13 Sultry Signs He Wants to Kiss You: Do You Want to Pucker Up?

Is he a friend or does he want more humility? But you didn’t notice? Understanding the signs that he wants to kiss you will help you decide if you want to kiss too.

Signs that he wants to kiss you

I never said that men were easy to think. They were not. Although women like to believe that men are simple and easy to read. But remember they are human. They are full of emotions and thoughts. Even if you think they want to wear your pants. It’s not always that easy. But if you see the signs that he wants to kiss you Maybe you can do the first move instead if you feel the same way. [Read: How to make the first move on a guy]

All the subtle signs that he wants to kiss you.

Maybe this guy has been your friend for many years, and even if he likes you But I don’t want to lose you Or maybe one day he sees you walking past him and thinks that you are the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. You just don’t know what’s going on in their heads. But eventually, a signal slowly began to seep out of them. i mean It’s not easy to keep your feelings with someone.

when those signals appear This is the time for you to pay attention and start assembling the puzzle pieces. Some signs may be obvious, if so, you’re in luck. But some men do a really good job of keeping their feelings low.

So, you need to know the obvious and unclear signs that he wants to kiss you. That way you will be able to figure it out without going crazy.

#1 you can feel Don’t neglect this feeling. It’s usually right. You have this instinct mixed with feelings of sexual tension. to feel sexual tension There must be a common feeling If you have these feelings to show that you are onto something It doesn’t mean he will kiss you. Maybe he’s too scared. But why not try moving first? Maybe he just wanted a broken barrier. [Read: How to create sexual tension with a guy and make him make a move]

#2 He’s staring at your lips. Of course, when we talk to people, we stare at their mouths. This helps us understand what they are saying. but this is different If you say so, then he’s actually staring at your lips. stare This is a sign that he wants to kiss you. He focuses on what he wants and what he wants is your lips. [Read: How to initiate a kiss that’ll make them remember you forever]

#3 he is near You now have no personal space. he is in your area And it looks like you won’t be getting it back anytime soon. The gap between you is drawing near. whether he planned it or not. His body leaned into what he wanted—you. He didn’t act this harsh. He just wants to be around you for a chance to kiss.

#4 He touches your arm or back. A guy never grabs your face to kiss you right away. Especially not in the first kiss. But he gently grabs your arm or your little back to pull you towards him. if he does this I’m ready because that’s the first step in the kiss.

#5 Make eye contact. People tend to overlook eye contact, but you shouldn’t. Eyes are the window to the heart, yes, of course, it sounds corny. But it’s true If he’s staring at you, making eye contact with you, he wants you. He looked straight into your eyes. tell you what he wants [Read: How to master the art of eye fucking]

#6 he stopped talking This isn’t because he runs out of things to say, believe me, he talks a lot, but right now he doesn’t want to talk. How can he kiss you if he talks? If you notice that he is silent There’s a reason—he wants to kiss you. He may be calming himself or trying to find the right moment to kiss you. So the silence—he was concentrating.

#7 his mouth moves And it’s not because he’s talking. Perhaps he would take his stick out or lick his lips. This may not be a conscious move. But he is already preparing for a big kiss. Have you ever seen a cute guy and unconsciously start licking your lips? This is basically what he does.

#8 he is flirting People flirt when they want to create sexual tensions between them. If he flirts with you more and more The higher your chances of wanting to kiss you, if you flirt with him, the two of you have chemistry. My advice is not to rush into kissing. Continue to build concentration. It made the first kiss even better.

#9 He gives you a little touch. Now we’re not talking about touching before kissing. Now he’s testing the water. See how you react to him. He may put his hand on your thigh. touch your hand while he speaks These little moves are all about him to assess your reaction. If you don’t move or touch him back. He will take it as a signal to move forward. [Read: 20 types of physical touch and what they all mean]

#10 He compliments you. He wants you to know that he likes you. Maybe he’s complimenting something generic, like your shirt or your hair. Or maybe he’s sexier and says how he loves your lipstick or how you look at those pants. Those compliments are a bit risky. But let you know immediately how he sees you.

#11 He looks nervous. There are some men who show soft gestures of kissing. But there are men who are more nervous. Which I understand is not easy to do. Although he was usually confident, now he was freaking out. He may be restless as if there was something else in mind and he wants to kiss you

#12 Romantic music. If you’re hanging out with them and they play slow, romantic music, you can bet he’ll try to kiss you soon. Who else is wearing Marvin Gaye? Absolutely. Music can be a huge indicator. Nobody wears Britney Spears if they want to move women. [Read: 15 most romantic phrases from different languages]

#13 He tells you. Some guys just do it while other guys make plans. Finally they were so annoyed that they had to blurt out: “Can I kiss you?” if they tell you or ask you if they can kiss you. There is no need to analyze what happened again. They just solved the mystery for you.

[Read: 12 foolproof kissing tips for a perfectly sexy smooch]

Now you know the signs that he wants to kiss you. Are they suitable for the guy you can think of? If you see these signs It’s most likely that he wants to kiss you.

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