Signs of a Bad Kisser: 26 Red Flags and Foolproof Remedies

Being a bad kisser can be personal. But there are some signs of bad kissing that most people definitely agree with. How do you fix it now?

bad kisser

Chances are, you’ll know the signs of a bad kiss when you see them or touch or taste them.

But whether you think you’re a bad kisser or want to help a bad kisser get better, you need to read on.

Kissing should be a fun activity that two people share. It is an act of intimacy that arises from love, infatuation, attraction, or affection. a simple gesture that people do to show others how they feel.

But a bad kisser can take good things. Let’s turn the experience into something unpleasant and disgusting.

People kiss for many reasons. It can show affection, prelude to sex, or even indicate desire. No matter what the two people have for whatever reason. There are no excuses to act sloppy. So learn how to identify the signs of a bad kisser before it gets too bad. [Read: 15 best kissing techniques]

Are you a bad kisser?

Many people worry that they are bad kissers. Will someone tell you that you are? Wouldn’t it be awkward? You should live your life as a bad kisser and don’t even know it.

The problem is who you are kissing. Everyone likes something different. While some people prefer wet and messy kisses. While some people prefer simple kisses. Your ex may think you are the best kisser. But your next partner might not be impressed.

Instead of worrying about being a bad kisser. Try to focus on the people you’re with. See what they like and go with the trend.

Increase your tongue or speak a little harder if someone is acting like you, but if not, be mean and gentle. You must be able to read body language to be a good kisser.

What makes people kiss bad?

A bad kisser is someone who doesn’t know how to satisfy other people’s mouths. They may think they are stars. Little do they know they’re ranting all over you, ruining your mood, and possibly shutting you down.

not only that But a bad kisser is someone who doesn’t take into account other favorable circumstances, such as your partner’s location, mood, and habits.

And what’s worse? this could be you And you might not even know it, so be on the lookout for signs of a bad kiss from your own mouth. [Read: Memories of an embarrassing first kiss]

1. Dry mouth

Dry mouth kissing can be a problem as it can hurt. also cause bad breath Other than that, a pair of dry lips doesn’t look attractive at all. May cause bleeding. Not cute.

2. saliva

This is the biggest complaint about bad kissers. Some medical conditions can cause too much saliva to come out. But some kissers think it’s better to lubricate their lips while kissing. Saliva is a working hazard when kissing. But too much saliva can drown you and your partner.

Of course, lubrication is essential in some aspects of intimacy. But the two mouths together work well. No need to spit too much. If you want to wipe your mouth after kissing someone That means you’re a bad kisser. [Read: How to make a kiss more passionate]

3. bite

Yes, it’s sexy at the right moment. However, biting too much can ruin a good makeup session. It can hurt and make your partner feel uncomfortable. Do it with consent or in a private place only. You shouldn’t bite your lip to someone’s tongue after a few pecks or in public.

4. Inhale and gasp.

You may have a cold or have a nose problem. But breathing hard With a person while kissing will break up. Choking like you’re drowning isn’t a big deal either. If someone is trying to hold their breath That’s not only a sign of a bad kiss, but it can also warrant a doctor’s appointment.

5. making strange noises

Sometimes moaning can make kissing better. But lamenting too much of your approval can spoil the mood. especially when you are in public. Bad kissers groan and groan, and this can be uncomfortable. [Read: Does kissing in public turn you on?]

6. bad breath

It’s possible that you have too many onions. or undiagnosed stomach problems by any means A kiss won’t have a chance to start if your partner can smell his breath from across the room. Your mouth is close to your nose and smelling foul things is unpleasant when you are trying to be intimate.

7. rhythm

Slow and sensual would be nice if it didn’t bore your partner. A quick, passionate kiss can be a good thing if you don’t feel like your partner is in competition. Don’t rush or be too boring if you want to avoid a bad kiss.

8. wide mouth

There are many ways to reach someone else’s mouth with your mouth. Some opened their mouths so wide that they looked like they were eating their mate. While some would shut their mouths as tightly as possible as if they were keeping their tongues for marriage. [Read: The truth about all types of kisses]

9. Movement of the tongue .

No one has ever taught you how to move your tongue properly while it is in someone else’s mouth. That makes it extremely uncomfortable for some to refrain from doing things like lunging in and out, cleaning their partner’s teeth. Or even use it as a sword to block the tongue of the other party. Doing these things will make you a bad kisser.

10. Impact teeth

It happens from time to time But if it happens a lot Show that you are trying to stuff your jaw into your partner’s mouth. This can hurt and damage your teeth. and destroying the atmosphere with the sound of clashing

11. Talk

You’re kissing. Discussions about the ongoing relationship should be discussed after you’ve agreed. Some people think that saying nothing sweet While kissing is sexy But it often becomes a distraction that destroys the mood. [Read: Impress people with your kissing]

How do you fix a bad kisser?

The key to being a good kisser is knowing what your partner likes. You should also notice where the kiss takes place and under what circumstances.

Do you have a relationship? Is this your first date? Are you going to have sex? Giving the perfect kiss is all about preparing and making sure it’s at the right time. Being a bad kisser is easy. But changing your technique to match your partner is important, and include these tips. [Read: What does a forehead kiss mean?]

1. brush teeth

You don’t have to do it before you kiss. Just make sure you do it before meeting your partner. And don’t drink coffee or garlic before your makeup session. no one wants that

2. Drink plain water

No one likes to kiss a dry mouthed person. Hydration not only keeps your lips hydrated. It can also reduce the taste and smell of what you just ate. Drink enough water in general. but especially before the kiss

3. Apply some lip balm.

whether you are a man or a woman Apply lip balm all over your lips before kissing. It can make your lips soft and smooth. And using flavorful colors can make your kisses flow a little. This will make you less prone to bad kisses if you’re that famous.

Also, don’t overdo it. Too much lip balm can make everything too messy and slippery. One coat would probably be fine.

4. Pop Mint

It sounds corny and makes you look like you’re preparing for a kiss. But there’s nothing wrong with that. Your date will thank you for it. Just be sure to go with mint, not gum. that can get messy and cause choking Chew peppermint before you cast your tonsils. And you don’t need to worry about your bad breath. [Read: 12 subtle ways to be a better kisser]

5. Make sure you have your privacy.

You can kiss your lover softly. when someone is nearby But try not to be cocky in front of the audience. If you have to do that Make sure the people around you don’t mind in the slightest. A bad kisser isn’t just someone with no skills. but also lacks common sense

And if you’re a bad kisser, people will be able to see it without kissing you. Don’t give your kissing partner a bad physical experience. and do not shame him Make your makeup session private.

6. Make sure they want to kiss you.

Don’t force yourself to have someone who is in the mood kiss you. Understand how your date will react before you start kissing. whether you are a good kisser or not No one wants a surprise kiss. You can ask first or lean in slowly to see if they meet you halfway.

Read the room. Read their body language. It’s not too hard to tell if someone wants a kiss or not. and if they retreat don’t try again

[Read: 10 tips for kissing a guy for the first time]

7. Soft start

Give your date a small mouthful before moving forward. if they respond You can start to move your lips in a rhythm that doesn’t seem awkward to both of you. Being a better kisser is reading the situation.

8. Swallow your saliva

Do not forward to your date. if you are nervous Instead, swallow a few times so you don’t have a gallon full of saliva. Also, take breaks to swallow and breathe if needed. It’s better to step back for a moment than cover your kissing partner with saliva. This is definitely a bad kisser thing.

9. Match your rhythm

You’re not the only one in control here. Try to connect with your partner instead of slapping each other with your mouth. Different situations call for different kissing speeds. Know what makes you both feel good. And always be aware of what’s awkward or not.

If you’re going to say goodnight at the end of a date. Give a slow, sweet kiss. You’re saying goodnight. Don’t come in if you’re going into the bedroom. You can increase the speed and pressure to show more concentration and passion. [Read: How to be a good kisser without experience]

10. Breathe through your nose.

Don’t worry, you won’t faint from the kiss. If you can’t control your breathing Stop and relax for a moment before continuing the kiss.

11. If you have to make noise Do it when you are in private.

Also, do it when you’re in the heat instead of kissing at night. sweet hum is good But you should keep your moans, moans, and heavy breathing. behind closed and locked doors

12. Light bite

If you want to kiss your partner’s lips only do it for a moment. don’t do it all the time A bite is just a kissing accessory. It’s not an important part of it. You don’t want it to bruise, bleed, or pull.

13. Don’t open your mouth more than necessary.

If you want to use your tongue a little, don’t combine your teeth and gums. You don’t have to open your mouth to French Kiss. Just open your tongue wide enough to move enough into your partner’s mouth. [Read: 5 tips for making out like a goddess]

14. Always check your tongue.

Don’t use the formats you read in magazines and click bait articles. Use your tongue properly by keeping it in line with your tongue. See what works best for both of you instead of trying to put your tongue on their throats. [Read: 10 steps for an oh-so-sexy make out session]

15. keep quiet

If you want to talk, do it later. If there’s a dirty talk Take a moment to say what you want instead of muttering in your partner’s mouth. Words are sexier when they are clearly heard.

[Read: The subtle art of a passionately romantic kiss]

Some people are spontaneous in kissing. They are crazy after dating because they give amazing kisses. You can be one of them by following these steps and avoiding the signs of a bad kiss.

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