14 Signs You Are a Trophy Girlfriend & Being Used as an Ego Boost

Sometimes a guy chooses a boyfriend because she makes him look good. If you see these signs Show that you are a fan of trophies and nothing more. Let him throw him to the curb.

Signs that you are a trophy fan

Yes you are beautiful! There is nothing wrong with your beauty. But what’s wrong is when a guy is with you for just one reason. You are more than a face or a body, right? You have brains, sense of humor, and kind—you are human. If he doesn’t see you as a person The only person who has a beautiful face that’s a problem This is a sign that you are a fan of trophies. [Read: 7 signs he’s interested in you for all the wrong reasons]

14 Clear Signs You’re a Trophy Fan

Sadly, not everyone is in a relationship for the same reason. Even though you may be in love But he might not be in it for that reason. Not all men are like this. But there are some men who want to boost their ego by having a good-looking woman standing next to them.

Of course, when you read that line You may be overwhelmed by the thought that someone wants to be by your side. this is not because of you It’s because of how you make them look and feel. He might buy everything you want, but at a price, you should maintain your standards because he has to look good. Well, isn’t this the 21st century? [Read: 20 ways to spot a prick when you’re talking to a guy]

#1 no future talk If a guy really likes you It’s no problem talking about the future with you. This is not meant to talk about marriage. But it might be about travel or even your plans for next weekend. If he doesn’t think of short-term or long-term plans with you. He won’t be serious.

#2 You feel like bouncing back If he just left the relationship Chances are very high that you will rebound. Basically, they got a good looking woman by their side when they last broke up. Now, dating someone after a relationship isn’t a bad thing. In some cases, it’s not a rebound. but in reality He must be afraid to be alone. [Read: 12 ways to know you’re in a rebound relationship]

#3 You never met his friend He has friends. Everyone has at least one friend. Funny thing, even though he’s a girlfriend. But you never met his friends. If he doesn’t introduce you to the people that matter to him. That could be one big sign that you’re a fan of trophies and nothing more. He wants to show you off to the world, but doesn’t want you to know his friends because he doesn’t care about you in the long run.

#4 You’re a boyfriend when he wants you to be. A good relationship must go on. There is no need to advance at the speed of light. but should move forward If your relationship does not progress He likes giving you a convenient date. He might call you his girlfriend to his parents or friends. But you don’t feel the same

#5 no deep conversation With some people, you talk about deep and serious topics. but for him He likes everything that is light. Progressive relationships talk about serious matters. Whether it’s family, friends or relationships.

If there is no serious conversation between you That’s because he doesn’t see that you have and doesn’t want to have an affair with you. [Read: 36 shallow traits that a superficial person just can’t hide]

#6 He likes to go with the flow. How convenient is it, right? Keep an eye out for this as it’s one of the signs that you’re a trophy fan in his eyes. If everything with him is about going with the trend and taking things day by day, then he’s taking it easy. Or is he just using you to get attention until he finds someone else?

He’ll probably tell you he’s a man in the present, which is ridiculous. If he’s always on the air That’s because you’re not important to him. Trust me, he has a plan and you’re not in it.

#7 they love themselves when you sit next to them They are busy on the phone. Send a message to anyone on the other side. They don’t ask about your day or how you feel. But when you ask them They have no problem giving long answers. with you without ever asking questions back to you It’s because they really don’t care about you. [Read: 23 secret signs of narcissism people overlook until it’s too late]

#8 he doesn’t include you Look, he’s planning, but you’re not included in the plan. unless he wants to increase his ego. when you are with him You will feel annoyed or be followed. he talks to other people But instead you stood silently wrapped in his arms.

#9 no respect If you feel disrespected That’s because you’re a fan of trophies. Respect is one of the most important elements in a good relationship, so if he doesn’t respect you but still wants to be with you, then he’s not. It shows that he doesn’t really care about you. But I like your image more.

#10 He doesn’t know much about your life. Just because he didn’t ask If he wants to get to know you better, he’ll ask, but he’s just keeping the basics because he’s not interested in getting to know you. You are just raising the ego until the next woman comes along. [Read: 22 secret signs you’re dating a self-obsessed egomaniac]

#11 He used to compliment you only on your looks. It’s all about how you look with him. He will always compliment you on your clothes or your hair. But compliments have never been more profound than that. If he just tells you that you are beautiful—which you are. Don’t doubt—but if he can’t compliment you on your other qualities. That’s because he doesn’t care, or worse, doesn’t care.

#12 He wants control. If you feel a feeling of control The first is a red flag in itself. but more than that If he makes you feel like you’re in his world That’s because it’s his world. you are just a pawn Just someone who will make him look good and succeed in front of others.

#13 His profile is all about you. There are many pictures of you on his social media. Why? Because you are beautiful and he wants to show off you. But this is what he wants to show off to you because it makes him look good. It shows people that he can persuade a girl like you to date him. [Read: 22 early warning signs of a bad boyfriend]

#14 You never see him. and when you see him Is it for work or for sex? You don’t go for a romantic walk on the beach. You don’t talk all day. In fact, you don’t even know what he does during the day.

[Read: 16 clear signs you are in a narcissistic relationship]

Now you know the signs that you’re a trophy fan. Are you the one? If you feel more like a lamppost than a person by your partner’s side. It’s time to find a new boyfriend.

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