17 Signs Someone Is Leading You On & What Should You Do About It?

Being led felt like a punch in the gut. But how do you notice someone is leading you and how to deal with it if that’s the case?

Signs that someone is leading you

Being induced can be difficult to notice. You feel that someone is interested in you, or at least not rejecting you. so you feel excited That excitement can quickly turn into disappointment when you realize you’re being led. But how do you know the real signs that someone is leading you?

How do you know the difference between someone who is friendly or leads you? Sometimes you may feel drawn to the signs that they are not always interested. But it can be difficult to figure out without asking directly. And when you’re still in the process of flirting You may not want to question someone’s intentions.

I understand. I’ve been there before. My first junior high school relationship was like this. I used to have a crush on a boy who knew this well. and he asked me “Make me happy” *his words* After a few days he broke up with me. He had always known that he didn’t want to date me. But I don’t know that fact. He took me. I know this is the best drama. But it’s a good example.

to be taken is intentional It’s usually not something that people do by accident. it can happen but not common Still, it is difficult to recognize the signs of being taken.

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What does it mean to induce others?

Being led by someone is not fun. It’s like playing a game. It was selfish and painful. In modern dating, it is more common in online dating. Maybe you broke up with someone. You started talking and looking forward to finally meeting. But the person you talk to has no intention of meeting.

even if they do But it might just be physical for them. While you’re catching feelings and wanting more. If they know this and continue to flirt without informing you of their intentions. That will be taken away, and it sucks. Often this ends in a deceptive light. But it can be shocking either way.

before i met my girlfriend I’m talking to someone online. We started texting and FaceTiming and we talked every day for weeks. He knows I’m looking for a relationship. We talk about family and personal matters. but before we meet He told me he was ahead of me. He said he wanted nothing but sex.

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he didn’t change his mind He had always known that he was doing this on purpose. I had a feeling but decided to continue the plot. That’s a prime example of leadership in 2021.

Signs that someone is leading you

The problem with being led is that you often don’t know it’s happening. until it happened And you get hurt and pick up a piece. Being a leader means that you are quite invested but not. and hence The signs that someone is leading you may seem subtle. but from my experience I can tell you that I wish I had this article read when I was single.

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Thankfully, all my dealings with leadership can help prevent that from happening to you. These signs will give you some clarity if you are looking for signs that someone is guiding you.

1. You will never get a direct answer.

The one who leads you to an obscure miracle They make you feel confident without saying anything that you can resist them.

If you ask if Friday is free, I’m not sure. But if available, will contact you immediately If you ask what they are looking for They will answer that they are open to everything or just follow the trend. This will help you draw your own conclusions. And if you think they need more That’s not because of what they said. but because of how you got it

2. Long gone without any contact

They may not be ghosts But they go for a long time without responding to you. never stop talking to you They will ignore you for days. Then when you’re about to give up They would reach out as if nothing had happened. Because you don’t want to look like a needy person. You don’t ask about it and just let it go. [Read: How do narcissists control you so subtly and why do you allow them?]

3. They like you too much.

It’s good to flirt with someone. But before knowing them If they seem to like you too much He might be overpaid. And this can be a good sign that someone is leading you. They want you to like them as much as they seem to like you so they can get what they want.

4. Little things don’t take sides

They say one thing and change a little later. Or they tell you Monday is free on Thursday. But then Thursday came and they were busy. These are small enough. You don’t want to make a big deal about it. But a part of you asks the question. You ignore them because they don’t make a big deal about it either.

5. Speech and social media don’t match.

They said they were at home just to go on vacation. Instead, they posted pictures in their stories that they were out and about. They said they were at work or too busy to talk. But online is super enthusiastic. You feel like you can’t say anything else because you don’t want to ask like a stalker, but deep down, you know something isn’t right. [Read: How to stalk on social media and find just what you’re looking for]

6. They don’t want you to follow them on social media.

Yes, some people don’t have social media and that’s okay. But the people you know have and won’t let you follow them, they’re hiding something. They claim they don’t use social media very often or they say they will accept your follow request but they don’t. They don’t care to follow your social media either because they really don’t. I know that.

7. Planning is a nightmare.

They were unable to reinforce the plan. they pull you in But it’s always on the air “Maybe we’ll do something this weekend” or “If I’m free, we’ll go together.”

When is the day you should hang out? They will not reach out. If you ask them about it They act like it’s no big deal because you really don’t have a plan. They may seem too relaxed. but in reality This is them that leads you to and one of the important signs that you should not ignore.

8. You spend a lot of time waiting

You always feel like you’re waiting for them to contact you and waiting for them to plan or agree on what you suggest. You are waiting for a response all the time. And it makes you feel bad like your time is worthless. But when they respond, you forget those feelings.

9. Sex is #1 discussion topic

They often change the topic of sex. If you say something erotic They will change that. That’s what they had in mind. Most likely, this is what they want if they lead you. So they want to test the waters. [Read: The biggest booty call moves that may be disguised as true love]

10. Nothing Happened

You’re excited to talk to them and look forward to what might happen, but nothing happens. You don’t meet, and if you don’t make progress. You just feel like you’re waiting for something that will never come. If you ever feel like this It’s possible that it’s a sign that they are guiding you. Even if you choose not to see it.

11. Too good to be true

You keep waiting for the other shoe to fall. You ask things because nothing is wrong. Sounds like you’re paranoid. But I can tell you that you are not. If there really is a good person There is also a level of trust there. So you don’t think they’re too good to be true. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is.

12. They overreact when you ask them.

If you decide to ask them why they are inconsistent. They will overreact and be defensive. They claim you are crazy. Or act like they didn’t do anything wrong and you’re overreacting. They basically look down on you. [Read: Is he leading you on? 16 clear signs he’s just playing you for fun]

13. You don’t hear about things until the last minute.

if they are going on vacation abroad You won’t hear about it until they’re at the airport. They obviously planned it but never told you. They have no intention of informing you of their coming and going, which shows that they are not on the same page as you.

14. You don’t do normal things together.

You don’t drink coffee, go shopping, or cook together. Maybe you never even dine together. Maybe you watch movies, but never go out and do what the couples do. Keep an eye on this and start cautious as these are very good signs that someone is leading you. [Read: The 12 hidden signs of a one-sided relationship we all choose to ignore]

15. They repeat.

They tell you the same thing many times. This could mean that it was a lie, or they were telling people the same thing and couldn’t remember who said it.

16. They never ask about you.

They may ask how was your day? but I really don’t want to hear They never asked for any details. in your life You may feel that you are bored with the things you want to share. You offer things and hope they want to chat or share something about themselves. but they don’t and you feel rejected

17. I feel something is wrong.

You know, trust your gut. For years I had trust issues and ignored my gut because I thought I let my ex make me picky or neurotic. But my gut is always right. When you meet someone who doesn’t lead you, you’ll know. [Read: How to listen to your gut and give strength to your inner voice]

What to do when someone leads you?

If you notice these signs someone is leading you. You might even feel bad or angry. How should you deal with it?

Did you lash out? Are you ghost?

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First of all, believe in yourself. know you deserve better Letting them off the hook or facing them probably won’t change anything. Of course, it might help you feel like you can say your lines. But it won’t make the people who lead you change their ways.

Recognize that you have been deceived you like people who deceive you and it’s okay We’ve all been there. Now you can learn from this and move forward. I also recommend they never return. They may be contagious within a few days or weeks. I had this happen and it was disrespectful.

even if they apologize They may not have intended. They were surprised that you dared to say something and turned away. Now they like to chase. don’t fall in love with it

You deserve someone who is open and honest from day one.

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If you see these signs someone is leading you. Know your worth and move forward for someone better. You are 100%

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