13 Clear Signs to Know She Enjoys Having Sex with You

Wondering if the girl you’re dating likes to have sex with you? Use these signs to see if she’s having as much fun in bed as she is. with who you are

Signs that she likes to have sex with you

during sex Women tend to give consistent feedback on how your sexual performance satisfies them. But do you know how to interpret each reaction? If you do You will be able to give your partner an incredible sexual experience every time.

Learn to understand what her body says to you. And you’ll know what she likes, doesn’t like, and how to take your bedroom skills to the next level.

Are all women the same?

Although we are generally aroused by something. But there are many differences in our sexual pleasure. Some people like slow, attentive sex. Some people like intense, passionate sex. Some people are very sensitive and need a gentle touch. While some people will get fed up with this and need a heavy hand. How can you tell the difference? [Read: How to moan right and sound sexy in bed]

Understand her opinions during sex.

From the moment that things getting hot Your partner will give you feedback on how she feels about what you are doing through different methods.

Let’s go one by one with tips on how to get what she’s communicating with you.

#1 what she said This one is pretty simple and self explanatory. Girls will always tell you what they like. And will give you a little advice by saying “faster” ?? “Slow down”?? “Left a bit”?? and “What, I told you not to touch me over there!”??

Don’t be afraid to talk and ask her what she likes. Many men feel that they should already know. But not everyone is the same. And girls will like you to ask more than to think and misunderstand. *Don’t ask her often While she’s having fun with herself*, in the end, both of you will have a better experience just by asking a simple question. [Read: How to satisfy a woman in bed and make sex exciting for her]

#2 unintentional sound Moans and moans are a good response. Different women make different sounds. Some will scream at home while others will moan quietly. The past doesn’t necessarily have a better time. But it’s just a difference in expression.

Small changes that give you valuable feedback, such as her volume or volume change. If the frequency increases or the sound will be more “suffocating”?? Then she got happier. Maybe she was silent. which you will notice along with other things such as breathing and body movements. [Read: 10 foreplay moves every guy needs to do to their ladies]

#3 eye. The eyes are the windows of the soul and they express themselves perfectly. You can learn a lot about what happens to someone by looking deeply into their eyes. It’s hard to explain, but you can feel how someone is feeling.

You’ll know what’s going on in her head when you make eye contact with her during this intimate moment. If I could go back, I wouldn’t say that this was a good thing!

#4 body movements and distortions Women tend to wriggle around happily. and sometimes lose control and involuntarily move. If she pulls you closer or moves more aggressively at your rhythm. That’s a good sign.

An increase in the speed or aggression of these movements indicates increased happiness. Just as she takes your rhythm and works to move with you.

#5 breathing Respiration rate is one of the easiest things to be aware of. And it’s quite difficult to misunderstand. when her happiness increases Her breathing rate also increased. Breathing becomes shorter and faster, naturally becoming more panting.

#6 what she did to you Often she’ll grab you, bite you, or scratch you when she’s profoundly happy. Sometimes, she’ll pull you closer – depending on your location – or advise you to go faster. Her encouragement is the green light that she enjoys what you are doing.

#7 her vagina It’s obviously wet, but it’s also more sensitive. So if you get inside her, you’ll feel that it’s “gritty” ?? you then release [Read: 11 sexy ways for men to get better in bed]

5 Signs that she is not enjoying what you do.

In addition to the positive feedback You also need to pay close attention to negative comments. This is what she would do if she wasn’t enjoying herself.

#1 what she said again clear She usually says “slow down”?? or give advice on what to do Instead of saying that she doesn’t like Just do what she says

#2 pull away. This isn’t always a sign that she doesn’t like it. Sometimes, a woman withdraws when happiness or feelings are too intense. and she needs a break If it feels like a reflexive movement It’s possible that you might be too aggressive and hurt her. or doing something that makes you feel uncomfortable Take note of what caused this. And don’t do it again! [Read: 10 popular moves from porn that guys do but women hate]

#3 try to maneuver you or yourself Sometimes she will move one or both of you around. to get a better angle or a more pleasant position. She knows her body and where she wants you to be. So let her move you around. and learn from where she puts you You want to aim to return to this position in the next encounter. [Read: What women want in bed but are too ashamed to ask]

#4 show pain Something too gentle for some women to be really blessed. will hurt others You have to judge how sensitive she is. Especially when it comes to things like biting and hair pulling. Let that determine how aggressive you should be.

#5 too relaxed Sex shouldn’t be comfortable. If you don’t moan and writhe a little Show that you are not affecting her much. Try changing your position and look for a change in that signal.

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Comments during sex are often meant to be slightly modified. It’s not a wholesale change. If you have a little experience Do you have a general idea? And the feedback is more focused on perfecting than learning. Often times, you’ll have to change the pace or pressure based on her opinion. So move it slightly in either direction. or slightly modify what you are doing.

Every positive feedback gives you the encouragement to do more of what you do. Revisit that position and focus on it. Every negative comment gives you insight to avoid that point. Be more polite or ask her what she likes.

We never act more openly than when we have sex. And it’s important to note that feedback inevitably happens all the time. It is in your best interest to learn to recognize and understand. to make your experience better for both

Getting a little negative advice or feedback doesn’t mean you’re not good at bed. But ignoring opinions and continuing with what you do, even if she’s upset, will make her think you’re not sleeping well.

Feedback is a blessing to make your work so much easier. Remember how scary it was the first few times you had sex and had to think about everything from the start?

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Experience and feedback make it easier every time. And you learn what each partner likes for sex based on the signals her body gives you in real time. Any one of you can be a great couple. Just read and follow the moans and moans.

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