11 Signs She’s Using You Emotionally & Just Playing with Your Heart

You might be very serious about her. But she is not fully committed to you. What are the signs that she uses your emotions?

Signs that she is using you emotionally

Are you open, vulnerable, and vulnerable to your love? First, you need to figure out if the woman you’re with is showing signs that she’s using your emotions.

First of all, love is not easy. When we found it, it became even more difficult. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fall in love, you should! It’s one of the best feelings you’ll ever experience. But you want to make sure you’re giving your heart to someone who really wants to cherish it. I know, I look like 90 years old, but I’m telling the truth!

This doesn’t mean all girls will flirt with you. But there’s a lot to do. Is this because they are evil? No, this was simply because they were afraid of getting hurt. [Read: Is she an attention whore who’s using you?]

11 Signs You Should Know She’s Using Your Emotions

women are not stupid We see how many men have children next door. and does not respect the point of correlation, so to deal with this That’s why we keep our options open even though we might really like you. Why is this? It’s all done for us to save ourselves from getting hurt. I’m not saying she’s a good person or a bad person because of that. I’m telling you what it is.

Dating someone is a selfish thing to do while you keep your options open. This represents a huge trust issue. which takes time to solve If someone is dating you you respect yourself so find someone new Because we all know it’s not cool.

#1 you feel a little abnormal you have intuition don’t fool yourself You know, there are things that don’t feel completely right. and if that’s the case There is bound to be something wrong in the relationship. This doesn’t mean she’s getting emotional with you. But it might be a different feeling. but the point is you feel it in you [Read: How to listen to your masculine instincts]

#2 She is not committed to any long-term plans. Long term can mean a few months from now or years from now. but the point is She didn’t commit to anything. Maybe you have a wedding in a month and ask her to be your date. But instead of saying yes, she gives you “maybe” and an inconsistent excuse. This is a sign that she isn’t sure if she’s going to be with you that far.

#3 She likes the good things in life. We all don’t? I don’t call her a gold digger because that would be unfair. But when you take her out She wants to go to the best place. Let you buy her the nicest things. However, she is not looking for any emotion with you. In fact, you feel more like a credit card than a girlfriend. [Read: The sneaky signs you’re dating a genuine gold digger]

#4 Your conversations are deep. You don’t have a really intense conversation. Nothing makes you feel emotionally attached to her. You’ll talk about your day, work, friends, but nothing will make her open up to you emotionally. She doesn’t mention childhood. Ongoing personal matters or feelings towards you

#5 she reply you late whether by text or telephone She was in no hurry to contact me back. Of course, some people are too busy to reply. But you have a moment to respond quickly to the people you care about. Especially in today’s world where we are all addicted to our phones. But what if it took her several hours to respond? she really doesn’t care [Read: 13 wily ways of an attention seeker who only wants attention]

#6 She couldn’t remember the small details. We all know that small things How important is it when it comes to relationships? It’s these little details we know about other people that make a difference. But she couldn’t remember the little things. Maybe you have an important meeting today. But she never asked you how it was because she couldn’t remember.

#7 you feel insecure She won’t kill you in the middle of the night. That’s not what I’m talking about. Around her, you feel insecure about yourself or in a relationship. You feel like she’ll leave when a better opportunity comes your way. because you are reading this So you know exactly what this feeling is.

#8 She talks about her past often. Sure, we all talk about our exes from time to time. Especially if we spent a lot of time with them in the past. These are the people we cannot avoid. They are in our memory But if she constantly brags about her ex. Show that she is not above him. This is a big sign that shows you that you are not alone. [Read: The subtle signs your girlfriend is hooked on her ex]

#9 no affection unless you are in the bedroom when you have sex She will show signs of love. But when you’re in public or talking one-on-one, she’s cold. There’s no physical contact or sweet talk between you. If anything, she makes sure she doesn’t cross the line.

#10 You have been warned. If you’ve been warned, come on. If people around you tell you that she’s bad and she’s done this before. Show that you agree She could be beautiful and have good sex. So why did you stop what was going well for you? This is the reason! You need to focus on these signs that she is using your emotions! [Read: 15 signs she’s leading you on and taking you nowhere!]

#11 She isn’t there when you need her. Maybe you’re having a hard day at work or having an argument with a friend. This is the time when you turn to your partner to comfort and support you. But, alas, she was not found anywhere. And that’s because she didn’t really care about it. Call her when you feel better so that it doesn’t rain on her parade.

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I’ve shown you the signs that she’s emotionally active. Have you noticed these signs with your girl? if so You have to find the next step.

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