What is a Shit Test? How to Successfully Pass One

What is a shit test? And how should you react when faced with it? Just follow this guide and never miss another one.

shit test

Many of you have had bad experiences. in one form or another when navigating through a relationship or dating. It’s possible that you’ve been under pressure more than once without even realizing it’s happening.

If you’ve ever had a woman reacting strangely. with something you said to answer an unfaithful question That’s a shit test.

She suddenly became cold for no reason. And now is she haunting you? That’s a shit test.

If she changes her behavior towards you after a long discussion of your dating habits, then she’ll be fine. That’s a shit test. and in those situations You may fail

What is a shit test?

Simply put, the poop test is an easy way for women to test what kind of man you are. It’s their way of using words that bend at you to see how you react. and from that information She will be able to determine how much you can catch. [Read: Relationship power plays – What men need to know]

Sometimes your response to these shit tests is a deal breaker. And you’ll never know what you did wrong.

She’s looking at what your true self is. So she knows whether to ignore it and trust you or not. When she knows you’re not just taking her on a trip. She can be herself and start getting you in.

There’s nothing worse than spending weeks getting to know a guy and learning everything about him. to find out if he is in love with his best friend Or he doesn’t believe in monogamy, or *as I discovered after 3 Date* He wants to have threesomes with you and his ex.

Don’t do crazy tests. too seriously Women are just doing it to protect themselves. it’s not about you but more about what they’ve been through Don’t let the crazy test get you out of the game you can deal with it [Read: The mental checklist women use to evaluate men they date]

How can you tell if it’s a shit test?

Shit testing usually involves four of these types:

1. socialize

Are you confident enough? How well do you control situations or interact with friends? How can you be witty and charming in social situations?

2. finance

Women want to test how independent you are or how materialistic you are. Not every woman wants a man with a lot of money. but also does not want to feed people who do not have their own income [Read: 10 creepy guys types all girls avoid talking to]

3. Physical

Appearance is not everything But most of a man’s pride and ego comes from his outward appearance. This shit test is a way to see how you perceive yourself physically and how strong you are.

4. mind

This is a test not only of your intelligence. but also your ability to find her needs and values. by disturbing your habits and general charm It shows her what you really like.

shit test sample

example #1: I’m sure you say that to every woman.

wrong answer: No, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m not a player of any kind. So I think you misunderstood me.

correct answer: I’ve been practicing that line all day. Hope it works!

[Read: 15 signs she’s just leading you on and taking you nowhere]

example #2: I bet you didn’t miss me when I was away.

Incorrect answer: You don’t know, of course, I miss you. You react too much.

correct answer: What do you mean? I spent hours praying to the shrine that I did with your photos until you return!

example #3: You’re so weak that you can’t even lift this heavy box.

wrong answer: Of course I can. It doesn’t look that heavy. And I’m pretty strong

correct answer: I probably won’t. The last time I tried to lift a heavy box I inadvertently flexed to open the dimensional door. I don’t want NASA calling again.

Make sure your answers are casual. And don’t hit it passively, because it never ends well. Don’t say what you think she wants to hear or respond with fear or self-consciousness. If you can pivot the focus of the conversation out of negativity. You have a higher chance of passing the test. [Read: Ready to charm? How to be witty and win anyone over]

How to pass a shit test

Here are some of the best ways to easily pass the crap test that will keep her coming back for more. The women who dropped those shit tests weren’t fake or lying. They know what happens when they are around someone and want to protect themselves. these ladies are smart Show her you deserve these tips.

1. Sarcasm is your friend.

Fight the impulse to be incredibly defensive and instead of sarcastic. Women love men who can mock themselves. Therefore, the use of sarcasm It will cause you to break up and possibly even make her laugh. which really helps

2. New conversation frame

Control the conversation by framing what she says in a positive light. When you flip the shit test on your head It would be difficult for her to reaffirm her dominance in this situation.

3. Steer skid

The moment she thinks you don’t want to answer questions or runs away in fear. She’ll think you’re hiding something. face-to-face with questions And respond quickly without flinching if you really want to see her stunned. [Read: How to talk to girls and leave them swooning for more]

4. Do not take it personally.

Dating can be difficult for women. This is because women need emotional connection and longevity in relationships more often than not. As a result, most women have no malice behind the shit test. Try not to get angry or upset unless you want to fail.

5. Speak with confidence .

If she thinks you’re shaken show that you lose So don’t wander around and give a half-hearted response. Speak confidently and show her that you’re a man who isn’t afraid to throw a curveball. [Read: 22 must-know tips for having more success with women]

6. Expand!

no matter what she throws at you accept it and expand it This is the perfect non-responsive way to pass the test of nonsense. Because if you can turn her question into something silly or joking. There was no way she could fight it.

7. does not accept disrespect

If she is mean or rude So stand up for yourself and tell her. If you demand respect without being rude It’s possible that she’ll be taken aback and will respect you more than you seem defeated.

8. Adapt, do not interact.

The second it looks like you are shaggy pulsating you fail the shit test. Don’t let your ego stand in the way. And just adjust your answer without resorting to small words or bitter words – it will definitely work.

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The shit test is sometimes difficult. But hopefully with this advice You will quickly notice. Frame a new situation and go through it well

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