15 Obvious Signs He has a Girlfriend and is Already Taken

Do you fall in love with a guy who looks like a mysterious man? Use these 15 to find out if the guy you like has a boyfriend.

Signs that he has a boyfriend

Ladies, listen

You’ve been dating this guy for a while and so far everything has been great. but in the latter You notice that something isn’t right. Your new guy’s behavior doesn’t seem very good. And you can’t really understand what it is.

You tell yourself that you are imagining things. As you were used to getting burned before, you always wanted to find something wrong when everything felt right. For one thing, he was an eligible single man. And you can’t even believe that such a wonderful man hasn’t been taken away.

Or is he with other people like a boyfriend and not you? Is the guy you’re dating really someone else?

15 Signs the guy you’re dating has a boyfriend

It’s not a good idea to consider the possibility that the guy you fell in love with might already be dating someone else. but then again It’s always better than an apology, right? [Read: 22 early warning signs of a bad boyfriend]

Here, we’re giving you some signs to see if Mr. Wright is someone else’s master. and actually you are that other woman

#1 missed phone calls This is one of the most common red signs to look out for when the guy you’re dating has been kidnapped. Is it normal for people in a relationship to want to call each other just to check in or say “hello”?? But when you do this with your man he doesn’t answer the phone

Often, guys in relationships love texting and will only answer your calls at certain times of the day. especially when he is at work. when he got home He will reject your calls or even turn off the phone.

#2 where is your phone Beyond the mystery of missed phone calls He’s also very mysterious when it comes to his phone. He hides it or gets it out of your reach whenever he’s with you. He doesn’t answer the phone when you’re nearby. or when receiving a call He will go out or move to another room. He also kept it password protected. [Read: 11 clear signs you can’t trust the guy you’re dating]

#3 alias. Your name is kept under a different name or an obscure pseudonym in his phone. This alone should raise a red flag. The guy who hides your name by using another name on the phone has something to hide. In particular, another woman who also checked her phone.

#4 weekend bubble He is never free on weekends. Whenever you ask him He’ll tell you if he has a job over the weekend or some other excuse. You also noticed that there were times when he was busy.

#5 holiday hoop Fourth of July Thanksgiving, Christmas and even Valentine’s Day have passed. But he never takes a vacation with you. He tells you again that he has to work or must be out of town. Although he will try to compensate for missing the holiday with you by giving you gifts. Guys who can’t spend their vacations with you may be spending that money elsewhere—with other people. [Read: How to fix that nagging suspicion that your partner’s cheating on you]

#6 always your place He will always show up at your door at the most unexpected time. You find it super romantic—that is, until you suggest a change. You ask him if you can spend the night at his house. And he gives you what you know is a stupid excuse. That’s when you realize he never really invited you.

#7 segmented He has successfully separated you and your relationship from every aspect of his life. You don’t know his friends or family at all. And you can’t even see him at work. Feels like you’re separated and alone And you start to wonder if he’s hiding something from you, or is he actually hiding it? you.

#8 in and out. See you regularly, don’t overdo it. 3 hours together He rarely spends the night at your house. Makes you think he’s just in and out of your life whenever he feels like that. He may not be concerned about you. but about saving time and energy for his true commitment is his girlfriend. [Read: 16 small and subtle signs he’s probably with another woman]

#9 no family He tells you he doesn’t have a family and won’t talk about his family or even his friends with you. Come to think of it, he never introduced you to his family. As you have brought him to visit your entire family.

#10 Too much privacy on a date You love how he takes you out to these hole-in-the-wall restaurants. And you enjoy privacy in a separate booth. So you can play with your feet and even kiss. However, you start to wonder why he is dating you in these places and not in public anymore?

#11 Wallet watch. Have you seen the inside of his wallet? Most men with a girlfriend *or wife* tend to have pictures of women in their wallets or cell phones. If he hides too much from you to show you. Show that he may be hiding something that you should panic about. [Read: Love triangles and its confusing complications]

#12 He doesn’t socialize. He said he doesn’t have a social media account. But on further inspection You find that he actually has a Facebook page located in the most private place ever. And he didn’t even add your invite as a friend. He defended that he wasn’t very active on Facebook, but you noticed. that he has installed this app on his phone

#13 Post no pictures. Did you know that if you don’t have it on Facebook, it won’t happen, right? So when going back to social media Your guy doesn’t want you to post any pictures. Share them on your own Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. In fact, he totally avoids being in the frame with you during selfie breaks.

#14 Ring-aling! Of course, you’ll never date a married man! And he came single and free. You’ll know because he’s not wearing a ring. However, have you tried looking closely enough? There may be paler skin on the ring finger that should be the wedding ring. Unless he takes off every time I’m with you.

Sometimes something is too good to be true. And some men are too good to be single.

So if the above signs look to your man. You should check the relationship while you still have a lot of dignity left. *Not to mention he’s married* is like inviting trouble. [Read: Backburner babe – 14 signs you’re just his backup lover]

#15 The biggest signal of all! What you can do to find out if he’s been abducted and you’re just the girl next to him is to take the proactive route.

Bathe yourself in a bucket full of perfume and rise above him. You can also apply too much lipstick and kiss him all over—and make sure you dye his clothes.

To increase the ante, you can play with him and place a hickey on any part of his body, especially his neck and chest. If he is nervous or has symptoms that’s your signal If he doesn’t have a girl waiting for him at home, who cares?

[Read: 18 foolproof ingenious ways to catch a cheating partner]

almost always One of the best ways to know if a guy has a boyfriend is to listen to your instincts. If you have the slightest doubt Use these signals to verify your identity.

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