more intense your sexy stripping moves will be. [Read: 25 things girls do that guys find sex and irresistible]

#7 Take off your bra. Use a strategy similar to the one you use to take off your shirt. By turning it around and slowly loosening your bra. Let it fall to the ground and cover your chest with your hand. Turn around and let your guy get teased by the thought of seeing you topless for a short time. As you dance to the music, gently pull your hand away from your chest. and let go of the tangled hands until they fall

#8 Take off your panties! When you feel like your man has been teased enough. Start taking off your panties. You can do this by bending over again and giving a doggy perspective on your merchandise. or for those who are less inclined Just stand facing him and tease your panties down your leg. when removed Those who feel particularly naughty may choose to hold their panties by their teeth as they continue to spin. or find a way to find a man [Read: 12 bad girl traits every guy craves to see in his girl]

#9 It’s time to be sexy! Some say the best way to shut up is to have oral sex. But we say do everything you think is right! If you go “lap dance” ?? Route and make yourself hot and nervous, just go back to the lap dance when you take off all your clothes and jump to the top! [Read: How to ride a man and look really sexy doing it]

Learning how to undress for your man may seem daunting at first. But when it comes to this Taking off the shirt is just the choreographed dance that leads to amazing sex. What’s so terrifying?

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