10 No-Nonsense Signs You Are a People-Hating Misanthrope

Even if you can’t like everyone—and not everyone will like you—if it’s hard to like someone and hate is easy. You can be a hater.


Misanthrope comes from the Greek “misein Anthropos”?? Which roughly translates to “hate people”?? As the name implies Haters tend to despise human interactions. and dealing with other humans either fight or flee reaction: they either avoid people or confront them with annoyance.

since kindergarten One of the important life skills we teach is to make friends and behave well in order to get others to like us. However, growing up and experiencing human interactions can have good and ugly results. Well, to make a lasting impression that influences you to hate the idea of ​​dealing with people?

understand the hate

To be honest, haters are not bad people. and not a loner who lacks friends Is it antagonistic? Yes. They have friends—most likely self-haters. which has the same disgust as the general public

An interesting theory is that hating people is a natural reaction to the miserable behavior of others. in other words Haters are brutally honest in their awareness of the idiots and hypocrisy of others. and did not hesitate to point out—often in front of them regardless of the concept of “Being a good person”?? They are hostile towards people and their unfavorable behavior. because they think that what they do or say is good—even when they are not.

#1 Misanthropes are generally more cunning than their peers. Ask the haters why they hate people. And their first answer is usually “Because other people are stupid”?? This does not mean that they are geniuses. Intellectual arrogant people who despise IQ below 90; If you check social media content You will understand the reason for the seemingly allergic reaction to the absurdity and stupidity that dominate humanity today.

#2 Haters don’t like dramas.. Interacting with people means that you have to be involved in their lives in some way. This includes the problems, disappointments, and drama that comes with them. for the haters There are more important and meaningful things to do than to put up with the rant and moan of people they would rather complain than deal with.

#3 Misanthropes are probably the most introverted.. It means that their personality leans inward, away from others. The haters are the ones who are introspective. bordering on People with very different views on life. That’s why they are less interested in the art of socializing. Haters love private spaces full of peace and quiet. and hate people if they invade their “zone”?? [Read: Easy dating advice for introverts – 19 tips and tricks]

Signs that you are self-loathing

Now that you understand how hateful people are, use these 10 signs to determine if you’re actually on the MSM.

#1 you love internet. Because with the Internet You can watch movies, work, shop and be entertained without having to physically deal with people. However…

#2 You rarely visit social media if you are interested in social media at all.The idea of ​​socializing with people without standing near them should appeal to you. but with your level of hatred You’ve unfriended more people than you accepted—if at all possible. If you’re on Facebook, your favorite button will unfollow. unfriend and report violations Your way of interacting online is your old email address. which you will only give to a handful of people

#3 child can’t stand. Children are like adults. less self-centered, and often more self-centered It’s not good news for haters who can’t stand being with adults. Being invited to your friend’s party is the perfect nightmare for you. and hearing the cry, the sobbing, and the loud shouting Makes you want to break the child abuse laws.

#4 You have little patience for small talks.Your idea of ​​an ideal conversation is something that can be answered yes or no. You still have a sentence limit—what’s more? or if the conversation starts to become uninteresting Makes you feel like running away by covering your ears. [Read: How to make small talk without getting bored or feeling awkward]

#5 Meeting again is not your business.When it comes to socializing, people tend to worry about what to wear. Or what gifts should I bring with me? When it comes to family matters, however, Misanthropes will think of any possible reasons or excuses for rejection. If joining is inevitable You tend to move around more often, like a spy turning a safe house. to avoid unwanted attention or conversation

#6 you have offended and will offend peopleIt’s not because you’re a natural born idiot. But because you are vain and direct when pointing out that stupid ideas How about that? You’re either Ron Swanson or the Gregory House at your office or the Red Foreman of the family reunion. You are allergic to other people’s nonsense. And you’re welcome to go and legend their insolence.

#7 You keep a lot of personal space.. You value the concept of personal space. and let anyone who violates 3- Foot, personal area, halo staring at death You’d rather eat lunch at your desk or outside than have to put up with conversations in the cafeteria.

#8 Your headphones are your best friend.. Your head phone is like a big “do not disturb”?? flag over your head And you wear it all the time when crossing hallways and riding the train to prove your day. And you still secretly want to kill anyone who makes the mistake of getting your attention on something, despite being “busy”? your ear tag

#9 Your idea of ​​recreation is an activity that involves little or no people.. You prefer a single hut in the woods than a crowded beach. Or go hiking in the mountains instead of exploring the city. Your other drama activity is playing video games. read books at home and almost everything that no one else needs

#10 Satire is your language.. Because there are times when people won’t get your little hint of irritation. And you have to say that they are idiots on their faces. creatively You basically have a toggle switch for sarcasm when chatting with nonsense talkers. In addition to his sarcastic and tactful responses, You have a collection of “meh”, “tch” and “right” to end your sentence.

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For the most part, it’s easier to hate and avoid people than to try hard and find a reason to like them. If you find that you are a hater, that’s fine. As long as your feelings are based on annoyance and not thoughts of murder. You can own the hate and enjoy.

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