Is That Love In the Air? 13 Signs You’re Starting to Fall in Love

How do you know you’re falling in love? Sometimes it’s easy to know Sometimes not. Here are 13 signs that love is in the air!

love is in the air

Starting a new relationship is awesome. You had a lot of exciting dates, first kisses, first sleepovers. You drank and ate dinner and meet friends It’s stress, flirting and fun.

But when did you switch from dating someone to something more serious? When do you know that people Does this mean more to you? When did you realize that you were falling for them and that love was in the air?

Love is different for everyone. And there’s no certain set of feelings you’ll ever have that means you’re absolutely in love. Only you know how you feel. However, people tend to feel very similar when they start falling for someone.

13 signs that love is in the air

If you’re wondering if you’re really in love with someone, or just want to tell the difference between true love and crush or infatuation, these 13 signs love is in the air can help you figure it out!

And you, are you in love? Let’s see! [Read: Infatuation vs. Love – 14 ways you can tell the difference]

#1 You wake up and miss them. If as soon as you wake up in the morning You think of your new love *in a good way for sure* that you are falling in love. Especially if you’re thinking about the last thing at night too. Someone who is always on your mind is a sign that love is in the air.

#2 you daydream about them If you find that your mind is distracted And you create a little situation about the two of you together. Show that you are thinking about them all the time. It could be fantasizing about the future or just the hot sex you’ll have later. But daydreaming shows how strong your feelings are. [Read: Infatuation definition – 10 signs you’re clearly just infatuated]

#3 The thought of losing them is terrible. Do you understand the idea of ​​losing them, even if it’s not likely to happen? If you’re thinking about breaking up and it’s bad. *or even the loss of when you two are old and gray* shows how much you care about them.

Now you can’t imagine them without them. and know that they will always be by your side. This is a sign that love is truly in the air! [Read: How to stay in love forever with your lover]

#4 When you look at them, you quickly feel “warm and fuzzy.” The feeling you get when you love someone is a positive emotion.

It makes you feel like you can explode your happiness. But at the same time know how weak you are. It’s like having a butterfly. But it’s more complex and intense. If you can feel it, you will know!

#5 You feel that you “get” each other. To be in love is to truly know the other person. and let them know you too If you let each other in To feel as if you can tell each other something and understand each other completely. That will show how deep and special the two of you are. [Read: Am I in love? 21 signs to decode that fuzzy feeling]

#6 You will do whatever it takes to make them happy. Loving someone makes you feel very selfless. If you feel as if you’re doing everything possible to make the other person happy. It may mean that you are in love with him.

Moreover You also know what it is that makes them smile. And do your best to make that happen as often as possible!

#7 You know their hopes and dreams. when you love someone You want to know everything about him. You probably know what their ambition is. From a practical career to the wildest imagination

You are the biggest advocate and completely believe in them. You push each other and try to help each other achieve your dreams and goals as much as possible. [Read: Real soulmates – 20 signs you’ve met the love of your life]

#8 You are excited to see them. So you just met that morning and you both go to work. But the thought of seeing them again at the end of the day is exciting. The rush you can feel as you walk through doors and doors is completely different. you can’t explain But you just feel so happy to be together. Even if you didn’t do anything.

#9 You feel more emotional than usual. As we said before Being in love makes you weak and allows you to see the world in a different light. In order to truly fall in love You must fully surrender yourself to the other person. And doing so can be quite daunting.

As a result, you are also more sensitive to your own feelings and their feelings. They can make you cry for joy. But it can make you cry in sorrow more easily than anyone else. [Read: Why we fall in love – a little science, a little fate]

#10 You have a little secret. Love is about sharing things with each other and letting people that sees your side in a way that no one else can see You also have a little secret that only the two of you inevitably share.

It doesn’t have to be a big deal. but a secret type But just the little things, like the weird bedtime routine you have or that you secretly find your boss really annoying. There are some things that you keep only for the two of you. which no one is a privy councilor And that’s what makes your relationship so special.

#11 You completely trust each other. You cannot truly be in love without trusting others. Although doing so can be difficult. But love means that you can give all your faith to one another.

You know when times are hard. They will be there for you. You know if you fight It doesn’t mean that you don’t care about each other or are about to break up. you feel safe and secure Even if you don’t get along as well as you should! [Read: 12 real signs of true love in a relationship]

#12 You accept each other’s flaws. Being in love is totally understanding and knowing the other person. Often when we first start a relationship. We just let people that sees the good side of us And we hide our bad parts from anyone else’s eyes.

You can truly love someone and be loved only if you show each other your whole side. Once you accept each other for your true self. You can call it love.

#13 They are your best friend and your lover. Being in love isn’t just about physical and flirting. There is a good friendship underneath all of them as well. Good friends depend on each other and support each other. It also gives each other space for growth and freedom of individuality.

[Read: How to make a relationship last – 19 love commandments]

So are you familiar with these sounds? if so Maybe it’s because love is in the air And you are really falling in love with your lover – what a wonderful feeling!

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