13 Signs Someone Is Pushing You Away When You’re Trying to Be Close

You think you’re in a happy relationship. But now you notice the signs that someone is pushing you away. Was this person pushing you away on purpose?

Signs that someone is pushing you away

your relationship is going well Do you see your partner often, love each other well, love each other well, what’s wrong? do not have anything! But you notice a change in your partner. It could be a sign that someone is pushing you away.

Something felt a little off You’re not quite sure what it is. Maybe they’re just stressed out with work or exams. or maybe something else

Now, you wouldn’t want to jump to a sudden conclusion without looking at the signs. If you’ve noticed more than a few of these signs in a relationship. Your partner will probably push you away. It’s not something that everyone wants to hear, but it’s important that you find out what’s going on.

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13 signs that someone is pushing you away

If you think your partner is pushing you away. It’s time for you to speak up. I know you don’t want to be honest about anyone? There is always a fear that they will break up with you. But how can you be with them if they treat you like this?

It’s hard to live, but you have to take care of yourself. Watch for these signs that someone is pushing you away to help you better understand what’s going on.

#1 no more love Now I’m not talking about sex. I think what happened in the bedroom has stopped, but now your partner isn’t even touching you, no hugs, no kisses, nothing. You will know that something is going on. [Read: A lack of affection in a relationship – Is it time to walk away?]

#2 they don’t listen to you when you talk to them They don’t seem to really listen. Previously, when you told them about your day, they would be interested, but now they seem extremely inconvenient to hear what you have to say.

#3 they avoid you you call them But it took several hours to call back. And when you caught it, there wasn’t much of a conversation. you ask to go out But there’s always a reason why they can’t. If they are avoiding you You need to check with good reason and with good reason. [Read: How to handle the sting of resentment in a relationship and overcome it]

#4 You are suddenly compelled to read your mind. Your partner used to tell you how they felt and what happened in their lives, but now you’re forced to become a mind reader.

You spend time trying to guess what they are thinking and why they feel that way. This is not a good sign. Relationships shouldn’t make you feel that you need to read their thoughts.

#5 You feel that something has changed. You can’t put your finger on it. But you know something happened. when you are near them You don’t feel the love and affection you had together. that’s a big problem No matter what you do or how you try to make them feel good. Nothing seems to happen. It’s not you; it is them [Read: 10 steps to reignite the lost spark in a relationship]

#6 They no longer communicate with you. you are still talking hardly, And when you say it, it’s so shallow, they don’t tell you about the personal things that happen in their lives anymore. But they made the conversation very basic and simple. It makes you wonder why.

#7 They spend more time alone. At least that’s what they tell you. whenever you check in with them They’re always doing things on their own. Now, it wouldn’t be weird if they were always like this, but no, they’ve changed recently and something happened.

#8 You fight a lot You’re not sure what the argument is about. And it continues to happen over and over again. what you say They will tear it apart and find a way to get mad at you. They obviously get annoyed with something and take it away with you. [Read: How to recognize the signs a relationship is over and pull the plug]

#9 They are on their phones. You hardly ever look at your phone when hanging out together, but now you can’t get your partner to stop talking on the phone. It’s like they’re stuck with it. and if this happens suddenly You have to ask what happened.

#10 They ask for a break. If someone asks to stay He is waiting to break up with you. I remember breaking up with my ex because I didn’t know how to break up with him. And you see other signs on this list, the relationship is ending. [Read: The beginning of the end: What is a break in a relationship exactly?]

#11 They keep their distance. They used to hang out with you during the week, but now they’re too busy to spend time with you. They didn’t send you good morning messages either. Everything was violently pulled back… There’s a good reason for that.

#12 They look like they are out in another world. when you are near them they are not with you It turned out that their minds were not in a completely different world. They are zoning and they seem to have an idea about something or someone else. what happened? [Read: The 20 revealing signs you might be growing apart in your relationship]

#13 They blame you for everything. You don’t know that you can make so many mistakes without doing anything. But this is what happens when someone is too weak to break up with you. So they try to push you away instead. They blame you for everything and everything. They are trying to find answers.

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After seeing these signs, someone pushes you away. What do you think about your relationship? Is your partner trying to push you away? if so It’s time for you to confront them about it.

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