13 Signs She Wants to Be Exclusive with You & Wants Your Commitment

Casual relationship is not that Easy. Sure, they started having fun. But some people might catch the feeling. How do you know the signs that she wants to be special?

Signs that she wants to be special to you

I’m not saying that women are indecisive and complicated. We’re not that bad. I mean, you’re in a relaxed relationship. How long do you think it will last before you see the signs that she wants to be special?

Many men think they can continue a relationship casually. without feeling involved This is what everyone feels. We’re human, so maybe you could date her for a while and notice that she takes the relationship seriously. Or maybe you want to take the next step.

The sign she wanted was exclusive.

by any means No one wants to feel rejected. That’s why we’re afraid to move. Of course, you never really know. How does she feel unless you ask her? But if you want to know how she feels about the two of you? There are certain signs that will make you understand more clearly.

Now every woman is different, so she may show some signs that she wants to be special. without showing it to others But don’t worry give a little time then everything will be clear It’s time to find the truth

#1 She closes the dating app. This is a big sign. This is equivalent to not going to your favorite pickup bar. She wasn’t looking for anyone to be with or wasn’t interested in it. So she deleted her dating app.

She hints that you delete her app, which is a good time for you to talk about where you both want the relationship to go. That’s your window of opportunity. so take it [Read: 15 signs you’ve already hit the exclusive stage]

#2 you met someone important We all have a group of important people who want to meet someone special. They could be friends or family. But the point is, they found you. These are the people who are looking for her best interests. and if you meet them more than once Show that you passed the test If you’re someone she doesn’t really care about. She won’t introduce you to the important people in her life. [Read: 14 signs to know if you’re just dating or in a relationship]

#3 she surprises you This could be on a sexual, emotional, or psychological level. She can appear at your home naked. But she can bake a birthday cake for you. The point is, she takes the time to show her love to you. This is a sign that she cares. It’s not about the big work she does. But it’s a little thing that you need to keep an eye on.

#4 She knows you on a deeper level. If you’re just having casual sex and nothing more She probably doesn’t want to know you more, why is she? You are not special in her life. but the one who fulfills the need

Sorry that may sound harsh. But it’s true But if she wants to get to know you better, she’s interested in you. Trust me, ladies, don’t waste your time on that. So if she really wants to get to know you It’s one of the most obvious signs that she wants to be exclusive to you. [Read: 15 signs she’s leading you on and taking you nowhere]

#5 She tells you that she wants a relationship. Maybe on your first date She tells you that she’s not looking for anything comfortable. and you know what? she didn’t lie Don’t ignore those sentences because she tells you exactly what she wants. She wants something special. If not, she wouldn’t say anything. Or what will she say later?

#6 you are the one who approached her If you’re just a casual person, she won’t see you as someone she can ask for help. but in this case she did she trusts you You’re the first person she calls when something good happens, and you’re the last person she talks to at bedtime at night. She definitely has a best friend. But you’re the person she sees living with.

#7 She has met your family. Now, no one really likes meeting their parents. It was a very stressful event. Especially when you really like your partner. But what if she’s willing and excited to see your parents? That’s because she wants to see where you come from and who you are. She won’t care until she feels for you. [Read: 19 clear signs the two of you are ready for a serious relationship]

#8 she talks about the future I’m not going to talk about twenty years from now, okay, of course it might be about the distant future. But I’m focusing on the future next year. She’s talking about what you can do in the summer or where you can relax during the winter vacation. no matter what your goals Those goals have you in them.

#9 you are on her social media We do not post pictures of men on our social media. unless everyone knows that he is just Friend. If we do, then we’re taken away. Now if she posts a picture of you. She wants people to see that you’re together. If you are invisible on social media She didn’t want anyone to see. [Read: 12 hints a girl drops if she wants to get exclusive with you]

#10 She spends the holidays with you. valentine’s day your birthday These are all important holidays. But she still chooses to spend those times with you. It’s easy to text someone that But she does her best to make sure you enjoy your day. This shows that she has taken another step towards your life.

#11 You spend days and nights together. Anyone can spend the night with anyone. not difficult The hardest thing is spending a day with someone, if she likes you, she’ll spend days and nights with you without a problem. She doesn’t care if it’s Friday night or Tuesday afternoon. She will take advantage of the time she has with you.

#12 Her stuff is in your place. if she is not comfortable She won’t leave anything at your house. But she left some of them there for convenience. but also to mark her territory This is a good sign that she’s not going anywhere. And she’s here to stay [Read: Is it a good idea for her to move in? The signs you need to know]

#13 She is past that. Yeah, she dated some idiot. But who hasn’t dated yet? The main difference, however, is that she isn’t using you to win over her ex. She moved from past relationships and wanted something new.

You know exactly when a woman uses you as a response and when she’s serious. if she is serious She will show these symptoms.

[Read: 20 signs it’s probably time for you to clearly define the relationship with her]

Are there any signs that she wants to be exclusive to you? Or does she express more casual dating feelings? See what the signs tell you

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