14 Signs Your Best Friend Isn’t Your Best Friend Anymore

Realizing that your best friend is no longer your best friend can be very painful. But sometimes it is necessary for the development of everyone involved to be better.

A best friend is no longer a best friend.

Suffering from Peter Pan Syndrome, not wanting to grow up and keep good friends. Being close is normal. However, there is a reason why Peter is in Neverland. and we are on this planet Reality beckons and as painful as it is We will lose friends along the way. Even the people we thought would never leave us.

since high school friends college roommates Tablemates at your first event. to the neighbors next door you’ve known all your life. We all have that special friend who has been through it all with us. They hold our hand through everything: death in the family. Graduation, breakup, first house party and all the important events that followed

Then one of you moved to work. one of you will get married one of you has a child One of you went to India to find spirituality and came back to change. Calls are received less and farther. You stop updating each other. You feel a wedge between you.

Call it quits?

Of course, you shouldn’t ignore it. The first thing you should do is work on friendships. This is a relationship worth fighting for. So be sure to give everything you have before you call. if everything fails You have to step out of the rejection zone and accept it when it’s time to break up with your BFF.

It may seem impossible at first. But you will get through it faster than you think. To help, here are 14 signs your best friend is no longer your best friend.

#1 don’t see each other often. Like caring for plants in the home Friendship takes effort, care and love if you want to keep it. Signs that you’re apart are not seeing each other as often as they should. Of course, reality gets in the way. And you’re both busy. But if you can’t find time for each other That’s your first warning sign.

Live in different cities? In different countries? On another planet? there is always skype If you can’t find the time, like Houston, we have a problem. [Read: The real reason why friends drift away and why you can’t do anything about it]

#2 no more chat. You don’t have to be together to be best friends. Conversation doesn’t have to happen during Sunday brunch. There are many ways to get in touch. From texting, calling, e-mail to Skype, you have many options for communication styles.

If you don’t chat not because you can’t but because you don’t want

#3 The ‘just to say hi’ call has stopped.. Just call your best friend. Whether it’s a quick greeting during your lunch break. or a very long period 3 AM session, it is very important to open communication lines. If it’s not appropriate, how can we call each other best friends?

#4 Facebook knows more about his/her life than you.. Didn’t know she was traveling to Mexico for work? I didn’t know he was dating someone new? When Facebook or anyone else for that matter Start informing you of events in your best friend’s life. You know you have a big problem.

#5 They share your secrets with others.. A best friend should be an amazing keeper of secrets. But when someone special of you talks about your problems to other people. You can scratch them off. “Best friend” right?? list. The same for you. If you find yourself engaging in a little gossip with others and sharing a private conversation between you and your BFF, you’re definitely wrong.

#6 starting to feel jealousFriends should be happy with each other, whether your BFF moves on to make new friends, buys a new car, meets a hot lover. or be promoted above you When you start to feel jealous and resentful. You can regard it as a sign that friendship is on the rocks.

Of course, feeling jealous is normal. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting more than you have. But if you’re not satisfied with your BFF’s success in the field you don’t want. They will be your nemesis and not your best friend any more. [Read: Think your friend’s jealous of you? – 8 ways to fix it right now]

#7 You can feel the competition between you.There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition between the two of you. Because it will push you to become better. However, you should be able to tell when you get out of hand. When you’re always trying to connect with each other or prove you’re better. that’s the problem

#8 You secretly want them to fail.. When you enjoy watching your friends fail You can write a red flag in your friendship. BFFs are supposed to be each other’s cheerleaders regardless of the situation. It doesn’t count that you show your face and wish them the best for the interview. But secretly feel happy when they don’t get the job.

#9 They leave without you. It’s okay if you don’t live in the same area. But it will be a problem if you’re with your best friend planning a night out without you. I’ve had this experience before. My friend tried to cover up saying it wasn’t really mine. So she didn’t bother to invite me out. When you start to yearn for fun without each other. You know you have a problem.

#10 Conflict is not resolved.. Like any relationship, conflict should not be left to fester. It’s important to resolve conflicts and drama as quickly as possible to avoid major scars. However, if you leave things unspoken and don’t try to fix things, the wound will fester, infect, and ruin every friendship. your point of view in the end

#11 You both have new friends.. It’s not wrong to have friends outside your normal circle. In fact, we encourage multiple groups of friends. You have hiking friends, drinking friends, college friends, etc. However, best friends should be above the boundaries between these groups of friends. and always give priority When you both begin to spend more time with others and less time together. You know we’re separating [Confession: Why you shouldn’t make your friend your priority when you’re only an option to them]

#12 Being alone is uncomfortable.. You are fine with setting up a group. but when alone You find that you don’t have much to share. It’s a problem when you know you have less to say. and more time to think about the awkward silence.

#13 You procrastinate in contact.. Every time I get news whether good or bad My best friends are among the first. that I share the news with A sign that your best friend is no longer a BFF is when you procrastinate telling them what’s going on in your life. You only want to share the news with others and tell your BFF when you remember *the next day* or feel the need for it. [Read: How to recognize selfish friends and stop them form hurting you]

#14 You don’t have to worry about special occasions.No one asks you to celebrate the day you guys decide to become best friends. I’m talking about important events like birthdays and holidays. as someone’s close friend You should be a pioneer in planning a surprise birthday party. or at least one of the first few to wish them a happy birthday If you forget once, no one will blame you. But if you make a habit You need to reevaluate your friendship.

[Read: Bad friends – How to recognize the right time to end a friendship]

If you feel that your BFF is no longer your best friend. It’s time to take matters into your own hands and face your problems. If the above scenarios apply to you, you and your BFF are probably leaving. The good news is that even BFFs can be great friends or trusted acquaintances.

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