11 Signs to Know if You’re Being Used for Sex or Money

Are you being used in relationships for sex or money? Find out if your true love is a user who will be by your side for as long as you can give!

be used for sex or money

It’s a fact of life that you’ll encounter people who will use you to give them something they can’t get.

It could be a VIP treatment at the hottest clubs, a blue chip connection in the business world, or just someone to cry when faced with adversity.

The problem with the villagers of this breed is that they can be insidiously fragile.

You never know they’re using you. until you use up everything you can give. Do you know what’s worse than knowing the user? Dating users!

These users often use you for sex or money. or both

Sometimes they will rely on you for other things such as favors, social status. and whatever keeps their ego going

But the most common type of relationship users are those who take advantage of your body or your wallet.

Here’s how you can tell if it’s the person you’re dating.

5 Signs that you are used to having sex in your relationship

Don’t mistake hot sex for hot love. Sometimes, as far as you can see, love. It might just be the enchantment in your lover’s eyes!

#1 Users want to hang out with you at odd times. Okay, so maybe the person you’re dating or is having an odd hour job or maybe a night owl. But you will be wondering what you can do together at hit. 2 of a weekday night? You can’t watch movies, all good restaurants will be closed. And the only friends you can hang out with are those that are lost.

If you don’t spend these late-night dates chatting, tying up, or just cuddling at home, you’ll be fine. You might end up getting dirty. What’s even more shocking is that even though you know this person is awake and active during the day. But you can’t seem to hear from them unless they need a quickie in the daytime. [Read: 15 types of toxic relationships you HAVE to watch out!]

#2 Users only want to hang out at home or in hotels. Invite your girlfriend to go to the movies. The answer is no. Have you gone to dinner yet? Still not. Do you drink coffee after work? Maybe, but will you break down your place after that?

You can find a good date or two from someone who uses you for sex. But at the end of each day there will always be a hint that you stop by for their “coffee”?? Overall, you may begin to notice that at the end of each express date there is at least a third base action. [Read: 7 signs a guy you really like is interested in you for all the wrong reasons]

#3 User has inconsistent contact. in the previous pointer We covered your date ending with a newbie or the next best thing. This is probably the most consistent you can get from this person besides the sentence. “Let’s play together” ??

everything whether it is a phone call messaging Or even an invitation to hang out is often not a good idea. One week you’ll be merged and the next, no Facebook messages in sight, but when users start to feel that you’ve slipped. He or she will reach out again and try to return to your goodness… or your pants

#4 The user’s friends don’t even know you. The first time you meet your partner’s friend. It can be quite uncomfortable. But if they don’t even remember your name Or you just talk to them for 10 minutes. This should ring a bell to alert you.

If his/her friends don’t seem to be able to connect with you or they aren’t trying to talk to you. This could be a sign that your significant other is telling them that he/she doesn’t expect you to. [Read: Why you should never make someone a priority when you’re only an option to them]

#5 Pleasure after sex turns into a break up after sex. One of the most telling signs that you’re being used in a sex relationship is when you’ve just finished a hot flirtation. And your lover asks you to close the door on the way out. There didn’t seem to be room for hugs or conversations. Because they almost kick you out after that!

Sometimes it’s not blatant. but in the same line Your partner might use sentences like “Tomorrow I have an early meeting. Let’s hang out soon, okay?” or “I think it’s better if you just sleep at your house. Should I call a taxi?” No matter what excuses they make. Users in a relationship will get you out when they want you to leave.

6 Signs that you are being used for money in your relationship.

When you start associating with this person Is your bank account down? Look at these signs to see if your crush prioritizes your bank balance more than your love interest?

#1 The user pays for the first day. And expect you to pay for the next 30 days. Obviously, this is a tricky technique that users love to use to make you feel guilty about paying for future dates. They will blatantly show how generous they are and how much they spend on you. So you will do the same with them.

But the problem is when they stop paying for the date. They will never start again. And the worst part is that future dates are more expensive than the first couple paid for! [Read: 16 discreet signs you’re being taken for granted and used in love]

#2 Users often have sobbing stories that only money can fix. Your new squeeze’s grandma/sister/uncle/cousin has been removed twice. Borrow money from them to pay for dental work. And that’s why they are poor. and next week You notice that they need money for an electrician. for doctor’s appointments for ultrasound to replace defective equipment taking the dog to the vet and other expenses that they were never prepared for!

This can become a pattern when users tend to ask you for money. And the story behind it will make you regret it until you surrender. But worst of all, when you ask about surgery or anything else you help financially. Users don’t seem to know what you’re talking about. or have a good story Keep changing the topic all the time. Other. [Read: 12 subtle signs you’re easily being manipulated by your lover]

#3 Your arguments begin and end with money. Users keep fit when you refuse to pay for something. Nothing seems to comfort them other than what they want you to pay for. In time, you will begin to notice that the quick solution to your argument is expensive jewelry, gadgets or Down payment for a car Oops!

You may have tried more personal and sincere ways to express your love, such as love letters, surprises at work. or breakfast in bed But it seems that your significant other’s happiness is directly proportional to the dent in your bank account.

#4 Users take too much pride in your assets. Meeting your important friends is always a plus in our book. But you may have noticed that instead of being proud of your accomplishments and qualities, Users emphasize the fact that you have a fancy car. You live in an affluent part of the city. Or you make six figures every month! [Read: 10 clear signs that the girl you like is just using you]

#5 Expensive tastes for users There is nothing wrong with expensive flavors. Some people are used to that kind of thing. But it will start to panic when your day is in a five star hotel. fine dining restaurant and always traveling to exotic places

When you’re trying to introduce a small hole-in-the-wall great homemade beer shop. Your date will raise eyebrows and insist on going to the most expensive restaurant in town. [Read: 15 expensive signs of a high maintenance woman]

#6 Users have no monetization incentive. Maybe you date your significant other because of their complexity and brains. But even having a good college diploma and skilled enough to succeed in their field. But your partner doesn’t have the drive to work and earn their own money.

It looks like you’re feeding, clothing and housing someone who wants to get your wealth. One side may feel good about your partner. need you. But vice versa. Your dependence on your salary may be more than you can bear!

feel good wanting But when you only want what your body and money can do. It could be a sign that you are dating the wrong person.

[Read: 10 signs to recognize a selfish person and 5 steps to break away slowly]

Do you see these 11 signs that you are being used for money or sex in your relationship? Give yourself some time to rest and find someone who sees you as more than sex toys or big money.

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