She Rejected You but Still Acts Interested? How to Read Her Mind

Dating, flirting and crushing are complicated things. So what do you do when she rejects you but still shows interest?

She rejects you but still acts like she's interested.

We’ve all been there. You get a direct answer, but then everything becomes vague. you ask a girl friend colleague or even the lady at the bar She rejects you but still shows interest. Is it hard to play? Does she want you to keep trying? Or is she just nice and friendly?

lucky for you I’m here to unravel the clues so you can see the truth behind her motives when she rejects you but still shows interest.

She rejects you, but who is she?

There’s a lot to say about denial. Most of the time when a woman declines your advance, your invitation, or even a drink. You mean that But what is your current relationship with her?

If you just met her at a club or bar. She is almost meaningless. If you share a group of friends and she says she’s not interested. She’ll want to keep things from getting awkward, and if you work together, you’ll be fine. She may not want to gain fame or be associated with someone at work.

Consider all of these when you are denied your move. But it seems that she is still interested. [Read: Tips for how to make a move on a girl from a girl]

Is she still showing interest?

This is where flirting gets complicated. Reading the signals can be difficult. Is she friendly and polite, or does she really show interest?

We can fool ourselves into believing that people are interested in when they are really good. Did she really show interest after she rejected you?

Women are conditioned from an early age to always be polite to men. Even after or during rejection We are taught to be respectful and polite. If we honestly reject someone, things can make us uncomfortable.

So think about how she behaves in that sense. She really showed interest. Or is there another reason she’ll smile and laugh at your jokes?

Do you work with her? If so, she might just want to keep her casual around the office if you’re in a higher position than her. She probably didn’t want to get goosebumps.

If you just met her and she declined to leave early but still flirts with her. She might want to enjoy her night. It didn’t mean that she wanted to do anything from that evening.

Do you share a group of friends? She probably saw you as a friend. You might be over-analyzing her behavior and tricking yourself into saying she’s interested when she’s friendly. [Read: Is she playing hard to get or does she just want you to go away]

Signs that she is interested

Showing interest and interest isn’t always the same thing. Just because you think she’s interested doesn’t mean she’s really interested.

Yes, you should take her word seriously. She said no, and she probably had a good reason for doing so. So you respect that. Maybe she’s not ready to date. Don’t want to mess with friends or colleagues. could be anything But if you do these things She might be reconsidering.

#1 she touches you When a woman rejects you and means it She will avoid touching you. She doesn’t want to lead you. Trust me, girls don’t want the attention of people they don’t care about.

If you hug her and she won’t back away That’s not that she doesn’t care. But if you’re outside and she’s holding your arm while talking hold your knees Or lean towards you. She might be interested. She might just be seeing how she feels around you. but no matter what The door may not close completely. [Read: 20 types of physical touch and what they all mean]

#2 Her phone wasn’t front and center. When a woman avoids the person she rejects She will be attached to her phone. She’ll be texting, scrolling Instagram, or just staring at the time.

But if she still really cares after rejecting you She gave her undivided attention. She will make eye contact and interact with you. If you’re talking and she just nods and looks at the phone, she’s not interested, so don’t fool yourself.

#3 she is looking for you Women who reject you tend to avoid you to prevent awkwardness. But if she visits you at work, by text message, or by any other means. She might still wonder if she’s interested or not.

if she rejects you She still hasn’t decided. But if you keep reaching out She may try to get to know you better before making a decision.

Remember, just because she shows these signs of interest That doesn’t mean she owes you something. She’s not joking or leading you to. She’s probably not sure how she feels, either. Give her some time, if she’s interested she’ll make it known.[Read: 18 hints a girl will drop your way if she’s still interested]

What to do when she rejects you but still shows interest?

Okay, you’re rejected. Sorry. That sucks. In most cases. you will go on But if she’s still interested, you’re confused. Should you try again? Should you wait for her to move?

There are two things you can do in this situation. Of course, I’ve already told you what acting she’s interested in could mean. Including signs that she’s really interested. Go to your next step.

#1 don’t assume as I said before but i will repeat because it is very important Don’t think she’s interested Her politeness or friendliness could be misinterpreted as flirting or intrigue, especially by men who don’t want to hear no. [Read: 11 signs she’s clearly not interested in dating you]

#2 accept rejection Now, I don’t want to accuse you of being this kind. But you probably don’t even know that you are. Many guys *trust me, I have experience*, don’t think it’s not. In fact, they consider it a challenge.

Many guys try to change your mind or convince you why you should accept dating. They’ll say they’re nice, they’ll say it’s just a one time date, what’s the worst that could happen? Don’t do this.

If she refuses and still cares to believe her words Maybe she’s still interested. But it’s not where you push her away. If her interest grows from a genuine desire to hang out with you, she will let you know [Read: The steps to take to show respect toward women]

#3 ask her. If you really like this girl And stuck in limbo, I get it. The uncertainty in her feelings prevents you from moving on. You want to use what she says as you see fit. But her behavior indicates something else.

If you can’t accept rejection and continue the friendship without making yourself mad, ask her. Don’t be pushy or defensive. I know it might feel risky to expose this. But that’s the only way you can get the final answer. [Read: 13 signs she’s an attention whore and just using you for attention]

Just tell her that you know she rejected you and that you respect that. but feeling that she might be interested You want to be sure before you proceed. She’ll tell you she’s interested but isn’t ready to do anything about it, or apologize for impressing you.

Yes, maybe she needs some time to realize that she is interested and will change her mind. But that’s not likely. I’m sorry to blow your bubble. But she’s not hard to play. and if it was you You wouldn’t want to be with someone who plays games with your feelings.

[Read: How to be the charming guy who slowly seduces a girl]

If she rejects you but still shows interest. Chances are you’re reading her behavior and she doesn’t really care. It’s time to move on.

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