Sexy Things to Say in Bed: 30 Lusty Lines to Drive Them Wild

If you’re looking for a naughty and sexy thing to say in bed that will turn your significant other over with a happy surprise, look no further.

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When it comes to seasoning in a sack Dirty talk will be at the top of everyone’s list. But when you’re in that moment Figuring out the sexiest thing in bed can be harder than you think. Your brain seems to be in total chaos. And you might end up saying something the opposite of hot and fiery.

This destroys the mood and can make things uncomfortable during times that should be fun and sexy. So what’s the solution? There was a phrase with me at that moment! You’ll be able to remember a few sexy words in bed and won’t feel nervous or pressured. [Read: Dirty talking in bed with your partner]I knew right away thinking about something really sexy. It wasn’t easy at that time. And the pressure will come when your partner feels cheerful and deliberately tells you. “Talk dirty to me”

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Now you can’t start saying these phrases. If you don’t use the right tone They will come out for rehearsals and may be a little uncomfortable. And will your partner be able to tell for sure? [Read: How to talk dirty to a guy and sound really sexy]

Here are some tips for making dirty talk sexy and not weird.

#1 fully committed You can’t talk obscene. No matter what you say that is ridiculously sexy or sounds ridiculous. So be really focused on what you’re going to say and say it with confidence. Don’t delay. Talking about sex in bed doesn’t have to be embarrassing. If you feel something possible, that’s the best thing to say at the moment.

#2 Keep your voice low and quiet. Don’t use your everyday voice to say something really naughty. It will not sound correct and it will take some time. Keep your voice very low and quieter than usual. It opens the whole phrase for translation. In fact, you can say anything in a hot whisper and it will sound sexy.

#3 lean in close Because you keep the sound on the quiet side. You have to lean in so they can hear you. Nothing beats the perfect dirty talk like repeating yourself because you’re too quiet for your partner to hear. So close! Extra Tip: Whisper your words in your ear for extra sexiness.

#4 say what’s on your mind One of the best things to say in bed is to give directions. Tell them exactly what you want and what you think. It will come out more natural and easier. [Read: How to talk dirty in bed — dirty talk examples]

#5 Keep it subtle and infrequent. Don’t spend all your time saying different things. First, it seems insincere. and second They are really bored of it. So keep things on the sensitive side. And don’t use lewd words every time you have sex.

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Now we’ve learned how to talk about sexiness in bed. You need a key phrase to get the ball rolling. with these You will have something special. When they asked for something unusual [Read: 10 sexy text messages to start a sexy conversation]

This is the sexiest thing to say in bed and boost that desire and lead to the most satisfying night ever.

#1 I need you now

#2 I’m very ready for you

#3 you feel great

#4 Your body feels amazing to me.

#5 I want to taste you.

#6 When you do _____ it drives me crazy.

#7 keep doing what you do

#8 I need you _____ now.

#9 I like to see you go to work

#10 I want you to lie down and not move your fingers. let me do it all

#11 You’re making me change a lot right now.

#12 that’s what i like

#13 Catch my hair and make me love it

#14 I like it when you’re rude to me.

#15 It’s so hot when you catch me

#16 Don’t stop!

#17 Is that all you have?

#18 Show me what you can do really do.

#19 I’ve been waiting for this all day

#20 Come here and please me Until I say you can stop

#21 I need you with me now

#22 Your hands make my body hurt for you.

#23 Do you remember how much I screamed the last time? let me do that again

#24 If you really want to open me touch me here *Takes the right direction*

#25 You have a wonderful way with your tongue.

#26 Do you like?

#27 tell me what you want

#28 I’m the boss tonight

#29 You really know what you’re doing.

#30 I want you to come to me

[Read: Top 50 kinky ideas for a sexy relationship]

If you really want to wake your partner in bed. These sexy in bed quotes are all you need to give them a night they’ll never forget.

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