25 Signs of Disrespect in a Marriage that Shouldn’t Be Tolerated

When you say “I do,” it’s a promise to love, respect and honor each other. Here are 25 signs of disrespect in marriage to watch out for.

Signs of disrespect for marriage

No one said getting married was easy. if so Show that they are not married or talk to anyone who is honest about the difficulty of healing. “Happy marriages”, although each marriage is performed differently. But there are also some universal signs of disrespect for marriage that create a small hole and eventually open it.

We used to be close That couple that makes you feel uncomfortable Hatred that can be cut with a knife You just know that the house is not good. But there are two types of conflict situations in marriage: the silent type and the external type.

Of course, speaking badly about or about your spouse is one of the signs of disrespect in marriage. There are many hidden and heartbreaking things that no one can see except the person who receives it.

25 signs of disrespect in marriage

Insults are unbearable in every relationship. And even if you think you’re strong enough to weather the irreverent storm, Not only will the tide take you away You shouldn’t be with people who don’t respect you as much as you respect them.

Insults come in many forms. From the use of foul language to offensive phrases. It’s usually the sum of how someone makes you feel. If you think they disrespect you Don’t second guess yourself. You deserve a relationship in which you feel valued and loved.

#1 They never put their phones down. I get it. Phones are fun and important. But it shouldn’t be more important than spending time with your spouse. when you put your phone in front The phone will say to your partner, “I’m sorry that things are getting better now.” [Read: Phubbing – Why it’s the rudest thing you could ever do to anyone]

#2 Their friends know more about them than you. Marriage should be two best friends. If you encounter an important life event or day to day affairs from someone other than your significant other. That means they don’t value you.

#3 They never introduce you to anyone they know.Worse than standing there while your spouse is dating someone who is definitely a good friend, and not only do you not know them or in them, they don’t think you criticize anyone. Enough to say, “Hey, hey! is my wife/husband ___”

#4 They only take care of themselves and can’t take care of their families less. The partnership should be like that. If they only care about themselves and what’s in their plans, guess what, they don’t respect what’s going on in your life. Either way, that’s not cool. [Read: One year itch: 25 tips to avoid marriage problems early on]

#5 They don’t recognize your success.. If you respect someone Show that you honor his achievements.

People who are not proud of you or what you accomplished do not respect who you are or your life goals. Honoring means not being jealous and giving someone a “good job” no matter what happens in their lives. [Read: 10 signs your partner is truly supportive of your goals]

#6 They use every opportunity possible to make you feel less.. When you respect someone You want to make them feel good about themselves. to create them If they use every opportunity to lower your level. point out your insecurities or just make you feel bad That is extremely disrespectful and not what you want.

#7 They talk about and with you derogatoryly. Respecting someone means you encourage them. not destroy him If they can’t follow “Thumper’s Law” to say nothing If you can’t say anything nice or worse Not being able to say nice things is a sign of disrespect in marriage.

#8 nothing out of bounds If they don’t know when to stop Think laughter should hurt you. Or share intimate details about what happened in your life without thinking about how it affected or hurt you. They will not respect you.

#9 They hide things from you. Part of showing respect to your partner is showing trust and being open and honest. If they keep a secret from you Big or small, there is a reason. They try to maintain control. Controlling someone doesn’t show respect. If someone can’t be trusted He will be extremely disrespectful not only to you but for the commitments you have made together. [Read: 13 giveaways to tell if someone is lying to your face]

#10 They treat you as if you were gone tomorrow. They will not notice, or better yet, they will be happy. when you respect someone You will make them feel loved, appreciated and appreciated. If someone treats you like the only thing that will change is the pile of laundry when you’re gone. That’s not respect. that screams “I assume you accept and will move on if you keep going.”

#11 They make a big deal out of other men/women and see through you.Respect for marriage means that you make someone feel like they are for you and indispensable.

If every time you go out somewhere You know it doesn’t matter if you’re around or not because they can’t see you anymore. They are moving towards bigger and better things. which is nothing other than disrespect and don’t talk about what hurts

#12 They never take your side.. Respecting someone means standing behind them just because you know they are good. and if they say anything Show that you believe he is right.

Of course, there may be times when this is not the case. But showing respect means you stand behind them. And even if you whisper in their ear to look again You pick them up and stay by their side.

#13 They make sure they are fed, dressed, and taken care of first.. Showing respect is like having a guest. You have to make sure they are taken care of first. That goes for both of you, not just one side.

#14 Their social media is full of inappropriate contacts and conversations.. Go out and let the world see If your partner texts, tweets, snaps, or does stupid things. Your other million inappropriately or worse in front of you with the opposite sex That was a disrespect for the moment.

#15 They openly watch porn regardless of whether you are around or not.. Seriously? We know all men do. But there’s enough respect to hide evidence or keep it when you’re alone and without us. or watch with us… [Read: Porn for couples: Why it might just save your relationship]

#16 They talk about how hot other people are in front of you. A supermodel, celebrity, or sidekick is no different. Your spouse should be the only one in your eyes. At least on paper and as far as they know, don’t lie, just keep quiet. We all know we’re not perfect 10. You will let him have an illusion.

#17 They constantly reduce your style, your outfit, or anything else about your appearance.. That’s ugly and unhelpful.

#18 If you struggle, they can’t help. Your spouse should be your best friend and the one there for you through good and bad times. If they’ve never been there It would be disrespectful and deny the promise they made to you.

#19 They always choose friends and family over you. When you respect your marriage and your spouse They will occupy the number one position in your life. If your partner never takes your side by saying “I don’t respect you” is an important sign of disrespect in marriage.

#20 They make it clear that you are not important.When you say I do, it means “I promise to honor and cherish you.” Cherishing someone means telling them how much they mean to you. [Read: How to set boundaries: 10 crucial steps to feel more in control]

#21 They don’t think they’re lucky to have you. People who respect you know that they are lucky to have you in their lives. If they treat you as a reward That’s not an honor. It’s absolutely disgusting and not something you should tolerate!

#22 They are disrespectful to your friends or family. To be honest, just because you married someone and married their family. It doesn’t always mean you have to love them.

But you have to show them kindness, acknowledgment, and respect enough to treat them like it’s important. If someone has never acted like the person who is most important to you, who is important to them. That is a clear sign of disrespect for marriage.

#23 If what is important to you is only important to you.. Marriage is a collective effort in all areas. If you are excited about something even if that is not They should pretend that they are.

#24 What is theirs? Moment.. Marriage means 50/50, that means you share everything. You don’t think you have a problem. There may be something special that means something to one of you. but in general Community property is community. [Read: Selfishness in relationships: 15 tips to do the right thing]

#25 They can’t give you two seconds because it matters. Respecting someone means when they have something to say. They take the time to show you. you mean something

Even if it’s totally stupid or baby. You have to go with it when you get married to show people how much you respect them. If you allow the person who should be your best friend. your support system and your life partner Treat you with the respect you deserve. One day you’ll wake up, look around, and feel bad.

[Read: How do you know when your marriage is over? And is it too late?]

If you honor your loved one and don’t get it back considered incorrect Use the signs of disrespect in marriage to end the behavior.

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