14 Side Chick Rules to be a Happy Mistress – Minus the Drama

If you are going to play the love triangle game You should know the side chick rules to follow to help you avoid potential problems.

side chick rules

Being a side chick isn’t easy. It’s not a gift and sex and an exciting escape. Even if it’s part of the deal, being the chick next door is about more than just getting a present. And this is when drama, sadness and scandal come in. If you’re a great chick These things shouldn’t bother you. You just have fun with your man as much as he enjoys you.
Read these 14 scary side chick rules.
So how do you play by the side chick rule where the main chick doesn’t pull your hair out? Check out these 14 golden rules for living.
#1 Don’t fall. Most side chicks are side chicks. Falling in love with your man destroys the foundation of a relationship. which is basically made up of non-binding and non-binding sex. Or at least a friend with welfare.
Capturing feelings will bring more expectations and frustration that your man doesn’t want. [Read: 13 easy ways to avoid falling in love with someone]#2 know where you stand Keep an eye on your expectations. Your guy won’t be there if you have PMS and just watch it. titanic For the nth time and needs a shoulder to cry on. He won’t be there on Valentine’s Day. christmas dinner or thanksgiving You won’t have him dress up as your Prince Charming for Halloween either.
#3 be a spy If you like spy thrillers This is your chance to be like Angelina Jolie in salt. Being a side chick means you have to keep things low. you must be a ninja under the radar and communicate and meet your man without anyone knowing.
#4 cut to the chase Part of the side chick rule includes understanding that you won’t be courting. You are not a boyfriend of a man or even a wife. So don’t mess with it. Being a street chick means one thing: stay in bed and have a good time. No time to play hard So this means that you will either give your man some love or you will leave. [Read: 9 brilliant tips for having a casual relationship]#5 knowing the risks This isn’t just about you or about you and him. It’s about you, him, and his main chick. being a side chick You should know what’s in store and what’s at risk.
You could damage your relationships or even your family—that is. if you get caught with this in mind You should be careful and think about your every move.
#6 never step on Technology can give you tons of ways to stalk your guy or even his main chick. Although it’s pretty simple, don’t do it. First, it’s nonsense. Second, you could end up with a ban.
If your guy doesn’t want you to know where he is. probably the best And if he wants you to know what he’s doing. He will definitely let you know. [Read: 12 things you do that’ll make him think you’re a stalker]#7 and never talk Never, never surrendered to anything Let your man deal with the heat. If things get messy, as a rule, side chicks shouldn’t talk about being side chicks with anyone. You shouldn’t talk about your man. male main chick or anything that will ultimately be relevant to you. In the end, what you do is not what you want it to air.
#8 Stay away. away from the main chick If you see her going to coffee shops with her boyfriend often. Well, don’t invite her over there either. True, keep your distance. It does nothing to make the main chick connect you to your man.
If you see them together in public Don’t even look the other way If your guy follows you on Instagram or Twitter, don’t let him block him, be yourself and keep your distance.
#9 don’t leave evidence Wherever the two of you are Don’t forget to discard what the main chick will follow back to you.
A single vague or seemingly harmless message is enough to claim your man’s hunger. Also, don’t leave anything in his car. No lipstick marks, no perfume, not even hair, if the main chick finds even a chipped nail polish that isn’t her color. show that it’s over [Read: Having an affair with a married man: A true experience]#10 Know your social media etiquette. in modern times Many of these side chick rules are social media related. Remember, don’t take a selfie with that guy. even with his hands or his tie Don’t tag him on Facebook and don’t follow him on any platform. Know what to do when you’re online. And please don’t have a fake account to stalk him either.
#11 Learn to go with the flow. You should be prepared for many changes in your plans. If he says he wants to take you to dinner tonight and you buy a new dress for the occasion, but suddenly he cancels. Do not take it personally Don’t mess with it too much
Oftentimes, your man may do so to escape in a timely manner to approach you. So understand this instead of arguing with the promise he can’t keep *duh!*
#12 Main chicks never worry. Don’t expect a guy to come to you and talk about his problems with his wife or girlfriend. You are not his abbreviation. and you are not his friend most important not your business in the same way Don’t ask about his main chick. or even mentioning her name in conversations
#13 Never get caught. Any chick can be good in bed. But only the good side chicks won’t get caught. Know your escape plan if something bad happens. This means that you should not neglect your guard. whether you are with your man or not
And if by any chance you’ve been caught *Which shouldn’t be in the equation in the first place* At least don’t kneel or put your pants down. If you know what we mean. [Read: 18 ingenious ways to catch a cheating partner]#14 Must be clean and dirty This is oxymoronic, but let me explain, you have to look clean but act dirty. And we mean in bed. He didn’t need a wife or girlfriend anymore—he wanted a fox in bed.
He needed someone to stand by his side. But do things gently, not asking him too much. does not tire him or bind him. That’s his main chick’s job. Your job is to please him and get him back to you.
Being a side chick is more complicated than if you’re just his main chick. However, there are some women who really like being a chick. [Read: How to snag a rich boyfriend or a sugar daddy effortlessly]Free from expectations and disappointments Not to mention the complexities of being in a monogamous relationship seriously. Moreover Yet there is still the uncommitted and utterly confidential thrill that all setups bring.
[Read: How to end an affair and get over it completely]Following these side chick rules You can be a great side chick. All plays can be deleted. You will have fun with your man. Don’t worry about responsibility and expectations. and has all the benefits of being the woman he comes to for fun and great sex.

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