15 Signs You Have Shitty Friends and Need to Get Some New Ones

The company you maintain is important. having bad friends It may make you unhappy in your life more than you would like. Here’s how to spot the bad:

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Having bad friends is the worst thing to do. you trust others And they end up being crappy people who offer you nothing but hardships. Sometimes realizing that you have bad friends It could be worse than losing a loved one.

Your friends also determine who you are. If you are surrounded by bad people Your life will reflect that. You will feel more insecure and negative than you would like. Knowing which of your friends is bad can help you learn to cut off from someone else.

Why should you not be less patient than your amazing friend?

If you want to make your life better and richer. Surround yourself with positive people who really care about you. That’s really the basis of it. The more people come into your life, the more The better you will be. then you will be happier

That’s why you shouldn’t be less patient than your more amazing friends. If they don’t add anything to your life. or create you every day They just aren’t worth it. [Read: 10 types of toxic friends you need to ditch immediately]

How do you know if you have bad friends? and quickly let them go.

If you start to wonder a little about those people you call friends. You may need some signs that they are not good friends at all. Here are some signs that you’re treating a bad friend. outlast what they deserve

#1 You are always the first to start a hangout. When you’re the only one reaching out and care, It’s a problem. Friends who don’t want to spend time with you may not be good friends. They only reach out when they need you. That’s a bad friend [Read: 8 signs you’re coming on way too strong]

#2 Your message is unanswered. Generally, whenever you send a message You hardly get a reply. then a week later You will receive an apology message. Just to realize that it’s because they want something from you. This type of person is a bad friend. They don’t really care about you. or they will respond no matter what.

#3 They are always mad at you for what they do. AKA they have a lot of double standards. They can ignore your message. But if more than a few hours have passed without you replying, they will get angry. This is not true friendship. This is them who use you to do something. Throw them away. [Read: When to end a bad friendship]

#4 They don’t support your goals. Anyone who does not fully support your goals will not be in your life. As long as what you want to do is moral and not hurt anyone or yourself. They should be on your side. They shouldn’t be sitting there making aggressive comments about it. And they shouldn’t doubt you. If so, then you have some bad friends.

#5 They are talking bad about you behind your back. if other friends Coming to you by spreading the word that someone else is saying nonsense about you. Show that you have really bad friends. They are not friends if they are mean to you. Sure, friends can annoy you. But actually talking about you negatively is another, more dangerous. [Read: How to handle someone who’s full of shit]

#6 They say bad things about the people you care about. On the other hand, they may be talking nonsense in your face. about other people that you still like and care about It could be family members or other people if they say bad things about other people to you. They might even say bad things about you to other people. Get rid of those nasty friends.

#7 that prevents you from having fun If full of negative They will prevent you from having a good time. That’s just how that kind of friend works. Whenever you go out and have fun They end up screwing it up and ruining all the fun. [Read: How to deal with someone’s negative traits and attitude]

#8 Their drama will often leak into your life. Even if you have nothing to do with their other group of friends and nevertheless. You become entangled in their drama. They can be a nasty friend when someone makes your life worse instead of better and adds something dangerous. They are not good friends.

#9 You feel like you really don’t have any friends. Even if you have someone you call “friends,” you don’t feel like you have a true friendship. If you feel lonely even if you’re surrounded by people. I hate to destroy it for you. But you have a friend that sucks. No real friend will make you feel this way. [Read: 30 ways to overcome the feelings of loneliness]

#10 You feel judged for your choices. I feel judged You’re afraid to open up to your friends for fear that they’ll judge you too harshly and make you feel bad about things. If that’s your case Shows that you don’t have really good friends. you have a coward

First of all, you should feel comfortable going with your friends with anything. If they make you feel judged They’re not the type of people you should spend time with.

#11 They don’t make you feel better when you’re upset. One of the best things about having good friends is being able to trust them. When you can’t or you know your friends are only going to make you feel bad. They are not good friends.

In fact, they are nasty friends. What are the benefits of having friends when they’re not doing nice things? to you when you’re upset? If they will make rude comments or tell you how wrong you are, make new friends.

#12 Your problems are not important to them. If you’re facing a crisis but your friends don’t care. show that you have no friends You have people who call themselves your friends. Moreover, they are just very selfish people. They don’t care about your problem. But the second they had a problem. They expect you to be there. Leave this type of “friend” and make a better friend. [Read: 15 signs someone really doesn’t care about you]

#13 You should be more relaxed by yourself than with them. If you don’t want to see friends and spend time alone just because you feel negative every time you’re around them, then you have a nasty friend. You should want to spend time with your friends. You should want to be around them and have fun with them. If you’d rather be alone, there’s a problem.

#14 Another friend is pointing out the person in question. If your other friends keep telling you If a particular person is a problem, listen to them. They’re not just telling you to piss you off. They might see them as nasty friends, even if you can’t.

#15 You imagine life without them and like it. Daydreaming about life with no one particular and enjoying it means they shouldn’t be in your life. It basically shows you how much better your life is without them. So listen to that instinct.

[Read: How to get rid of a toxic friend for good]

It’s not hard to say that you have bad friends. Don’t put up with their nonsense longer than you already have. You should make room for kind, honest, and supportive people in your life.

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