26 Signs a Friend Likes You Romantically Even if They’re Hiding It

Many great relationships begin with friendship. But how do you know more than that? Learn the signs your friend likes you romantically.

Signs that your friend likes you in a romantic way.

If you can see the signs your friend likes you in a romantic way in your life. You may be able to turn that friendship into something more without confusion.

The transition from friendship to relationship can be smooth. But it can often cause tension and tension. You both don’t want to ruin your friendship by sharing your feelings and being rejected. [Read: How to start a friends with benefits relationship]

Do you want your friends to like you in a romantic way?

When you wonder if your friend likes you in a romantic way It could be because you like him or because you’re afraid of rejecting them while maintaining a friendship.

So while you’re trying to figure out the signs your friend likes you romantically, Consider what you are going to do with it once you understand it.

Will you make the move? How would you tell them how you feel? Should you ask them about it? Or will you let them down easily?

I think if you don’t care, sometimes you better not know. You can’t worry about something that might not even exist. Focus on friendship. That’s your main priority with this friend. if anything happens do it later

but if you are interested You may not be able to stop worrying and think of the signs your friend likes you romantically because you want them to be. In this case, look for the signs. They can lead to your first move. [Read: The signs your friend is crushing on you]

Silence is a sign that your friend has a romantic crush on you.

So you secretly like a friend. Or maybe you think they have a crush on you? by any means You want to know for sure so that you can proceed to the next step.

But how do you find out without fooling yourself?

1. They give you time

Of course, your humble friend has time for you too. But a friend who likes you romantically takes more effort. They offer to help you with things most friends don’t. Even if it’s not convenient for them. They’ll find time to meet you no matter what. [Read: How to deal with the sexual tension between friends]

2. They try to impress you.

A friend who has a romantic crush on you will want to impress you. Whether it’s comedy, talent, or the effort they put into your friendship. They may dress up to style your hair differently when they are around you.

3. They protect you

friends are already protecting But they’ll let you know when your friend likes you more. They will talk about their concerns about who you are dating. how others treat you and how to treat yourself [Read: How to be friends with someone you like without losing your mind]

4. They spend time alone with you.

Friends often hang out in groups. I don’t need to tell you But when the friend you usually see in the group wants to spend time with you alone. Maybe it’s because they like you romantically. It can be difficult to build a deeper relationship or move when you are around a lot of other people.

5. They flirt

Flirting is a clear sign that your friend has a romantic crush on you. Of course, some friends flirt after a few drinks or because they are interested in you but not interested. You should see the difference A friend who likes you romantically will flirt with you regularly. Not just at a convenient time [Read: 15 ways to flirt and tease a friend without being weird]

6. They approach the body

Friends who try to hint at their feelings for you may be touching you more often than usual. Instead of hugging, hello or goodbye, they may touch your thigh, sit nearby, or touch your arm while talking. even a small mark These could mean much bigger things. [Read: 16 sexual signs your friend wants to have sex with you]

7. They support you

Good friends support your choices and goals. Friends who are romantically interested in you will do their best. Not only will they congratulate you on your promotion. But they may also organize a party for you or help you achieve your goals as they can.

8. They listen

and they show that they listen They do more than just sit there and nod as you ventilate. you feel heard They keep track of what you talk about and really pay attention. [Read: 10 ways to be a better listener]

9. They share more

Of course friends share There’s a difference between that and romantic sharing with your crush. They will open up to you because they trust you more and want you to trust them in the same way.

10. They invest in your love life.

They want to know all Even though it hurts to know you’re meeting someone They want to know where you are. Their romantic feelings don’t go away because you might as well be taken away right now.

They need updates without knowing when they can act on their feelings. But because they need to know if you are happy or not. [Read: The signs they like you as more than a friend]

11. Other people notice the attention they give you.

You’re probably not the only one who noticed this friend’s behavior. Your mutual friends will see how they view you and how they treat you differently. It’s usually not as fragile as you might think.

12. They avoid phones around you.

When you’re romantically with your crush. You don’t let anything else bother you. They either mute their phone or ignore it when it rings around them because they want to make the most of their time.

13. You can get nervous.

Not everyone complies with this. But you will feel nervous if you are. Someone who has romantic feelings for you will give you feelings. Their behavior subtly expresses those feelings. [Read: 20 unmistakable signs your friend is crushing on you]

14. They reach out more often.

A friend who likes you romantically doesn’t just need your attention. but also want to get their attention They will reach out more to plan or just text you or send you funny memes.

15. They want your family and friends to like them.

This is a big deal I have many friends who hardly know my family. But if your friend likes you romantically They want to make a good impression on people close to you. Whether they think that something will happen between you in the future or not. They want the people you care about to like them.

16. They remember everything.

when you like someone You try not to let anything slip out of your hand. you pay attention So when your friend likes you in a romantic way They will remember even the smallest things. that you say

Maybe you could mention your grandfather used to race cars. Most people may not remember those details. But a friend who likes you romantically will remember.

17. They surprise you.

You meet and they’ll surprise you with your favorite Starbucks drink or your favorite treat from the bakery around the corner. They might cheer you up on vacation or come unannounced, hoping you’re free. [Read: Naughty ways to get yourself out of the friend zone permanently]

18. They compliment you.

Sure, your friends will compliment you, but not the way your crush would do it in a romantic way. They are very sincere and care about it. If they like your dress or your hair They may brush lightly. with the dress and tell you how amazing you look.

19. They don’t call you a friend.

This is strange But they won’t recommend you as a friend. They might say best friend, best friend, or just say your name. They won’t say you’re just friends because they don’t want to be. They hope you miss them more. So they don’t want to instill the idea that it’s all yours.

20. There’s a Spark

you feel something there The key sign that your friend likes you is spark. It’s hard to understand and inexplicable. but you can feel it There is electricity between the two of you. you are attracted to each other It could be tension, passion, or just intentions that we don’t feel. [Read: 23 intense unspoken signs of mutual attraction between two people]

21. They talk to you about the future.

If they ask you about moving out If you want to move to the person you’re dating. or even you want to have children They may see you as more compatible than real friends. They know that they like you in a romantic way. But they want to make sure they have a chance to work before they take the risk and invite you out.

22. Traveling with someone makes me sad.

They are upset if you have an appointment or are asked about them. They might try to hide it. But you can feel that something is wrong with them. They may move when other people come in and pay attention to you.

When your friend likes you romantically They will be careful and try to hide it because they don’t want to ruin the friendship. They will take their time

23. They talk about you to other people.

Been to a friend’s house and their mom tells you she’s heard a lot about you? Sometimes this is a good sign that your friend likes you romantically.

If your mutual friend says that this friend always talks about you or asks about you. when you’re not around They will definitely like you more than friends. [Read: How to know if someone is thinking about you sexually]

24. They want to see if you’re jealous.

Before risking everything and inviting you out or telling you how they feel. A friend who likes you romantically will see if you like him back. They don’t want to ask directly, but sometimes they might mention someone they like or take them out on a date to see how you react.

25. Ask for Dating Advice

This is a common sign that your friend likes you romantically. If they ask for dating advice They want to know what you like and how you see things so they can use your advice to get you on a date.

26. They let it slip.

And of course, one of the most important signs a friend likes you romantically is that they tell you. They may try to elaborate on this and want you to understand from clues and clues. Or they might tell you When someone likes you romantically It’s hard to hold back those feelings.

Ultimately, they’ll want you to know in order to get answers, either way.

[Read: How to ask a friend out without risking the friendship]

If you’re looking for a romantic sign that your friend likes you. this is what you need Now you have to ask yourself why you are so curious. Is there a chance you’ll like them back too? Once you know the signal You can do anything with it, and if not, set the recording to match.

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