15 Signs He Wants to Break Up But is Just Too Afraid to Say So

If your relationship is feeling fragile and you’re not sure if he’s happy or not. You may want to start looking for some signs that he wants to break up.

Signs that he wants to break up

Confrontation is not everyone’s right hand. There are people who would rather simmer with unspoken words that hurt more than say and do something about it. Your guy might be one of them if he’s not happy with the relationship. The only way to figure it out before he says anything is to look for signs that he wants to break up.

And this might be quite easy. Men are not good at hiding their true intentions. When it comes to this serious matter They will write on their faces and deeds. You just have to know how to read.

If you are unhappy in your relationship He might be the same.

It’s very rare for one person to forget that the other person has a relationship problem. and because you are here You may feel that your man may be thinking of leaving you.

but misses his own happiness How do you feel about the relationship? If you don’t have fun anymore your man noticed They may not be able to pick things up. as many as girls But at least they could tell that much. and if they knew They may feel insecure about things as well. [Read: 20 sure signs to tell if your relationship is definitely over]

Signs saying quit but not quitting

Worrying about your relationship is normal when you feel that something is wrong. Here’s how you can tell if that’s how your guy feels about you. These signs point to the end of your relationship.

#1 what has been stone Your relationship has been unstable for a while. knowing this It is practical to think that one of you is unhappy and is thinking of quitting.

Some relationships have to go through difficult times and definitely find a way out. But if your guy shows a lot of these signs with your relationship being on the rocks. He might want to put an end to things. [Read: How to deal with arguments in a relationship]

#2 He spent more time away. If your man thinks of leaving He doesn’t want to be near you. He tends to be late for work or to spend time with his friends more than ever. If he avoids being alone with you Show that something happened

#3 His love for you dwindled. He didn’t do anything nice or even say nice things to you. This will be very obvious because you can think back to the last cute thing he said to you. If you really can’t think of anything He may be unhappy and thinking of breaking up.

#4 you don’t talk anymore And this is not referring to you as “How are you today?” I’m saying you’re not talking about anything else. Those profound conversations disappeared. The person you sit and talk for hours without looking at your phone or doing anything on your TV. When those things are gone, relationships are in trouble. [Read: 25 topics to talk about in a happy relationship]

#5 no sexual intimacy Sex is an important part of a relationship. And, of course, you might as well have sex. But if you try to get things going and he doesn’t really care. Shows that something is definitely wrong. Refusing to have sex or not being able to initiate it is a strong sign that he wants to break up.

#6 He’s not in a good mood around you. It’s not that they’re just cranky, but they’re all around you. He was able to return home happily and playfully. But when you try to engage with him He’d shut down and suddenly felt uneasy as it seemed nothing. It seems that nothing could be just you.

#7 He is dodging your questions about his behavior. If you’ve behaved as he should be right now. because communication is important and he just ignores you show that there is a problem He won’t explain the change in his performance. This is a major red flag and a sign that he is offended by you. [Read: 20 sure reasons why a guy could be ignoring you]

#8 He still chose the arguments. This is basically in the hope that you end things so he doesn’t have to. He may have spoken in his mind or even brought up an old issue that you thought had been resolved a long time ago. He might want to break up.

#9 You don’t go on a date. The night that ended a long time ago When your guy is no longer interested in dating, things go away. You can still try asking him out and if he refuses or makes excuses. He really doesn’t want to be with you.

#10 You feel lonely even when you are together. This is probably the saddest part about all of this. You feel alone even when you’re watching the same movie next to each other. This means there are very large and frequent disconnections that are followed by breakups. [Read: 15 truths about feeling alone in a relationship]

#11 There is nothing he used to like to work on anymore. You cook him a favorite meal. and he didn’t even notice. You try to tell a joke that he used to like. And he had almost no arguments. If what you’ve done to make him happy doesn’t work, then things may be over.

#12 He values ​​your phone or TV more than you. This is very common these days that can signal a bigger problem. If he’s always obsessed with himself and doesn’t even look up when you talk, he’s not interested. If he does, he’ll pay attention.

#13 His friends ignore you. He must have already told his friends how he felt. If this is true They may be ignoring you as well. They may say hello and be polite. But if they distance themselves That’s because your man too. [Read: How to stop being ignored for good]

#14 Nothing you do is good enough anymore. It doesn’t seem like what you do will satisfy him with the way he acts. that might be true He’s probably done with this and isolates himself from all the good things you’re doing. If you notice this Show that he is done with you.

#15 You basically feel single. If your man makes you feel single It’s one of the big signs that he wants to break up with you. Even though he didn’t say anything in that context. Being in a relationship should make you feel as if you are part of something without a doubt. If that doesn’t happen Shows that something is very wrong.

[Read: 12 grim signs it’s finally time to end your relationship]

It can be hard to swallow when you know your guy is showing a lot of these signs that he wants to break up. Face him and get over it before you start to get more dissatisfied.

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