15 Obsessive Signs of Limerence That Are Easily Mistaken for Love

When we watch romantic comedies They create a story about how the relationship should go. But they often mix the signs of weakness for love.

signs of weakness

I used to be preoccupied With a romantic comedy, to the point where I just wanted to experience a rom-com romance for myself. How do I do it… no Want to live in the 90s rom-com era? definitely! But there’s a big problem with that kind of love. They are often misunderstood about true love.

In fact, it can be difficult to differentiate between cowardice and love at the beginning of a relationship. This is the time when things can mess you up.

When you first start dating someone, everything escalates and becomes more intense. You’re on cloud nine and can’t get enough for someone else. I know. I’ve been there too.

But when it comes to greed Romance becomes obsession and fantasies. The goal is to change or maintain the relationship in a highly emotional state. This is not something you are forcing yourself. Limerence is often unintentional. Basically, people with weakness just want to repay their strong feelings. And this is where limerence becomes a bit of a concern.

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15 strongest obsessive signs of limerence

The last thing you want is to rely on your emotions and dwell on the idea that your feelings will be rewarded. But don’t worry It’s good for you to realize that your feelings might not be true love.

Love or weakness?

#1 can last for many years I’m not kidding. Limerence can truly last for many years. After thinking about it He must have been seriously ill in high school. I’ve liked this guy for six years. It took a long time for those feelings to pass. It didn’t help that the guy gave me mixed signals. If anything, it prolongs the process. [Read: The soul crushing signs your crush doesn’t like you back]

#2 Limerence has no long-term potential. when you love Some people depend on making each other happy by spending time together and sharing each other’s interests, hobbies, and abilities. But with greed there is no true love, Limerence is. only about being loved by someone or something It doesn’t matter if the person really likes you or not.

#3 you fantasize about them Whether you are in a relationship with this person or not. You just spend time fantasizing about them. Do you think of the future with them? how will it be How strong will your relationship be? And of course, all this fantasies distract you from your daily life. [Read: Infatuation symptoms that say you’re sick in love]

#4 Limerence is more than more than attention and is more than infatuation With bitterness it becomes more intense. Look, when there is interest or passion. They are intense but short-term. However, signs of limerence can persist. long Time and mood are more dramatic with very high and low tones.

#5 you see them in everything Whether you’re at work or walking down the street. Everything you see will remind you of them. nothing you do not See that doesn’t remind you of them. And although this may sound romantic, But even the strongest couples do not see their partner in everything.

#6 not deep relationship you two can do it just Start dating or not in any relationship Your relationship is pretty shallow. at least for now The point is, you’ve already planned your wedding in five steps and your kids What will yours look like? But you don’t even know this person. See the problem? [Read: 12 things you MUST do if you want to stop obsessing over someone]

#7 It doesn’t depend on gender. Look, this is where people get confused. Limerence is not based on gender. to be lustful Bitterness depends on getting your attention from the thing or person you have feelings for. Instead of wanting to fulfill sexual desires So if you’re being cowardly, it’s not about sex.

#8 you analyze too much everything. Okay, okay, I personally think everyone is guilty of over-analyzing the words and actions of the people we like. So just because you over-analyze. It doesn’t mean it’s a weakness. but too analytic is one of the signs If you are analyzing every breath you take every word they say and connect with you Show that it has become a little overwhelming. [Read: How being smothered in a relationship can be confused for love]

#9 You believe they are your soulmate. Whether you’ve had a soulmate before or not Do you believe they are N.S. One. Your reason is that they feel this intense connection. It’s as if you’re being pulled over. The point is, you hardly know this person.

#10 You manipulate situations to be with them. You know where they are working and “accidentally” show up at their work. You influence the people around you to come closer to them. If you find yourself preparing for an event hoping to get closer to them. This is a very common sign of incompatibility.

#11 You have physical symptoms. But really! This is not made up! When you are around this person or miss them. You experience physical symptoms such as dizziness and excessive sweating. You still stutter because of nervousness. And although you may not be aware But these symptoms are directly related to the person you are obsessed with.

#12 You feel like you can’t live without them. Maybe this is how you felt when you broke up with your first boyfriend. You think to yourself “How can I live without them? I will never find love again.” But over time you will find love and move on. You feel overwhelming anxiety and want their attention and affection unbearably.

#13 You easily sink into depression. When you don’t get the attention or love you want from this person. you will feel hopeless Despair is accompanied by mood swings and depression because you feel rejected.

#14 You put it on a pedestal. This person could literally hold a lethal weapon in his hand. And you’d say it wasn’t them. because you imagine them So you put it on the pedestal. Whether they are clumsy, rude, or charming, you overlook their flaws and treat them as flawless creatures. [Read: How to let go of a relationship that’s bad for you]

#15 You are very jealous. Let me be honest, you don’t need to be cowardly to experience jealousy. When it comes to jealousy It can appear in any situation where you feel threatened. but in this situation You might not even have a real relationship with them. But you feel attached to this person even if they are not in a relationship.

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Is it love or bitterness? It’s not always easy to tell. But once you know the signs of weakness You will be able to understand by yourself.

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