13 Signs You Are Being Used by a Woman Who’s Walking All Over You

They say that love is blind. and she is your everything But who said she felt the same way? Sadly, these are signs that you are being used by women.

Signs that you are being used by a woman

Men tend to think that the more they invest in the woman, the more they are. The more she admires and loves him, the more she will appreciate and love him. Sadly, even if you could lose a large sum of money for her and give her all the attention in the world. But that doesn’t mean she feels the same. Observe these signs that you are being used by a woman.

Signs that you are being used by a woman

You fell deeply in love with her. It was really hard. You used your paycheck to buy expensive gifts. take her to the best restaurant And make sure you buy yourself some new clothes to impress her. The point is, everything you do is for her. If she doesn’t use you, it’s a little too sweet, but sweet.

But she definitely enjoys pampering without having to invest emotionally in you. Yes, I know, it sounds silly. But I never said that she was a good person. If you don’t want to be used as a ladder It’s time to find out the signs that you are being used by women. [Read: How to quickly spot the signs of a bad girlfriend]

if she is Use you to stop doing things before they get worse. when I mean worse I mean, you still fall in love more as she treats you like garbage. Let’s get to know the signal better. You get to put the pieces of the puzzle together. It’s time to open your eyes!

#1 you feel incomplete when you are near her You feel like something is missing. As if you weren’t perfect Apparently, this was because she did not respond to her emotions. This is why you do all of this. You want to please her and make her fall in love with you. But it turned out to be a failed plan. And now you’ve fallen into your own trap. [Read: How to spot gold diggers so you can avoid them]

#2 she performed the show You feel like you’re all working. And that’s because you are. You are doing everything to please her. But she never did anything for you. I wouldn’t call this a fair relationship, would I?

If she’s the power in a relationship It doesn’t mean she’s using you. But it shows that you are in a bad relationship. The relationship has two people in it. not just one [Read: The critical signs you need to watch for in an unhealthy relationship]

#3 You are her support shoulder. If she needs emotional support You’re the shoulder she runs to. Most of the conversations are about her life and the problems that arise. But what happens when you have a problem? Is she listening or is she suddenly too busy to listen to you? If she’s patient only when she tells you her problem. It’s not a two-way street anymore. And it’s one of the most obvious signs that you’re being used by a woman.

#4 She rewards you if you do something for her. It’s like hanging a carrot in front of a donkey. basically She convinces you to do something for her that you might not feel comfortable doing to get you the carrot in front of you. Now, the “carrot” can be sex, commitment, or even affection. Whatever you want from a relationship You use it to get what you want. [Read: 16 subtle signs a narcissist is manipulating and abusing you]

#5 She’s just a complicated person. When you have enough and ask her about her behavior and whether she wants to be with you. She cries in your arms. Now she needs attention and scrutiny. She was about an inch away from losing it, so she raised an excuse that she was complicated and had to deal with personal matters in her life… blah blah blah.

keep an eye on this She’s almost worn out, frail, and crawls up to you every time you stand up for yourself. Or try to push her away? You are not dealing with complicated women. You are dealing with a woman who uses you.

#6 She needs her space Okay, she’s hanging out with you for the weekend, but now she needs her space. treat you like all men But you think you have something special, right?

When you feel discouraged, she will come back, making you come back again. When she takes time from you She may be weighing her other options. [Read: What you need to do when she starts playing hard to get]

#7 her people don’t know you You have friends, don’t be ignorant. But you’ve never met them before. or if you have maybe once or twice Her friends are the ones who are going to criticize you. But she didn’t even introduce you. That’s because she doesn’t see you as someone she’ll be with. But you are the stairway to the next man.

#8 She’s in your bank account. You may hate your job and complain about it all the time, but she likes it. She’s always a good listener when it comes to your bank account and financial situation. Why? Because that’s one of the main reasons she’s with you. If not, who will buy her everything she needs and more? [Read: All the signs you’re dating a genuine 24k gold digger]

#9 You ask if she likes you. Deep down, when you go to bed at night You’re wondering if she likes you right now, besides your self-esteem, your gut, it’s telling you the truth. If you feel like she’s using you for everything you have, you’re right. [Read: Why you should listen to your gut all the time]

#10 Your friends and family don’t like her. It’s highly likely that your friend will meet her before your family. The good thing about friends and family is that they tend to be straightforward with you. In other words, they don’t like her. at the same time She tries to push you away from them. try to shift your attention to her and only hers.

#11 She is just you at certain times of the day. It sounds weird, but have you noticed that she only hangs out with you before the evening or after 10pm? It’s strange but reasonable behavior. time with you longer

Before nightfall, she’s not interested in spending the night by your side. She just lets you change shifts to suit her. [Read: 15 signs she’s leading you on and taking you nowhere]

#12 You are afraid to say no. is strange But when you’re in a unilateral relationship and your partner is controlling you. you are afraid to refuse You worry about how they will react and what punishment will be if their plans don’t go hand in hand. But this is just one form of management. [Read: What to do when you’re not happy in a relationship]

#13 When you say what you want. you are bad for it You may gradually Understand the fact that you’re not getting what you want from this relationship. Now, if your needs haven’t been met. You might even approach her and tell you how you feel. instead of understanding she pointed her finger at you

She calls you selfish only wanting sex and intimacy. She might also tell you that you didn’t provide for her if you were low on money.

[Read: How a manipulative woman can leave you lost and confused]

what can i say love is blind But now you know the signs that you are being used by women. So what are you going to do now that you’re sure?

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