10 Signs He’s Not Playing Hard to Get – He’s Playing You

Is your new boyfriend confusing by looking like he’s “playing hard”? action? What if he didn’t play hard to get it? But just playing you?

Ah, so your new guy might take it from an old playbook. He decides to grab your attention. He had to play hard to get it. Or maybe he just made you think so, but he actually went into town with a bunch of other girls he picked up.

Dating someone new can be difficult because you don’t really know them yet. take it from me No two men are alike in the way they do at the start of their relationship. This really made it difficult. To tell that the couple who wants to be yours are shy. play hard or just playing with you in general

I’ve dated a guy I thought was cool. ‘Cause whenever I ask him a serious question He would reply with something elusive. And it made me want him more because I just had to “crack” him in a way. Kid turned out to be wrong.

I think he’s just acting cool and playing hard to get me to really follow him. that part works But later I found out that he was using the same plan with at least two other women. [Read: 7 really clear signs the guy you like is a player]

Play hard to compete with you.

Being elusive and mysterious is all fun and games until the mystery is revealed in a way that leaves you heartbroken and angry. No such mystery is a good thing. And here’s how to spot if a guy is just playing to survive or just playing with you.

Signs that he is playing hard to earn

If your potential boyfriend has the following qualities: He might just play hard to get your attention.

#1 His messages are long but infrequent. When someone is trying to play hard to get it. Their first thought was not to send messages back immediately. Even if they sit on the phone waiting for your response. But they want to make it look like they didn’t try too hard and that you wait forever for their answer. which builds our expectations

This was a telltale sign that he was playing hard to earn. but to make this make sense His responses must be long and detailed to show that he is interested and wants the conversation to continue. [Read: 14 signs he’s genuinely interested in being with you]

#2 He said he was “busy” ?? but still planning A guy who wants to make you want more will keep you waiting. This is a classic sign of playing hard to earn. If you invite him to dinner the next night He may refuse – which will only make you want to see him more.

If he really cares and plays cool He will offer a different day and time for dinner. This indicates that he is still interested and wants to see you. But he might just make you want more before committing to your request.

#3 When he’s not “busy”?? Your conversations are meaningful. When you finally get the chance to sit down and spend time with him. He was ready to understand his life deeply. Both of you can easily have a deep conversation about your future, goals and desires. So even if he plays hard to get it before spending time with you. But that time was well spent. And that means he’s really interested. [Read: The tricky mind games men play that any woman can beat easily]

#4 He is elusive. But give you the details later. When the two of you are sharing information about each other’s family, friends, careers, and other personal information, he may be shy at first. He might raise an eyebrow and ask, “You want to know, don’t you?”

This is the most fun and seductive way. For people to avoid things they don’t want to talk about. But if he’s joking for a moment and then tells you exactly what you’re asking, it’s just a sign that he’s playing hard.

#5 He made an effort sometimes. A guy who plays hard to get it won’t make all plans with you. They want to look cold and uninterested to add to your interest more than they already have.

But if he allows you to do all the plans for a while but also invites you out on a date for a few days. So the poor guy just takes the same route and plays hard to get to you. it’s really cute [Read: Does he like you? – 18 body language cues that just won’t lie]

Signs that he is playing you

If the guy you’re dating likes the antics below. He might just be joking with you. And it’s time to get rid of him!

#1 He avoids giving personal information. If you’re in a relationship with someone and really trying to get to know them. Chances are you’ll ask some personal information about their family, friends, and their life in general.

If your guy avoids these questions and replaces the answers with flirting phrases or just changes the topic entirely. Shows that he may be attacking you. Men who are players tend to keep their personal information secret. So you can’t search anywhere for fear that you might see them together with other people they see. [Read: 15 signs the guy you like is seeing someone else]

#2 You go days without speaking It’s not right for someone interested in you not to talk to you for a few days. Sure, everyone is busy sometimes. But they only have a few minutes to shoot. “good morning” ?? message.

This is a definite sign that he is playing with you and that someone else may be spending his time. Make sure if he ignores you for a few days. You’ll get an answer as to why, if he’s short, kick him to the curb!

#3 When he texts back, he always says “busy”?? If this is his sole reason for not texting or calling you. or just not contacting you in any way for the past few days. Show that he is calling you Someone who is just “busy”?? Plenty of time to text you or make a quick call. There really is no excuse. [Read: 20 sure reasons why a guy could be ignoring you]

#4 You talk a lot, but you don’t feel like you know him. Even if the two of you are always in contact and you talk about things all the time, you probably don’t know anything about him at all. If your friends ask about them and you can find almost any answer. Maybe you should think why is that?

Whether he circumvented personal information as I mentioned above. Or the two of you don’t talk to each other on a connected level. This may be due to him avoiding further interference with you.

#5 He refuses to introduce you to anyone in his life. This is definitely the biggest red flag for me when you first start dating someone. You won’t meet his roommates, best friends, and family right away. But you should at least be introduced if the two of you go out and he sees someone he knows.

It’s a big sign that he’s playing you. If he avoids meeting people he knows Or keep their conversations so short that there’s no room to introduce who you are to them. he is playing you

[Read: 22 early warning signs of a bad boyfriend]

In the beginning of any relationshipIt can be difficult to tell what their actions and personalities truly mean. Are they just incomprehensible or are they hiding things for a reason? The above signs will help you determine if they are playing hard to earn or they are playing you!

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