Smitten Kitten: All the Signs Someone’s Totally Smitten with You

Being hit is a rare word. And so does being hit. Like being hit by Cupid’s arrow This is a sign that someone hit you.

hit with you

No, we weren’t back in the 1920s, but I still believe there was something very charming about someone being attacked by you, Smitten. It’s a word you’ve probably never heard of. Yes, you may have visited a nearby community where assistance is provided.

It’s a word that combines magic and great joy. Yes, it’s a hit that I personally started a campaign to bring back.

10 signs that someone is beating you

So what does smitten mean? It means that you are instantly conquered or fascinated by love. Like love at first sight There is no need for first sight. And you don’t always have to leave.

Hit is something very special. It was during that time that you said After you are old and married It’s the moment when you just “know” they’re the moment for you. So how do you know if someone is attacking you?

Just like getting hit by a cupid’s arrow in the head or shot through the heart, here are 10 signs that someone has slapped you. [Read: Totally smitten or mildly crushing? All the ways to tell them apart]

#1 Their faces lit up. when someone hits you It was as if he saw the color for the first time. Their faces were filled with wonder and confusion.

Like seeing a unicorn They don’t really believe. that there is something as perfect or beautiful as you really are It’s the look of instant love without mistakes. It’s the closest thing to discovering that Santa really exists. [Read: 10 absolutely dreamy signs of love at first sight]

#2 They can’t stop staring at you.. When someone hits you It’s like you have super powers over them. The reason they can’t stop staring is because they don’t believe their eyes that you’re right in front of them.

Usually, when you’re touched by someone’s shoulder It’s like all the qualities you’ve ever imagined perfection are found in one person, just like staring at a gem. You are too special to be overlooked. They also want to make sure you don’t disappear like an illusion.

#3 they are speechless when you are hit with someone It will take your breath away… Literally, it can also make you an idiot. Even the most talkative among us has turned into a pool of idiots that can’t say anything. Just stand there with your mouth wide open. That’s what the person who hits you with will do. [Read: The 21 clearest signs of love – How to decode that fuzzy feeling]

#4 They can’t stop following you. when someone attacks you They don’t want you out of sight. Waited their whole lives for this wonderful moment. They will follow you to the ends of the earth. or just the next table or bathroom if needed.

The point is, don’t let their vision of cuteness run. And they work really hard to cover you up to keep you from flying through the air. [Read: 18 signs your date really likes you on your first date]

#5 They keep texting you. The hit doesn’t stop at first glance. If someone attacks you He doesn’t have enough days. That means they want to keep in touch with you all the time. They stick to your every word and patiently wait for your reply.

If someone blows up your phone This is a clear sign that he is being attacked by you. When all messaging rules go out of the window They will definitely be attacked. and no longer interested in the game [Read: 28 hush-hush signs that someone has a big crush on you]

#6 They find excuses to talk to or meet you.. When someone hurts you That means you make them feel alive for the first time. as well as drugs They’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you’re around.

Finding reasons to call, text, or even stop by They relentlessly make sure you are in their sight. So that you don’t forget that they wait in the wings for love.

#7 They give you gifts, send you gifts, or just embarrass you. If someone hurts you He let all the reasons float out the window. Doing anything to win your heart and hold it forever. These are not above lavish gifts. Destroys you with things you don’t need. or exhaustive statements that are so exaggerated that you wonder if they are sincere.

Reluctance to let something go just because they don’t want to go too far or embarrass themselves. They will not give up and are not afraid to go overboard. [Read: 19 sure signs of falling in love to watch out for!]

#8 They were tongue tiedIf they are tripping over themselves trying to find the right words to say or say nothing at all. They may feel bad for you. Even rocket scientists would have a hard time finding the word “there” if they were attacked.

It’s as if someone took your education and common sense out of your head. They will talk stupid things. that doesn’t make sense The naive comments are meant to be funny but aren’t. and may be seen as an idiot It’s not their fault. They are captured by you until nature takes their brains for a moment.

#9 Everyone in the room noticed. When someone hits you, everyone in the room will notice. causing the hit person to lose consciousness and behave abnormally

The flirtatious man suddenly stumbled over himself and was sensitive. Or a girl who doesn’t care about anyone but herself, suddenly listens to what you have to say. when someone is hit Anyone who knows him… will know. Obviously, something had defeated them. [Read: 20 signs of attraction in the first conversation]

#10 They ignore everyone and everything.. When someone hits you It doesn’t matter who they come with or who is important to them before you come. when attacked Everyone in the room will disappear.

If you notice a guy dropping a pilot or a worse date. show that he hit you The old black magic held on and never let go.

Getting hit is like hitting a rock but in a good way, okay, it doesn’t make sense. But if you’ve ever been hurt by someone, it’s a sure sign that someone punched you all over your face. their behavior and every decision they make Obviously, if you don’t see the sign, you’re not looking.

[Read: 15 obvious signs of flirting between two people you just can’t miss]

love is so amazing especially when it happens suddenly. Getting hit with someone is that moment in your life. When you know what you’ve been waiting for all your life If someone attacks you Show that you are the perfect image of him.

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