11 Signs a Woman is Intimidated by You and Your Assertiveness

Your love life seems weak But maybe not because of the girls maybe because of you This is a sign that a woman is being threatened by you.

Signs a woman is intimidated by you

Most of the time, I’m a guy who intimidates men. but on rare occasions reverse and when that happens I stopped when men threaten There is no good way for me to escape. I’m nervous Can’t think of anything – I’ve become a completely different person.

Signs a woman is intimidated by you

So if you’re a guy wondering why they can’t thwart a meaningful relationship. Maybe it’s not the girl you need to worry about. Maybe it’s because you’re just intimidating.

You mean intimidation? Maybe maybe not. but the point is It prevents you from meeting women. Now, it’s all about looking at yourself. So that you can see the signs that a woman has been intimidated by you. [Read: How to think like a woman and get the girl]

Sometimes it’s really you

#1 You seem inaccessible Maybe you’re a big guy, or maybe you’re always scowling and crossing your arms. It doesn’t look very accessible, right? Maybe not.

Sometimes you don’t really notice. And you don’t seem that close And this is hurting your relationship with a woman. Spread your arms, slap your face, smile, and relax.

#2 she tells you Sometimes girls will joke with you that they find you intimidating. But that’s not funny. She finds you intimidating. Period. You can’t get a bigger signal than actually getting confirmation that you’re intimidating. Now it’s your job to ask her why. [Read: How to read people – 12 secrets to figure anyone out instantly]

#3 She avoids making eye contact with you. If a woman can’t look into your eyes there’s a reason why People avoid eye contact only when they are nervous and uncomfortable. If she avoids making eye contact with you That’s because you scared her. Why is she hanging around you? That’s a whole other question.

#4 You seem fed up with the smooth conversation. When you seem ignorant of the conversations that take place between you and the girl. So you look scary. I mean, imagine if the person you’re talking to is yawning?

Of course, you think it’s because of you, so if you seem like you’d rather dig up than talk to this person… then you’re intimidating. [Read: How to not be boring – The art of keeping your dates exciting]

#5 She always misunderstood you. She doesn’t understand who you are or what you are about. Okay, she probably knows, but she doesn’t want to admit it. Your honesty is seen as a game of some sort. but in reality you are being yourself

A woman intimidated by you tries to look at you differently to accept you. But they really don’t accept you. They just don’t know how to deal with you.

#6 You have no problem saying “no”. It’s one of the easiest words you can say: No, do you want to go out tonight? No, do you want to go to the party? No, when you’re comfortable with refusing. This can be extremely intimidating for women. Don’t overdo it with what you really want to do. You’re just giving that person an honest answer.

#7 You are a picky person. You don’t have to date a lot of women. And it doesn’t have to be among millions of friends. You are picky about who you spend your time with. And you’re not willing to spend time with people you don’t appreciate.

Being picky can be intimidating for people. because it represents your self worth. It may sound strange that people are afraid. But many people are not confident in themselves. [Read: How your self respect affects you and your relationships]

#8 You don’t want the attention of other people. Women always get a lot of attention, and usually, women in dramatic relationships tend to pay a lot of attention to their partner. You’re not interested in calling attention. In fact, it repels you. Why? Because you are safe with who you are, so not demanding my attention. Show that you are confident in yourself

#9 You don’t believe in excuses If someone makes excuses for not calling you last night, then you don’t care. You don’t take any excuses from them unless it’s serious.

Excuses come because people don’t want to take responsibility for their actions. You probably have no problem calling someone to make excuses, and that can be intimidating.

#10 You create your own opportunities. You don’t have to wait for someone to come to work or tell you that you can achieve your dreams. You take the time to create opportunities and build your own future.

That’s what you should do. However, some women will be intimidated by your “cowardly” attitude if they are not motivated enough. [Read: 30 alpha male traits that make you a real alpha]

#11 You don’t need her. I don’t want anyone and she could see clearly Maybe it’s because you’ve been single for a long time, or maybe it’s because you’re self-satisfied. If it seems like you don’t need a woman. It may be seen as intimidation. Why? because when people see that you are satisfied with yourself will make him uncomfortable with his own inner feelings

[Read: 25 badass traits that make any guy ridiculously intimidating]

Do you have a few of these qualities? if so Are you wondering if a woman has been harassed by you? It seems this may be more true than not.

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