15 Signs a Friend Is Using You & Draining the Happiness Out of You

If you feel more like a welcome mat than a friend It might be because your friend is using you. Here’s how to read the signs your friend is using you.

Signs that a friend is using you

It’s hard to find good friends. in high school I’m full of friends but the truth is Most of them are not real. And it’s a pity to find the signs your friends use you. which usually means pain

There are some friends who don’t show up when I need them, or will go back to sleep with my boyfriend, etc., and these are my closest circles.

But these experiences have taught me the red flags of people who use and hurt me. Although I believe that humans are good by nature. But there are some bad eggs in the set. [Read: How to get rid of the toxic friend in your life]

How to tell the signs your friend is using you

Knowing that someone out there pretends to be your friend is not a good feeling. But it helps you pay more attention to the people you call your friends. If you notice that a friend or two in your group is using you. It’s time to point out

Okay, of course you should just dump them and make new friends. But let’s start with the first step. If you think your friend is using you It’s time to look at the road signs. You shouldn’t be surrounded by people who don’t really care about being friends with you. It’s time to change

If you see these signs your friend is using you. Shows that it’s time to make new friends.

#1 Your friendship feels like a business transaction. There are some friends who are only there for the good times. They love hanging out with you because there is something they can use. If your friend asks you for money all the time Makes you feel more like an ATM than a friend. You shouldn’t feel like a bank. You should feel like a friend. [Read: 10 types of toxic friends to avoid]

#2 They are holding you back You may want to lose weight or stop drinking. But your friends are not happy about it. They are not looking for your best interest. But they are holding you back for their further benefit.

They don’t want to stop drinking, for example, or change their lifestyle. So they’ll press you down and make you feel like you’re making a mistake.

#3 You can’t be yourself. This is pretty big. Of course, you won’t be “yourself” around your grandmother or in a job interview. I understand that you have a different side of yourself that you show when needed.

But around your friends, you have to be yourself. I mean that’s why you have friends. if not then Who else can you be completely free? [Read: 12 ways to stop negative people from stealing your energy]

#4 you all work when talking about this friendship you are dedicated You cook for them when they come, buy them something, and call them on vacation. you do everything They never call or text you. unless There is something they want from you. Besides, you are the one who is emotionally invested in the relationship, not them.

#5 They talk about you behind your back. You’ve heard through the vines that they don’t think much about you. when you’re not around They will be the first to speak of you in a negative light. Friends do not beat those who love and care about others.

#6 You feel like you’ve been deceived You can’t put your finger on it. But you feel bad in your stomach when you are near them. But one thing is certain. You feel as if you’ve become worse since they started dating. You’re always apologizing for everything. And they will play hot and cold with you. [Read: Emotional manipulation and 14 ways people mess with your head]

#7 They come in and out of your life. They’re very inconsistent when it comes to being around, but they seem to pop in and out of your life when it’s convenient for them. But no matter the distance your friend should be present in your life. Either by skype or send a message. They should be nearby

#8 They know very little about you. After all, your friends don’t know much about you. You never have deep conversations unless it’s about them. They don’t ask about your personal life. Ask only what affects them. If your friends don’t care about you It can be said that they are not friends.

#9 You can’t trust What’s the use of friendship if you can’t be trusted when it really matters? Maybe you just graduated from university or a family member has died. Your “friend” can’t be found, but… weird, is this your friend? In good times and bad Your friends should be there no matter what. [Read: 15 signs you have shitty friends and need new ones]

#10 They feel guilty about you. If you don’t do as he says Not only was he angry, They will try to make you feel guilty. Okay, there are emergencies that may need your attention. But when your friend needs attention It is nonsense. And if you don’t have time or don’t want to help them. You will receive a huge guilt in return.

#11 You don’t know why you are friends. when you really think about it There is nothing about those things that you find redemption. One of the most obvious signs a friend is using you is that if you constantly feel bad for the person you are when you’re around them, they’re more likely to ask for help. but never pay attention to your needs You really don’t know why you put up with them.

If you have these thoughts, these are clear signs that you need to end the friendship. [Read: How to end a friendship when they do nothing but hold you back]

#12 They control everything. When it comes to hangouts Even if you are the initiator They can control what happens. They decide what you will do or what to eat. This is because they don’t care about your feelings. They worry about what to make. they happy not you

#13 You never argue. You really don’t remember the time when the two of you got into an argument. Now, I should say fighting is a bad thing, and it is, but it can be creative. All good friendships come with fair arguments. If you’ve never disagreed about whateverMaybe the relationship lacked depth.

#14 They get angry when you succeed. Maybe you won an award or got a promotion at work. Of course, as a friend, you might feel a little jealous. But obviously you are happy with your friends too. But what if this person doesn’t want to share and celebrate your accomplishments? he is not a friend Your friend should be your biggest fan. Not someone you should feel ashamed of. [Read: How to be a good friend – The BFF code all friends should follow]

#15 You can feel it. Deep, deep in you you feel that something is wrong when you are near them you feel bad about yourself and when you go home You will feel familiar. Hello! wake up! If you have these feelings, you should definitely listen to them. This is your instinct telling you to stop dating your toxic friend.

[Read: How to stop being a doormat that people use]

After reading these signs your friend is using you. What do you think? Do you think your friends are using you? If so, it’s time to take a stand against them and tell them how you feel.

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