20 Signs He Just Wants to Be Friends Even If You’re Hoping For More

Spotting the signs that he wants to be friends is always disappointing. But the sooner you see it The easier it will be to keep going.

Signs that he just wants to be friends

We’re here to show you the signs that he just wants to be friends. But it’s up to you to get rid of your ego and accept the situation as it is: friendship.

Look, nobody wants to be in the “friend zone,” but the friend zone doesn’t exist. You might be shocked, but it’s true. Basically, we create friend zones to alleviate our egos. It makes us look at friendship as punishment, which isn’t cool. [Read: Don’t hate someone because they friend zoned you]

Just because men are not interested in you. That doesn’t mean friendship is something you’re stuck with for a consolation prize.

Learning how to spot the signs that he just wants to be your friend will help you move on and appreciate the friendship.

Does he just want to be friends?

If you are wondering about the guy you like. Chances are you will consider every outcome. Have you ever dreamed that he wants more than friendship with you? and you are afraid of the scary friend zone

But before you can read the signs that he just wants to be friends. You must try to let go of those expectations first.

These signs are not about analyzing his behavior or everything he says. You need to take a step back from your invested emotions and look at these signs with bright eyes. [Read: 15 ways to know if you’re in the friend zone or not]

If you’re having trouble Ask your trusted friends for their opinion. When you like someone and hope they like you in return. It is difficult to accept what may be in front of you.

Enlist the help of someone you trust to double-check the following signs before drawing your conclusions.

The most obvious sign that he just wants to be friends.

Now you may feel he led youWhich isn’t cool, but sometimes all the signs are there. you just don’t see them

Men can be flirtatious and charming. These characteristics can lead to misunderstandings. But looking for these signs that he just wants to be your friend will help you see the light.

And I think you’re not here yet. And that’s why you’re here.

He might say something that makes you wonder if he likes you. He might even like your Instagram posts. But some obvious signs are showing you that they aren’t worth more than his true feelings. [Read: Is he playing hard to get or just not into you?]

I know you might be thinking “But he did this” or “He said that” but here’s the thing. If you see these signs he just wants to be friends It’s time to live with reality.

1. He didn’t make any moves.

Listen, if a guy likes you He will do anything to be with you. I’ve dated a lot of guys and actually it couldn’t be more true. If he stays alone Playing with you but not really moving Show that he doesn’t like you

In other words, he was not interested in anything more than friendship. men are living things If he has feelings that are beyond friends Even a nervous man would reveal that. [Read: 14 signs he’s playing mind games with you]

2. He doesn’t flirt with you.

Flirting is used to develop sexual tension. But it’s not always clear. Flirting can be interpreted in a number of ways. Some people might say that the jokes doctors make to put you at ease are a form of flirting.

Therefore, it is important to consider what he is really saying. If two really love each other But if this man does nothing Not commenting or showing a flirtatious attitude, he doesn’t care.

How can you tell if a joke is just a joke or a flirtation? It happens often. If he flirts, he’ll text you or get you. But if it’s just a joke, it’s inconvenient.

If he sees you and looks like a flirt Maybe it’s just his kindness or personality. But when he goes out of his way to meet you or message you with flirtatious comments. That’s a flirtation. [Read: 12 signs to reveal if he is actually flirting with you]

3. He didn’t really text you.

Now friends send messages to each other. But not within two minutes. Of course, he texted you. But he might just want to be friends if he doesn’t text you often. Your friends will text you to plan or discuss shows that you both are fans of.

Think of it this way: if a guy likes a girl, he will connect with her. He will reach out and ask you about your day. If he just wants to be friends He won’t try to get to know you better. [Read: What to do when he doesn’t text you back]

4. He introduced you as a friend.

If he uses the word “friend” or “friend”, then you are a friend. He might just introduce you by your name and without explanation because he really didn’t think about it. what you are to him

If he likes you, he won’t call you a friend because he doesn’t want others to see you as a free agent. He’ll embrace you or make it clear that you’re busy because he doesn’t want to compete. Using the word “friend”, he makes it clear that he only sees you as a friend.

5. He doesn’t respond to your hint.

Maybe you flirt with him or have fun touching him. But he didn’t move back. If you’re making your feelings clear and he doesn’t flirt or touch you and only offers an awkward smile. you shouldn’t go

He may know that you like him. But the key sign he just wants to be friends is to avoid it altogether. if he brings it up He was worried that it would destroy the friendship. He just ignored it and hoped it would go away. [Read: Dammit, why doesn’t he like me? Here are 20 real reasons why]

6. He talks about other women.

If he shows you his Tinder account and the girl he wants to talk to Show that he is not interested in you more than friends. This could be an important sign that he just wants to be friends.

instead of coming out straight and tell you to go on Instead, he implied. That he likes someone else, if he likes you, he won’t ask your opinion about other girls. If he likes you more than a friend He will complain about dating instead of asking you for advice. [Read: Signs he’s talking to another girl and using you]

7. You hang out in groups.

When you ask him to go on a trip He never recommends going one-on-one. It is usually in groups with mutual friends. You don’t just go for coffee or a movie together. Even if you try to make it more like dating. He won’t want to be alone with you if he thinks you like him.

Even if he sees you as a friend and likes to be with you. But he can still see your feelings for him. He doesn’t want to lead you or risk awkward moments when he has to reject you. This is why he avoids intimate gatherings. [Read: How to deal when he likes you but doesn’t want a relationship with you]

8. You make the first move

There is nothing wrong with you on the first move. I do that with my boyfriend. but he is very excited If you find yourself leaning towards him and kissing him. and he turned away or avoided being too close. He just wanted to be a friend.

Now, he might be calling you to go on a date or go to the movies. But usually it’s you who call him and schedule a meeting. If he never asks you to hang out Maybe because he doesn’t want you to misunderstand. So he retreated instead. [Read: 15 ways to make the first move on a guy you like]

9. He maintains his physical space.

when a guy likes you he wants to be near you He will sit next to you whenever he can. He’ll brush your hair away from your face and point towards you. But if he keeps his distance and doesn’t try to get close He might not be interested.

Keeping space private is a big sign that he sees you only as a friend. if not then He will find a way to get closer to you. [Read: How to decode his body language and if he likes you]

10. He looks at other women.

Yes, even men try to look at other women. There is no law against that. But if he’s looking for another woman, especially when you’re hanging out with him? He will not try to win your heart. If you both know each other well You will not insult others or at least not make it clear.

If he sees you as a friend He will have no problem insulting other women in front of you.

11. He flirts only when he wants to flirt.

This is where he might flirt with you and show several signs that he likes you. But only when he wants to date you. Of course, he wants to be your friend. But he also has physical needs. He may be interested in you without feelings, but will be attractive to sleep with you if that’s what he wants.

If you think this is the case Ask him what his intent is before taking the next step. when his answer was short and thorough. He wasn’t even a true friend. He’s just a guy who uses friendship as a channel to get into your pants. A true friend is honest about his intentions. [Read: Why do guys only want to hook up with you when you really want a BF?]

12. He doesn’t look into your eyes.

when men are interested Eye contact will occur naturally. You don’t have to stare into each other’s eyes. But chemistry happens when your eyes meet.

If he just wants to be friends He may spend more time looking at your feet or away from your upper body. This isn’t even sexist. But it’s just a common thing.

13. He treats you like a brother.

Men who are interested in you will compliment your outfit. He’ll talk to you about things he wouldn’t say to his guy friends.

But when he just wants to be friends He will treat you like a friend.

14. He’s Busy

Many people are busy But he’ll make time for you if he sees you as more than just a friend. Of course we also make time for our friends. But you try when you have romantic feelings for someone.

If he always seems to cancel plans or just say no to them. They won’t see you as more than a friend. He wanted to sit around. Rather than trying to get out of bed and hang out with you, it’s not wrong, but it means he just wants to be friends. [Read: Why is he texting me if he’s not interested? Here’s 15 reasons why]

15. He wants you on a date.

Other people, they give advice on your appearance or how you can get more attention from men. He wants you to go out there and meet people. If he just wants to be friends This might be his way of hinting that he wants you on a date, not him.

If he is trying to build you or help you create an online dating profile. He’s trying hard to turn your love attention away from him and to someone else. The fact that he’s helping says he wants you to be happy.

16. He is seeing someone.

This might be very obvious that you don’t want me to tell you, but I would if he were dating someone else. he will leave the table he is interested in them Even if you think he’s flirting with you behind his back, she should be respectful.

may not be serious But don’t put pressure on your luck. Accept that he’s meeting someone else and just wants to be your friend. [Read: What to do when a guy with a girlfriend likes you]

17. He splits the check.

when he likes you Before you date he will give the money He will pay for your coffee. If he assumes that you will always split the check. Even if he makes a lot more money than you. He definitely wasn’t interested in anything more than this.

I know this might be a bit dated. But men are stubborn when it comes to paying you. If he doesn’t want to pick up the check He sees you as just a friend. [Read: Why men find a damsel in distress so irresistible]

18. He’s interested in your friend.

If a guy ever tells you that your best friend or sister is hot or asks if they’re single. He has no interest in dating you. I know it sounds harsh But that was a clear sign that he just wanted to be friends.

If he’s willing to do awkward things between the two of you for a chance to get together with someone you’re close with. He won’t be worried about eventually dating you in the future. [Read: Can men and women be just friends?]

19. You feel it.

Sometimes when we really like someone We ignore our feelings and instincts that tell us that they don’t care. But we try harder for his attention. This is more about our ego. We are more concerned that he likes us more than anything else. This fixed focus can blow small things out of proportion.

But if you give up the desire to be liked and see what is real, You may open your eyes to the truth.

20. He tells you

Nothing is more obvious than him telling you that he only sees you as a friend. Although you may feel bad about it. But this is the nicest thing he can do for you. He’s not trying to play you or make you feel guilty. He wants you to know how he feels.

Actually, this is a nice guy who might want to keep your friendship. If you hope to do the same Accept what he has to be and try to move on. Take some time apart to focus on your romantic interests and start hanging out again if you feel comfortable.

[Read: How to get back to friendship after having feelings]

Now you know the signs that he wants to be friends. It’s time to move on! Why wait when he doesn’t need anything else?

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