30 Sexy Things to Text Your Boyfriend to Leave Him Craving for You

Are you looking for different ways? To make your boyfriend thirst for you or not? Sometimes, you need these naughty and sexy things to text your girlfriend.

Sexy things to text your girlfriend.

when talking about relationships they have to work hard Both of you have to put in the effort to set the flames on fire, and sometimes it’s not always as easy as it sounds. But it’s amazing how the proper sexy thing to text your girlfriend can keep your engine running.

One great way to keep the spark in a relationship is to have sex. This doesn’t mean you’re wearing underwear to show up on his doorstep. *Of course it’s not a good idea if you want to surprise him*, but you can still keep it spicy by sending him a message that will drive him crazy. If you’re wondering what “sexting” is, that’s what it means.

Now I’m not a good sexist at the start. I didn’t know what to say and was always embarrassed to say something. but over time You will relax more and words will flow out of you. [Read: How to turn on your boyfriend through texting]

Sexy things to text your boyfriend that will make you irresistible.

Sex is a great way to tease and flirt with your guy. They’re naughty, sexy, and the best part is. He must wait until he meets you. So it creates sexual tension. Even if a man can see But there is also an active imagination and sex allows his imagination to work.

Once you’ve mastered your sex skills. He’ll have a hard time seeing your name appear on his phone, and that’s it. always The reaction you want to have when you send him a naughty message, so if you want to give him a word. don’t need much You just have to know what to say. That’s why I’m here to help you. Here are 30 sexy things to text your girlfriend.

#1 I have no pants rules in my house. Rules are rules, you follow them and they should too. [Read: A naughty guide to sext your boyfriend and leave him yearning]

#2 I really want you to be in me right now. That’s because he rocked your world the last time he was in you. and you need seconds

#3 Have you flicked it off recently? If not, I can come and help. Kite twitching can make you bored for a short time. Why not season him by helping him? [Read: What you should have on your sexual bucket list]

#4 I love how your ass looks in those panties/boxers. He’s got a donkey you can’t get enough of and I can’t blame you.

#5 I’m not wearing pants right now. Whether you wear underwear or not Let his imagination do the work instead.

#6 I can’t stop thinking about your _____. No matter what you’re obsessed with. Whether it’s his penis, his arms, or his belly, let him know.

#7 I get wet every time I think of you. He has a wonderful dick You just hit the jackpot with your people.

#8 I bought new panties, want to see? Of course he would want to see but you will keep him waiting

#9 I need you. now. It’s short, sweet, and to the point. You want him, end the conversation.

#10 I didn’t know I could have the same orgasm as last night. He literally blew your mind last night. Let him know. It will give him more ego. And he’ll want to make sure you please you. [Read: The sexiest text messages that’ll always turn into something more]

#11 When I think about last night I feel shivering. And that’s because he knows what he’s doing.

#12 I am addicted to your dick. Yes you are. You can’t get enough. whether day or night That dick is on your mind.

#13 I bought a new sex toy today. Want to help me see how it works? You just bought yourself a dildo. It’s good for you! Why not try it with your boyfriend? I’m sure he would love to use it with you. [Read: Homemade sex toys to try with your lover]

#14 I want to see you now…naked, that is. He has a smoking body and you can’t get enough. Don’t be shy, let him know.

#15 You better fuck me hard, I can’t walk straight. If he is a goalkeeper

#16 Oh, I have a surprise for you tonight. Is it underwear? Is it whipped cream? What is it?!

#17 You should make me scream your name tonight. Screaming at a good climax It’s not the screaming “Ouch, please get out of me.”

#18 If I was next to you in bed right now, what would you do? The minute he sees the word bed, he begins to imagine everything he wants to do with you in that moment.

#19 You just bring out the naughty side of me. Yes he did! Can I have an amen here?

#20 I hope you like lace. Don’t go into too much detail. Give a little hint of what it is and let his imagination do the rest. [Read: How to take sexy photos and look great in all of them]

#21 I read about this sex position, would you like to try it? If you want to try new sex positions Why not recommend?

#22 What is your imagination? Oh, he has one, and if he says he doesn’t show that he is lying [Read: 20 sexy questions to text a guy and seduce him within minutes]

#23 I am so horny that I miss you. it’s not your fault He’s amazing in bed and knows what to do.

#24 When you pin me to the wall, I get wet. Women like us love men in control. If he pins you to the wall Show that it’s a drop of panties

#25 I feel like something is missing between my legs. It’s not your fault that you are used to his dick!

#26 Have you ever had sex in a public place? Maybe he has, maybe he doesn’t. by any means He will want to try with you.

#27 I’m thinking of you when I’m in the shower. The minute you mention the word shower every guy goes through his fantasy checklist.

#28 My bed feels so empty without you in it. This is a sweet and sexy message. remind him where he is

#29 What is the dirtiest idea you have about me? Oh, believe me, he’s got a mate and I’m sure he’ll tell and show you. [Read: 12 super steamy sexting tips to turn a guy on instantly]

#30 If you could do anything to me, what would you do? This will keep his imagination going.

[Read: Flirty or dirty: Try out these sexts to your boyfriend]

Once you know all the sexy things to text your girlfriend. What are you waiting for? It’s time to start texting your boyfriend!

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