16 Subtle Signs of a Jealous Friend You May Not Always Recognize

You probably remember the jealous couple. But what about friends? Here’s how to spot the signs of a jealous friend. especially when it is not clear

Signs of a jealous friend

This article was an interesting one for me to write. On one side, I identified two friends who were jealous of me. They show signs of heartburn.

On the other hand, I realized that hair Being jealous in my relationship If someone does better than me or gets a promotion or gift that I’ve always wanted, I become a jealous friend. And it’s hard to accept.

Even though I’m not the same person I was in my 20s, it’s important to accept my past behavior, because honestly, who wants to be jealous of a friend?

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16 clear signs But the most fragile of a jealous friend.

If you think you are or have a friend who is jealous, you need to quit. This isn’t a good relationship for both of you. First of all, a jealous person should try to find inner issues and focus on growing as a person.

Secondly, people who are not jealous need to build relationships with people who are ready for a real, sincere relationship. It’s time to focus on yourself. You don’t need any extra drama in your life. There is enough drama in the world as it is.

Good friends are not jealous. The next time you remember some of the signs your friend is jealous around you. try to stay away from them

#1 They love giving you compliments. Ah yes, a classic backhand compliment. They never say, “You look beautiful” or “I love the jeans that are on you,” but the sentence doesn’t end there. they will say “That color looks good on you. But it also makes you look bad” or “You’d look good in those jeans if it weren’t for your big ass.” See what I mean? [Read: The backhanded compliment – how to ignore it or give back in kind]

#2 They don’t want to talk about your success. You are now in a lucky streak. and that’s great Sure, you are enjoying your success and want to share it with your friends, but when you share Your friends do not support or congratulate you. Instead, they change the conversation and focus on the times you fail. The most obvious sign of a friend being jealous is the pattern that they don’t want to hold you back. They need to pull you down.

#3 they are not safe When it comes to insecurity You notice more and more that your friends are full of these And this makes sense. Behind every jealousy is a barge of unresolved insecurity. Instead of working for yourself Instead, they gain self-esteem by pushing those around them down. [Read: Why your codependent friendship is more unhealthy than you think]

#4 they crack jokes when it comes to jokes There is always some truth. Even if the joke is funny But there are some jokes that are not funny at all. but instead is an insult and disgrace. This isn’t because your friend is a failed comedian. But these jokes are said to deliberately let you down.

#5 They boast of success They will do whatever it takes to make sure you don’t enjoy your success. But when it comes to them and their success You should be ready to party. That’s the sad part of having a jealous friend. The relationship is completely one-sided. You have to give them all of you. But you won’t get anything in return.

#6 They feel that life is unfair to them. Sure, we all have moments when we think the world is against us and nothing is fair. We all have moments of self-pity.

But when it comes to your friends Everything was unfair to them. Maybe you’ve been promoted. and instead of happiness for you Your friends are complaining about why they weren’t promoted. when they work as hard as you [Read: 15 steps to stop caring about someone who hurt you and heal yourself]

#7 They don’t like when you give advice. When it comes to advice, it’s hard. We can accept advice from people we admire. But the people we envy… That’s a completely different story.

Friends should be available to help you when you need advice and vice versa. But when you try to help a friend They will be angry and insult you. Hearing your advice is the worst thing for them.

#8 They never supported you. Maybe you’re afraid to ask for a promotion or try on the outfit you’ve looked at at Zara. This is where your friends come to give you the motivation you need to keep going. but instead of pushing you forward Your friends are preventing you from growing as a person. [Read: 13 signs a fake friend can fake but they just can’t hide]

#9 They talk behind your back. A jealous friend doesn’t just show you these signs. They also make sure everyone around you knows your dirty laundry. Jealous friends like to prank their friends behind their backs. Let others see how much better they are.

#10 Everything is drama. when you are near them The only constant is the drama. Chaos was always around them. Whether they fight with others or create drama for themselves. It seems to never end One sign of jealous friends is that they need drama. Because drama is important to toxic people. They are always looking for ways to be unhelpful or showy. [Read: How to ignore someone and cut out the stressful drama]

#11 They want to beat you at everything. But especially when it comes to interests you already have. If you enjoy running They will try to run away from you. if you like to read get ready Because they will make sure they know all the classics. because your friend is jealous So they aim to beat you at your own game.

#12 They don’t support you. What are the benefits of having friends if you don’t support each other? This is a sensitive sign of a jealous friend. If your friend is a true friend They will not hesitate to support you and expect the same from you. Without you, they are not true friends.

#13 They are obsessed with status. when talking about status They are obsessed with it. They must have the best clothes. Hang out in the hottest places. and make sure they see them with people with “status” but those who seek who are jealous and very self-assured. This will eventually hurt them. [Read: 15 signs of fake friends you can spot from a mile away]

#14 They copy everything you do. It’s a little creepy, right? Even if your friends want to push you down They also want to imitate you. They envy you, remember? So they will try to steal some of your identity. The part they always wanted to have.

#15 Being around them is tough. When you’re hanging out with your friends, it’s not always fun. You feel heavy and pressured around them. but when you part ways you will feel much better And that’s telling you something. Your friends are sucking good vibes. come out of you [Read: 17 bad, toxic friends you need to unfriend from your life]

#16 They are jealous of your other friends. when you are near other friends they will be very jealous They criticize others for hanging out with you and try to make sure you are close to them. They are afraid of losing you. Because you are the person they compete with to make themselves feel complete.

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Jealousy in friendships is never a good thing. Keep an eye out for these signs of a jealous friend. And remember, if you want a real, sincere relationship. You must be able to identify what kind of relationship is.

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