The Signs She’s Hiding Her Feelings for You Though She Likes You

Do you think she is developing feelings even if she refuses? Read on for these signs that she is hiding her feelings for you. Even if she falls in love with you!

Signs that she is hiding her feelings for you.

You really like her but don’t know what to do. You’re unsure of the signs she’s hiding her feelings for you, so it’s time to find out the truth. Is she developing feelings for you? Does she fall in love with you but reject those feelings? What happened in her mind?

Love is not as straightforward and easy as we like to think. When anything involves two humans It won’t be a straight line. But it’s like a roller coaster going up and down sideways. and all you can do is sit it till the end That is why understanding the signs she is hiding her feelings for you is so valuable.

To be honest, I like a lot of guys but I hide my feelings because I’m shy. think they don’t like me Or do I keep arguing in my heart that they are? I know you don’t want the latter. But this is a normal idea that people think.

People are afraid to make mistakes, so before moving They analyze and see if this is the best option for them. Sometimes she might know that she likes you. But she may wait to learn more about you. Or maybe she’s still developing new feelings. And take her time to find out how eager she is to date you.

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sensitive signal But it’s very obvious that she hides her feelings for you.

when saying that You shouldn’t wait for someone to know if they want to be with you or not. You have to be proactive and see if she has feelings for you. You can always ask her, not knowing if she likes you, but I know it’s easier for you if she likes you.

Then, after assessing the signs she is hiding her feelings for you or not. You can decide! Why wait? Why not take a chance on love? [Read: 18 secrets to impress any girl and get her to like you ASAP]

1. body language

After all No matter how much you hide your emotions She couldn’t hide her body language. Body language is nonverbal communication. Sometimes we do things without thinking at all. She may smile around you often. Play with her hair, sit next to you, and touch you when you make jokes. She wouldn’t do that if she didn’t like you. [Read: Watch for these subtle body language cues in a women]

2. She flirts with text messages.

She might be embarrassed in front of you. But when you text each other she is a womanizer Not everyone is good in front of others. But I feel more relaxed when talking on the phone or texting. She might really like you. But she was terrified and afraid of getting hurt. This is why she doesn’t pay much attention to you. [Read: How to win your crush over via text]

3. Her friends know about you.

Now women talk about all men. But the ones we really like We speak highly of them. If you are looking for signs that she is hiding her feelings for you, Or if you still feel Chances are, her friends already know who you are. She must be mad at them how great you are. You may have come across them once or twice. but they know you a lot good.

4. She is always by your side.

Maybe you have an important test coming up or a basketball tournament. no matter what She’s the first to text you to see how the test goes or sit in the stands in the game. If she likes you, she’ll support you through any obstacles. that you have in your way [Read: How to tell if a shy girl likes you – The secrets revealed]

5. she’s sorry

Nobody apologizes as much as she did to you. She doesn’t want to make things wrong. Besides, she’s insecure. So she hurried to apologize. For the most part, she didn’t even need to say sorry. but she likes you very much She’s nervous as hell around you.

6. She laughs at your jokes.

No one said your jokes were good. Honestly, they might not be very good, but who cares? She thinks they’re hilarious and will laugh at every single thing you pull out of the hat. Even Dad’s Worst Jokes Usually we only laugh at jokes from people we find interesting. If every joke you tell makes you cry from laughter That’s a good sign that she’s developing feelings for you. Or hide your feelings just to be safe for now

7. eye contact

when she talks to you she will look at you straight She might look the other way and blush if you look back into her eyes. But when you talk, she listens. Eye contact shows attraction. So if her gaze is looking at you as if you are the most interesting thing in the world, then she’s the most attractive person in the world. *Unless you have spinach stuck in your teeth* She likes you.

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8. She remembers the details.

I can’t remember anything Remember that everyone is different. But a woman remembers what we feel is important now if she is developing feelings or hiding from you. It could be the way you like your coffee or the secret you told her.

Do you remember where you put your car keys? No, but she remembers the little things. that you can show and tell her because those things are important to her.

9. She is jealous of other women.

After all Whether they’re shy or loud, tall or short, everyone gets jealous when what they want has the chance to disappear. For example, a cute girl is flirting with you in front of her. Now you can see jealousy coming from her. and if so You may hide your feelings. You won’t feel jealous of the people you don’t like or the people you want all for yourself. [Read: How to ask a if she likes you without really asking]

10. She was uncomfortable.

Not everyone is cool and introverted when talking to their crush. if you are like me She probably stutters and becomes restless when talking to you. No, she doesn’t have a twitch. She is really nervous to be around you. She may not know what to say or completely forget how to behave naturally because she cannot control her emotions.

11. She goes out with you.

when you invite her out Whether it’s a group or just the two of you, she goes, and she goes without hesitation. In fact, she’s really excited to hang out with you because she likes you.

She might be nervous and shy now. If she still sees you Show that she likes you on a deeper level. She may need more time to relax. so be patient [Read: How to talk to a shy girl and get her to open up]

12. She follows you on social media.

Now she’s not just following you. But she also looks at your Insta stories and likes your pictures too. And maybe even DM you often, even if she doesn’t comment on all of your photos. five years ago It probably doesn’t matter But now technology is part of our lives. This is a sign that she is developing feelings for you. She may be shy or hide the feelings around you. But she actively follows your life.

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Now you know the signs that she’s hiding her feelings for you. If you think she likes you It’s time for you to act! Sometimes you just have to take risks.

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