Closet Lesbian: 15 Telltale Signs You Have a Lesbian Wife

The best way to know who is a lesbian is to ask them. But you can’t ask your wife. Watch out for these signs that you have a lesbian wife.

lesbian wife

Not everyone has a talent for being gay. The incredible ability to sense someone is homosexual with just one glance. But imagine that What if you fell in love with a woman and married her without realizing that she was a lesbian?

Keep in mind that many men unknowingly tie the knot with lesbians. And there are also women who marry men just to find out that their partner likes the same sex.

How to know if you have a lesbian wife

It’s heartbreaking for a man to find out that he has a lesbian wife. And as the media portrays, men are avid lovers of lesbian love. But it’s not so interesting when they’re left out of the picture. Especially if that guy is you.

So how do you know if you have a lesbian wife? Before you confront her and risk embarrassing yourself. Look for these signs first. [Read: Is she a lesbian? Clear signs to know for sure]

#1 Who is the boss? In addition to stubbornness and steadfastness She seems to be the one taking care of your relationship. It’s her words that must always stand. And she won’t take a “no” for an answer, especially if she wants to do something her way. And if that’s not bad enough—she’s literally wearing pants in your relationship. yours pants of course

#2 feminine touch You’ll know you have a lesbian wife when she really doesn’t have this. She isn’t worried about what most women seem to care about in a more simple and natural way. For example, she doesn’t care about home decorating and maintenance. And you’re the one who ended up framing your wedding on the cover.

#3 I’m Baber. Justin’s hairstyle Bieber has been widely popular among lesbians for quite some time. Butch hairstyles in particular, so think of a point in your marriage when she plays that sport. Otherwise, she might still be playing sports now. [Read: Sure ways to tell if you’re really bi-curious]

#4 Body language. You can tell a lot about a person using their body language. So while your wife smokes There’s a good chance you’ll notice something about her movements. even before you get married

She looks more masculine than a woman with her moves: sitting with legs wide open *which you find very sexy first* punches you when you make a joke. a hunch on her shoulder when she walks, etc.

#5 Chick beaded. While you appreciate that she has never forced you to sit and watch chicks with her before. But now you’re starting to wonder what it’s all about. Like, come on, every straight woman has at least one favorite chick movie or TV series.

But your wife? had to force her to look foreigner at netflix She even sneered at the wonderful scene. but will stare intently at every action scene

#6 manicure your lesbian wife If you really are one I don’t care about long nails. much less nails She might chalk it up by saying that she can’t use long nails.

However, lesbians are not very inclined for this kind of skin preparation. And if you see her with really long nails Be careful with the middle finger, index finger, or short ring finger. She keeps these things short because they are her “working” fingers. [Read: How do lesbians have sex? Truths about girl-on-girl sex]

#7 Guffaws and bellows You’re amazed how she laughs so hard. This makes her fall in love with you. Plus, you have the same sense of humor that makes you believe that you really get along.

However, her laughter now annoys you because it looks manly. And you can’t differentiate between her laughter and that of your drunk uncle.

#8 a man She not only laughed like a man. But she also gets along well with men. Whenever your friends go to your place for poker night. She’ll tag and fit the spot where your eyes even punch and chest hit her.

#9 she has experience If you really have a lesbian wife, her ex will speak for itself. Maybe she really has a boyfriend. during adolescence or was bisexual before you met her

She may have talked about her past when she kissed girls, dated girls, went to lesbian bars. or completely in love with a woman If she is a mother about her past You can request insider information from her best friends. [Read: Best of both worlds – how to date a bisexual woman]

#10 Eyes for her. Instead of using your elbow and looking at you with sparks as your eyes follow the pretty girl crossing the road. She also overlooked them. Are you sure if you’re not with her? She would honk her horn and call out to every woman who meets her eyes.

After the two of you stare at one, she’ll say, “You’re so hot,” and this isn’t sarcastic or insulting to you. She just openly admires women.

#11 Flirt. You catch her eye on other women—and not in the friendly way you know girls do with their friends. She is flirtatious and seductive.

Sometimes you even wonder if you’re not married and just friends. She may stand against you fiercely with a woman.

#12. Porn Settings now you are married You’ve probably been comfortable watching porn together for a long time. And you know what she likes: girl-on-girl action. Enough said. [Read: Reasons lesbian porn is way hotter than regular porn]

#13 A jealous husband. Yes, you are a husband who has long been jealous. But this jealousy isn’t with some men—it’s with her boyfriend.

She has this close friend that she meets regularly. And when a close friend comes, it feels like you Who is the third wheel because your wife loves her too much than you.

#14 Her circle. Another sign that you have a lesbian wife can be seen from the company she keeps. Do you have one, two or more lesbian friends in your circle? If this is the case, then “the birds in the feathers have gathered in a flock”.

#15 No appetite. For having sex, that is. Since you are in love with each other You’ve noticed that she’s not that intimate and has sex the way you’d expect. Even though she has a high sex drive But you seem to be doing something else—something else—than sleeping with you.

She’s just having sex with you as your wife. But you have a deep feeling that she doesn’t really enjoy it.

[Read: Things that can improve your dwindling sex drive]

You’ll know your suspicions are true of having a lesbian wife if a lot of the things listed above give it a try. But the best thing to do is sit and talk to her. support and understand

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